How to Make Your Livestream And Video Look More Professional – #140

How to Make Your Livestream And Video Look More Professional

How to Make Your Livestream And Video Look More Professional

Adrian Salisbury helps entrepreneurs and business owners around the world stand out (by looking more professional) on video. With a focus on Livestreaming, Adrian runs the official Ecamm Live training which has seen more than 1500 attend his highly popular boot camps in the past 2 years


  • What Is Ecamm Live?
  • What makes it different from other Live Streaming tools?
  • How hard is it to use?
  • Why should people be live streaming?
  • What can someone expect from your Ecamm Live Academy?



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James Taylor 0:00
I’m James Taylor, and you’re listening to the SpeakersUpod cast a show for aspiring and professional speakers. This episode is with my co-host, Maria Franzoni. Enjoy the episode, Adrian Salisbury helps entrepreneurs and business owners around the world stand out by looking more professional on video. With a focus on live streaming, Adrian runs the official Ecamm live training, which has seen more than 1500 people attend his highly popular boot camps over the past two years. Please welcome to the show. Adrian Salisbury

Adrian Salisbury 0:34
Hello, hello,

Maria Franzoni 0:35
hello, hello, let me make you big. We need some help to look professional. is lovely. It’s lovely to see you lovely. See that now listen, just in case there is somebody out there there might be that one person that doesn’t know what you can live is. Could you just tell us what it is? Before we sort of discuss it a bit further?

What is Ecamm Live

Adrian Salisbury 0:54
Yeah, absolutely make a lot of sense with ECAM live is was built as a live-streaming tool, really for what we’re doing right now as a tool to be able to just get this message out for Facebook, Youtube platforms like this. But as we get to discover, it’s really evolved into something much bigger and much more powerful than that. And every time we do one of our academies or do our training, there’s somebody new comes along, and I think I didn’t know you could use it like that. So yeah, ultimately, it’s software to help us live stream and record our videos.

Maria Franzoni 1:29
And how did you personally get into using it?

Adrian Salisbury 1:34
To be honest, I think I got it years back. It was one of these bits of software I heard somebody talk about, I used it slightly shelved did a bit, and then came back to it and realize how powerful this thing was. And yeah, just fell in love with it really, as I think like yourself, you know, the tech and things that I’m going to learn how to do this. And this is years ago. So it’s, it really has grown since then. But probably Yeah, just somebody in passing. And one of the training, I was watching saying, oh, you should be using this.

James Taylor 2:05
So what makes it different, we hear that live streaming and live streams obviously become really big. Now, what makes ECAM live different from many other live streaming platforms that are out there and the tools?

ECAM live

Adrian Salisbury 2:15
Yeah, the thing that’s dug out to me really, I was using other platforms where I’m we’re probably thinking five years ago, I’m looking at some of these platforms, and they’re really sticky. And I can be on camera, I can share my screen. And that was about it. And what I saw with ECAM is just, I can have so much flexibility here. And I can literally start and build a screen from scratch, a show really from scratch. You know, what we’re doing here is, you know, the way we can use this with pictures at the side and things like this, he saw preset and in a lot of other online platforms, as great as they are, you know, you’re fitting within their, their ideas, really. And I think what he can do is I could go actually, I’m going to put James on the left there. And I’m going to go in the middle of Maria. So we can actually play around, you can do this I can resize you could put you in circles, we could green screen and actually look like we were sitting next to each other. It’s it’s incredible. And as you get into it is that you don’t know what you don’t know. And that’s what I love about this, you get into it and you go, that’s a great idea. I didn’t realize I could do that. And your mind just starts racing with all these ideas of how you can just create some showstopping content.

James Taylor 3:33
It wasn’t one of those tools where it seems to be that you can, you don’t need a team of other people around you. It’s something that you can just set you can use it yourself you can get I know, I use a little app here, which allows me to move from the different scenes and a different thing. So it’s pretty much kind of DIY type of thing you can do it yourself.

Adrian Salisbury 3:50
Absolutely. It is exactly that that you can you can pull off a show and people go How on earth did you do that on your own and like you’re saying with we can preset buttons and things we can set timers to run it is really designed for this solo entrepreneur to be able to work from home setting up like this. And yeah, just give you that and I think James you touched on there, you know being able to preset things in advance. It allows me I don’t if we were to do a screen share now and I’d have to go hang on a minute. I’m going to share my screen I want to share Chrome and I want that tab you know I can have that preset in any case, I can just go yep, press a button. There’s my screen share. And it just comes across a lot slicker. And I’m just it’s like preparing your PowerPoint slides in advance and it’s all there ready to go and a click of a button I jump around and make things appear or Yeah.

