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We've helped speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, and experts maximize, market and monetize their message and generate over $21,000,000 in the process.

Here at SpeakersU we teach you the strategies and system to launch, grow and monetize your international speaking career faster than you thought possible. If you want to travel the world and share your message as a highly-paid speaker, then we will teach you how. 

You'll receive immediate access to private one-on-one coaching, hundreds of hours of training content, and a global community to help you launch you build a profitable business around your speaking, message and expertise...

Want direct access to me, James Taylor as your speaking business coach?

When you join SpeakersU, you'll also gain access to a global community of like-minded speakers and thought-leaders who will help you grow your speaking business.

Here's what you'll get when you enroll:
95 training videos covering every aspect of growing your international speaking career.
Over 250 in-depth interviews with some of today's top professional speakers, speaker bureaus and industry experts.
Access to hundreds of new speaking opportunities.
Monthly live "What's Working Now" webinars. 
Private and personalized one-on-one speaking business coaching and mentoring from James Taylor
Special SpeakersU deals on speakers retreats, industry conferences and software.
As a member, you'll be able to access 120 hours of training content including:
120 Interviews
International Speakers Summit
Over 120 of the world’s leading keynote speakers, platform speakers and speaker trainers share the strategies and techniques they use craft their speeches and build their speaking businesses.
45 Interviews
International Authors Summit
Learn from 45 world-class authors and experts as they reveal the secrets to making, marketing and monetizing your book and becoming a bestselling author. 
40 Interviews
The Creative Life Summit
Get inspired as 40 leading speakers, authors, trainers and coaches share their ideas on how to live a more creative life and build a creative business.
47 Interviews
Event Professionals Summit
Discover what those people who book speakers really want! 47 world-class event professionals, conference organisers and speaker bureaus reveal events industry secrets and trends.
What other speakers say about James Taylor's speaker business training:
"It’s been a really amazing process working with James on my first online summit. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it without his help. I’d highly recommend working with James."
​​​​​​​- Shirley Taylor, Professional Speaker and Past President of Global Speakers Federation.
"Seriously inspired but more importantly James showed me how I could succeed with integrity."
​​​​​​​- Andrea Edwards, Professional Speaker

What You'll Get:

Instant access to actionable content
SpeakersU contains all our top speaker training products, over 500 videos, audio recordings, in-depth interviews, case studies, worksheets and checklists. You'll learn the essentials of launching and growing your speaking business including crafting your speech, positioning yourself as an authority in your niche, marketing and selling your speaking programs, working with speaker bureaus, building recurring revenue streams and membership programs around your speaking, and using automation and virtual teams to leverage your speaking. You also get access to all training recorded at my live events, summits and retreats.

These high-value events enable you to listen to experts Jack Canfield, Ryan Deiss, David Allen, Ted McGrath, Chris Guillebeau, Sally Hogshead, Erin Gargan, Jonathan Fields and many more.

Coaching with James

You will be able to access directly the creative and strategic advice of James Taylor via private messaging. Corporate clients pay James Taylor over $15,000 for just thirty minutes of his time. His advice and personal mentoring is included in your SpeakersU membership.

Here is how the 1-on-1 coaching works:

When you become a member you'll be able to start receiving private and personalised email coaching from James. James will help answer your biggest questions and current challenges. By getting personal feedback from James it's like having your own guide and mentor in building your speaking brand and business.

Live Monthly Mastermind
Each month I run a live Mastermind call to provide additional training and answer your most pressing questions. You can attend online and ask questions live. We also record these live monthly calls and make them available in the members-only area.

If you prefer to listen than watch the mastermind training videos we also provide MP3 audio downloadable versions so can listen when you're commuting, at the gym or on the move.

Attend Live Events and Meetups

Want to access a high-quality community of speakers? Then look no further.

Each year we organise live events and exclusive retreats in California's Napa Valley, New York's Catskill Mountains as well as in Scottish castles, Italian villas and on exotic islands in Asia. As a member of SpeakersU you will get the earliest access to register for these events and discounted rates.

In addition to this James also hosts informal local meetups when he is traveling around the world speaking and we tell SpeakersU members about these first.

The Four Pillars of SpeakersU Membership
Learn how to write and deliver an inspiring and impactful keynote, speech or talk to international audiences.
Discover your ideal client and then position, package, price and promote yourself and your speaking programs. 
Learn the tried and tested strategies for turning cold leads into paid speaking engagements on global stages.
Develop evergreen and backend revenue streams from books, online courses, membership programs and consulting.

SpeakersU is perfect for you if you have ever asked yourself these questions:

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, and you are already making five or six figures in your business, then SpeakersU might be for you!
How can I become a highly-paid global keynote speaker?
How can I become a respected authority in my niche?
How can I automate getting speaking engagements?
How can I turn my knowledge into a powerful keynote? 
How can I amplify my message and reach a bigger audience?
Where can I find a guide to support and mentor me and connect with other speakers and influencers?
Aspiring Speaker

You already make a good living from your 9-5 job, coaching, training or consulting business. However you want to become a professional speaker and are ready to put in the time and effort to make it happen.
Fast-Rising Speaker

If you are already earning a five or low six figures income from your speaking then we can help you break into that next tier through internationalizing your engagements and adding backend revenues.
Superstar Speaker

Already a high six or low seven figure speaker? Great, we work with a number of other speakers at your level especially on adding evergreen revenue streams and building virtual teams. 
Gain instant access to all these resources and build a profitable speaking business.
Monthly Membership 


$99.00 / month *
* Billed monthly
  • Private Coaching with James Taylor
  • SpeakersU Online Course Library
  • Live Monthly Mastermind Calls
  • Access to Community Forums
  • BONUS: International Speakers Summit Archive
  • BONUS: International Authors Summit Archive
  • BONUS: Event Professionals Summit Archive
Annual Membership


$58.25 / month *
* Billed every 12 months
  • Private Coaching with James Taylor
  • SpeakersU Online Course Library
  • Live Monthly Mastermind Calls
  • Access to Community Forums
  • BONUS: International Speakers Summit Archive
  • BONUS: International Authors Summit Archive
  • BONUS: Event Professionals Summit Archive