Maria Franzoni 4:48
Okay, but what’s the learning curve? How easy is it to use?

Adrian Salisbury 4:51
Yeah, that’s a good question. You can out of the box, just take this and they’re in front of you. log in to Facebook, log into YouTube, hit Go Live, and away you go. And you would show up with a camera like this? Well, sorry, you’d show up with just a, you know, full-screen image like this coming through you. So you could just get going like that straight away, you then can add in things like the scenes that James is talking about. So you say, right, I want one scene. And I kind of pictured like being like a PowerPoint presentation that scene one is your first slide, really, this is million, then I know that the next thing I need to do is to do a screen share or the next thing I want to play a video and I can keep all these things up. The learning curve doesn’t need to be that hard at all. It’s more than you can look at it and feel overwhelmed. Because there are so many options. Really, I don’t think it’s technical. There are other bits of software-free versions of this tool, really, that is an absolute nightmare. And I gave up on them. And I consider myself reasonably techie. So this can be very easy to learn. And the people that we’ve seen getting up and going on this, it blows me away constantly, really that kind of go, wow, well, if they can, it gives me encouragement. Really?

Maria Franzoni 6:15
Sure, I have to agree with you. It is pretty easy to learn. And I’ve used it and in fact, actually, James, you use it too, don’t you? We’re using it. We’re all using ECAM. Now

James Taylor 6:22
Yeah, in fact, it’s funny. It’s funny, one of this one of those questions I get, often after I give a virtual Keynote or a virtual workshop, there’s usually a couple of questions I often get one of them is, what’s the tool you’re doing using to do that thing. So like just now obviously, this is this is a very straightforward scene, it’s just a green screen behind me. But often what I’ll do is I’ll kind of do things like where I’ll just to kind of maybe show a video in the behind me. So I might be talking about something and sharing something. One of the things that I really like, which I don’t know, this is something I just kind of came to relatively recently was being able to use my iPad to be able to kind of write on things and have it kind of displayed beside we can have a screen in screen. And I find that’s an amazing tool. If you have a lot of visual learners, you can do this. And it reminded me of that great speech, Edward de Bono. And really you’ve worked within the past? Yes. Who used to have those old acetates? You do. And he would have the acetates. And I remember seeing that and thinking time, you know, we forget most of what we hear when we go to workshops or virtual training. But you don’t forget visuals usually. And I think that’s a tool I use all the time. And people always say, how do you do that? How do you do that? And

Adrian Salisbury 7:40
then they’re the things are just so memorable out there that I mean, I get the calls from people going, I was on this guy’s live IV when he was writing on the screen. How was he doing it? You know? It’s definitely been one of those showstoppers really, that when it lovely the seven people away from, from your lives, your content like that going, Wow, he was doing something really unique over there. And I’d love to know how it is all possible. I don’t think there’s much that we’ve had thrown at us to do with Ecamm that we’ve gone now that you can do that. Nearly everything. There’s a way of working around how to do it.

Maria Franzoni 8:18
Sorry, I was gonna say in this day and age, actually, audiences have got more and more sophisticated and they expect more, they do expect more. So I think the cam is an amazing tool to support that. And by the way, we’re not getting paid anything for this. It’s like a paid advert. But it’s not we’re not because we are just huge fans, then that’s why we wanted to share this incredible tool, which we’ve shared before as well, Adrian because we do both. I think it’s an excellent tool. And I interrupted you you were going to say

Adrian Salisbury 8:46
no, all I was going to say I don’t know if James with his background would have caught. We were involved just before where we just before Christmas with this James Webb Space Telescope being launched, and we were working. Greg, who’s a TV presenter, he does a lot of the tools used to be on a blue pitcher and shows like this. And he got us to he asked us if we’d come and help him to run this event. It was incredible. It was all done on Ecamm. We’ve got different guest speakers that were coming in remotely. We’ve got some that were there in person. He’s there on the screen. We’ve got three four cameras all set an hour, my 18-year-old son was the one who was actually running the show live. Well, Greg’s there on camera and I’m running around doing the production stuff just to make sure people are ready to come on interview and things and it was a fantastic example and we were just doing another one last night with Greg and Maddie as well. The Cambridge Botanic Gardens doing a similar thing that we’re running around doing like this escape room type quiz and show and they got 1500 people on live it’s a play over 5000 people have watched it since seven o’clock last night now and an older nanny cam. It’s not just you and me going live here doing a little life to our audience. There’s this full scale production that you can do pretty much with one person.

James Taylor 10:16
I love one of the things I see in the group’s II cam Facebook groups, I love seeing how people are using in different ways. We had a guest on here, Jim, a great speaker from Canada, Jim Carroll, who does amazing stuff with his green screens. But some of the things I find most can almost be quite inspirational is seeing how a lot of the church’s faith base kind of grew up. So using it as well. And you know, many of them during COVID times they weren’t allowed to have people come in. And I certainly sent that your tool to a couple people to check out this who are ministers and have a kind of faith base of churches and things. Because I just thought it was an amazing tool for the way we’re kind of going now with a kind of hybrid style of experience with some people are going to be in the room and other people are going to be maybe watching virtually watching from home.

Different ways to use it

Adrian Salisbury 11:05
Yeah, we had so many churches come through and talk to us about it. And I think the challenge for them is, you know, pastors ministers aren’t, this isn’t their thing. So actually, sometimes we were getting some members of their congregation who was coming on saying, Okay, I’m the most techie in our church to sort this out. And even so it wasn’t necessarily that that the pastor that sit in there with this in front of them what what they were able to do is bring the pastor in as a guest. And they were able to sit there and produce the show for them bringing up verses and you know, different things like this, or a recording of a worship. So it was really cool to see how it’s done like that, how they’re bringing it, I don’t know really where you could go. We were just looking over the weekend, we we did a zoom training over the weekend. And I’d never really considered this model of going through zoom and then out to Facebook, Youtube different places. But I’ve I’ve seen it done recently, I haven’t quite clocked it until just this week.

James Taylor 12:14
What’s the benefit of that then just for people that maybe haven’t what’s going through zoom into those other channels?

Adrian Salisbury 12:20
Well, this is what I’m thinking is potentially your your VIP audience or your you know, could this be if you’ve got maybe members that are paying to be part of a training or something that you put together you could say right, you come and join me on zoom your light in the room with me if you like and then we’re going to stream this out as well. And I’ve actually been on trainings where it’s been like this where I’ve been in you know, I’m watching a live but I can see the speakers going oh, and my you know, my guest down here that are in the Zoom call, I can see that they’re all waving at me or give me a thumbs up to this one and it creates this level of where there’s FOMO I want to be in that Zoom call maybe if I get on their membership and and pay in subscribe. I don’t know it’s so interesting. Yeah, I’d like to run this past people that have got a model like that yeah, I’m

James Taylor 13:12
we’re running a retreat in New York in which they came up in the summer. And I’ve been thinking about okay, because we often do these will sell the in person ticket and then we’ll record the whole thing and then we’ll sell send the virtual tickets afterwards. But 10 days later the recordings is really what we’re selling. I thought what the internet so good with this retreat, so actually, we can maybe do a bit more of a hybrid where there will be people in the room and if we limit it to a certain amount is very small, we want to limit it to the experience and then you can then do that through zoom you have a certain number people there that who have certain level of access and then you can go more widely at certain points over the course of the weekend. And so you’ve got this multi revenue stream model from just doing one one thing


Adrian Salisbury 13:57
Yeah, I think so. I think it’s yeah, like as I say, I’ve never considered it before but I’m just going okay, I can see why you could go from a cam into zoom. And then out to your panel at the end of it. Yeah, I like the idea of it actually.

James Taylor 14:13
Maria Could we maybe there’s something for your I know you do a lot of live your sanity, a lot more live events, again, workshops, masterclasses for speakers there’s something you can imagine yourself doing.

Maria Franzoni 14:24
I do that I don’t do I don’t do the in person piece but I do my virtual courses I often use a visual I use E cam and I go into zoom and I go into it I told you this Adrian I go into zoom because zooms got that filter where I can get all my Botox no Botox I can I can move the filter that says enhance your enhance your look and I can look 20 years younger so I really like that. I don’t particularly like this because I can’t do it.

James Taylor 14:50
I’m sorry. That you look like the 18 year old Maria

Maria Franzoni 14:54
Yeah, yeah, exactly. So no, I

Adrian Salisbury 14:56
did we have found actually that there is a there I put it up because it’s been a little bit glitchy I want to do it midway through alive but there is a snap cam filter that you can apply. It’s not only for accounts anywhere else. But we do this as one of the stages in our training and we go right go off and have a play, see what you can find. But it’s at its simplest it is you can get filters that will soften your skin and give you a town and things like that.

Maria Franzoni 15:20
Me into a cartoon. Hi.

James Taylor 15:25
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Maria Franzoni 16:12
So listen, we’re talking about live streaming, and a lot of people will resist live streaming. Because I mean, I resisted it for a very long time was only when James and I started doing LinkedIn lives together because I had some really bad experiences. And yes, James saves me on a regular basis. By the way, do we really need to be live streaming? Why should we be doing it? And who should be doing it?

Adrian Salisbury 16:34
Yeah. I think there is still where our main content really is YouTube. And you know, we’ll put up at least once a week, a video to YouTube and I still think YouTube, if I want, if I want to be found by people, maybe it’s how to do something on EECOM or YouTube or something about camera equipment. They will find me on YouTube and timely and our customers say to us, oh, I first discovered you on YouTube. When you answer the question for me, I still think tech that offers the easiest way to get in front of people. But I think there’s something that’s very one sided, obviously watching a YouTube video. And well people can pop something in the comment and thank you, it might take you a while to get back to them. That live stream is so much more powerful. And I think if you want your content to be interactive, as well, and we’re starting, we’re just playing with actually running, I was gonna say weekly, but we’re not doing very well on it, trying to do just some q&a sessions. And you know, ask me anything type shows that you couldn’t do on with that pre recorded video. Now, I just think it’s people. I’ve been on lives when I’ve jumped into the comments, and then someone’s got our Adrian’s on Oh, Adrian does a really, you know, makes me feel really good over there. And I think well, if I can do that for other people, and they jump on to my show. It’s it’s doing all the good. And actually, if a question comes up, you answer it straight away rather than it be when watch this video and then got to the end of it. I just think it’s a super powerful way for us to build know, like and trust with people. It’s more of an a relationship builder than it ever would be if we’re just putting out pre recorded videos.

Maria Franzoni 18:21
I also see warts and all, don’t you in sort of my teeth, not fitting and things like that. Here’s a question for you. And I think people are going to value this very much. You actually have a list of tech that you use, don’t you? You? Can’t you share the camera use the microphone, the lighting, which I think is fantastic. Will you be sharing it with our audience?

Adrian Salisbury 18:43
Is it available? Absolutely. Yeah, I can do Yeah, I can give you the link to that one to pop in if you like if that’s easiest.

Maria Franzoni 18:49
Okay, and a follow up question for you. How expensive is it to look as good as you look? I mean, how is your equipment really expensive.

Adrian Salisbury 18:57
We’ve, I’m always quite torn with I could spend a fortune on cameras and equipment. And my attitude has really been and I’ve limited myself to a want this to be available and accessible to people. And typically this would be about 2000 pounds for camera lens light stands microphone equipment around me. Yeah, 1500 to 2000 really would be what you would pay for this. And to me anything, as I start going less than this, that’s when I start going. Yeah, but it doesn’t do this and it doesn’t do that. And I’ve found so this is about the lowest I can go to and know that I’m going to get a great result every time. And like I mean even now I’ve I’m on a green screen at the minute I’m not normally this is actually what my background does look like but I took a photo of it because I’ve been kicked out my office today because we’ve got builders in but I’m able to bring this exact same equipment in here put a green screen behind me It’s as easy and portable as that to move around. So yeah, it’s more than your webcam. People typically then go and get lights and things that their next purchase. I’m always saying, invest in that camera first. Because you’d be amazed. I mean, I’ve got, I’ve just got this one lots in front of me here, and it’s light in my green screen, it’s doing a great job. Yeah, you can find with a webcam or something, it’s a bit like on your phone, it will just keep always trying to auto control the screen. And you might you can put as many lights on as you like, and it will just keep balancing it going. Now, I’m going to put it where I want

Maria Franzoni 20:38
true. It’s so true. It’s so true. Absolutely. Yeah. James, you spend a bit more than that, haven’t you on your equipment? Because you showed us a microphone where you spent more than that budget just on the like,

James Taylor 20:48
Yeah, but I would also say I mean, you know, we’ll be talking a lot about live streaming. But one of the other uses, I know you can use ECAM for and I’ve used it before is actually in the creation of online courses. So you basically are talking about asynchronous learning rather than synchronous learning, which is for a lot of if you’re a trainer, online trainer, coach, this can be especially useful. And I would still say, you know, I’ve done things I’ve used Ecamm and a $200. Sony Handycam and natural light when I’ve been able to be able to do that, and create courses from it. And that’s that cameras made me a lot, you know, over the years because it was low cost. And then I would all I would say is every time we’re constantly looking to upgrade, we might start on a little simple webcam, and then you go to a slightly better camera than a better camera. I’ve got in here just now I’ve got quite a lot of light, because I’m based here in Scotland, and it’s dark for most of the year. So I’ve kind of got what was the band that had that album called rumors Fleetwood Mac, a trick I learned from Fleetwood Mac is they had always nice big lights sitting at the top on stage in front of them. And it’s the reason why they all look very, very good on stage department, despite their years. So I’ve kind of got the Fleetwood Mac lighting set, but you just gradually increase. And I think this is a key thing. If someone watching this is saying this, I’m not really into live streaming, it’s not my thing that doesn’t suit my model to suit my personality. You can still use things like E cam, a lot for creating all those videos for those on online courses. And there are other tools you can get me I don’t know how you use them. In terms of creating courses, I would imagine you use the E cam for doing this as well.

Ecamm Live Academy

Adrian Salisbury 22:34
Yeah, yeah, it’s um, I mean, we decide about that equipment list, you know that that’s we teach my core product really is my pro video Academy where we teach people that’s exactly why I just say, right, this is the equipment we’re using. One of the things that we used to do was, you take the card out the camera and you bring it in, you need a card reader, you need to upload the files is actually so much easier. Any cam and the quality, we can record up to 4k. Any cam if the camera can cope with it, I can just hit record on here now. and away I go. And I’m making my video. And we’ve got a lot of customers actually are here, a lot of people say, I don’t even edit anymore, I can do all the things I wanted little bullet points to appear on screen or overlays different things, I can do it all in one take with ECAM. It’s incredibly powerful. The only time we can’t use ECAM to record is when we’re making tutorials about E cam.

Maria Franzoni 23:32
And I just want to address a couple of comments. We’ve had a comment say that this is just a sales pitch. It’s not a sales pitch. We are happy to promote tools that we use, and we only promote tools. And we only endorse tools that we personally use in our businesses. And we are happy to share and we don’t get anything out of this. We are really happy to share that. Thank you for somebody saying, my two favorite experts. Hopefully, there’ll be three of them. Because I don’t know which one which I don’t know which ones missed out.

James Taylor 24:00
Not me, not me.

Maria Franzoni 24:01
I don’t think so. And then there’s a question here. Is there an easy he can guide for live streaming and creating courses?

Adrian Salisbury 24:09
Yes, all that but that’s kind of where we come in. Because I’m not a cam if anyone’s thinking it’s a sales pitch for my econ product, that’s not it at all. I fell in love with the camera and I’m a course creator at heart really. So we create a course about the pro video. And then I realized I’ve got all these customers and they’re now looking like this on camera and I’m saying have you got a cam and I’ll have but I don’t know how to use it or I have but um it’s so they’re on the shelf kind of thing. And I went right I need to create a course around this. So yeah, we’ve actually put together an E cam live Academy which is now the official training for a cam and we will walk people through literally from unboxing at the start all the way through to some advanced multi-streaming and anything that you want to be Do we’ve got it there in a course. Yeah.

Maria Franzoni 25:03
And you’re not a cam, you see, so you love the product so much you created the courses, etc. And now and now you’ve been adopted as the official trainer. And you know what, that’s one of the big problems with a lot of software that you get, you get this amazing, these amazing tools. And they’re fantastic. And I’ve got a CRM, and I won’t mention the name of it. But it’s when you learn how to use it, the support the training, the videos, they’re just missing. They’re missing. And what that’s not missing for you. And I think that’s really good.

Adrian Salisbury 25:35
Yeah, and this was the, we had some conversations I originally reached out to eat calm, and so on live to create some videos for my YouTube channel. They were saying, well, actually, we’re just looking for someone to do some videos for us. So we, we got together, really, and we’ve created, there’s a whole page of support videos that we’ve made for them for their website. But then me being me when, but I live kind of creative communities, and I love helping people to really get into this. So yeah, this is then my product is the actual training side of it. And you’re right, I kind of look at things and I say I these are tools I couldn’t do without. And I just love helping other people. And I love it when they get that feedback. And someone says This has been such a game-changer for us. Thank you so much for helping us get our heads around it. Yeah, it’s a shame to have it sitting there. I did a similar thing with cameras, you know, in the past, when someone who say yeah, I’ve got this camera that’s worth 2000 pounds, and it’s sitting there on the shelf because my phone’s just easier. And it used to make me want to cry. I’m like, no, come on. Let me help you get that going?

The Academy

James Taylor 26:42
Well, I know we’re gonna, you mentioned that the list of all the resources and the tools that we use the recommended, we’re actually gonna put that list if you’re gonna do speaking, we’ll put a link to that. We’re also gonna put a link to the ECAMM live itself. So we will move on, check it out. And what’s gonna happen, because you obviously mentioned this academy, you have, do you have different dates when you kind of do enrollments? Or is it is it? Is it cohort-based? or can anyone sign up at any time?

Adrian Salisbury 27:09
Yeah, cohort base is exactly what it is. So we originally put this together, assuming it would be an online course that would just sit out there and anyone could buy. But the first time we ran it through, we did it as a live event. And the majority of the feedback was coming back going, I love that we’ve had a safe place to practice. And I’ve been able to answer my ask my silly questions, and other people are just doing the same as me. And we went, we need to keep this as live training, then realize that that was what a cohort-based course was like, kind of picked up the buzzwords afterward. But yeah, so we run this, we have been running it four times a year, we now this year, are going to run it just twice a year. And it runs for two weeks. So in the first week of it, we rip out this content. So if someone were to join, they go to be welcomed into a Facebook group where we deal with the socializing in the community, we then you’ll get an email on the first Monday saying your first batch of videos have been released, you can go away and watch it on your own time. And then each day I host a live answering people’s questions and just really digging in a bit more and maybe showing some examples of what can be done. So that’s we do a week of that. Pretty intense training. And then we have a second week, which is really just over to you to practice and play. Still with getting those daily q&a calls coming in as well. And then all the beauty of I mean, I would much rather watch a pre-recorded video then, you know, you watching me go hang on a minute, where is it? Let me just find that. I can do much slicker and quicker in a video, you can pause it speeds me up, slow me down. Watch it as many times as you want. So that’s that works really well. And those videos then are yours five. And as he cam updates with new versions and things, we update those videos, and any customers that have come through, we’ll get all those future updates as well.

James Taylor 29:07
Fantastic. Yeah, we’re gonna put links to all this at I also know you’ve got the E cam live that you do ECAM live. But you’ve also got to know we’ve got people here that use things like Kajabi we’ve got an Kajabi Academy and lots of other kind of cool stuff. So we’ll, we’ll send people over to there as well. So Maria, I rudely interrupted. No, no,

Maria Franzoni 29:27
no, I was talking over you actually. This is the problem with live streaming, right? You ended up talking originally I was gonna also say the fact that you were saying that you can watch the videos and you can fast forward or reverse or repeat something. Or the thing that annoys me when I do when I go on to a live webinar or live training is that oh, let’s just wait another five minutes for other people to join and we’ll wait some more and we’ll wait some more and it’s like yeah, gardeners just get on with it. I you know, it’s just like

Adrian Salisbury 29:53
one person’s struggling. And you know, you as the host feel obliged to kind of wait and help them and everyone else is going Come on, I’ve got this. I’ve been on the machine where we’re trying to set up some Facebook ads or something it was and I totally missed a, something I was supposed to do. And I couldn’t keep up. And I ended up coming off the life because I thought, well, it’s pointless now because I missed that chunk of it out. So yeah, there’s a lot to I’m still a huge fan of courses that you can run through like that pre recorded, I would much rather record when I can zoom in on the screen, I can show you exactly which element with you know, we’re talking through. But I think this, this cohort based course, this model of the hybrid really of you can go and do that training on your own, but you still you’re part of a group, you’re working through this together. It’s just we’ve seen some incredible friendships and relationships coming through it really. Yeah, if it’s been in this space together, I think it’s it’s easy to get lost and think out here on my own struggling with this problem. And actually get in a room with two 300 other people and go, Oh, okay, I don’t feel as bad now. Maybe I’m not as bad as I was.

Maria Franzoni 31:10
Brilliant. Brilliant. Adrian, thank you so much. We’re going to let you go and James and I got a debrief of what we’ve learned. Thank you so much. Thank

Adrian Salisbury 31:19
you. Thank you so much.

James Taylor 31:20
You can subscribe to the SpeakersU podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts while you’re there. Leave us a review. I really appreciate it. I’m James Taylor and you’ve been listening to the SpeakersU podcast.

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