How To Market Yourself As A Professional Keynote Speaker – #122

Marketing Yourself As A Professional Keynote Speaker

How To Market Yourself

Frank Furness is an international specialist in sales, technology, social media, and goal setting and how they work in tandem to produce great results for organizations.

Frank is the Past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe and past Chair of the International PEG for the National Speakers Association of USA.

Many of the world’s most successful speakers started out by attending his ‘Speakers Bootcamp’ which he runs on 5 continents.

• How did you establish yourself in the International Market?
• What does your speaking business consist of what are the services and products you offer?
• How has the business changed since Covid?
• You are the specialist at marketing yourself, what are some of your tactics and strategies?
• Where are some of your favorite places you have presented and why?



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Marketing Yourself As A Professional Keynote Speaker

James Taylor  0:00 

I’m James Taylor, and you’re listening to the SpeakersU podcast a show for aspiring and professional speakers. This episode is with my co-host, Maria Franzoni. Enjoy the episode. Today we have a wonderful guest Frank Furness is an international specialist in sales technology, social media, and goal setting, and how they work in tandem to produce great results for organizations. He is the past president of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe and past chair of the International peg for the National Speakers Association of the United States. And many of the world’s most successful speakers started by attending his speakers boot camp, which he now runs on five continents. So please welcome to the show. Frank Furness. Hey, it’s great to be here, James. Hey, Maria. Wonderful to be with you. Oh, wow.

Maria Franzoni  0:53 

That’s wonderful. What a great start. Great energy. Frank. It’s so good to have you here. I think anybody who is anybody in the speaking world knows about Frank’s fairness. I mean, you are a legend, a legend in your lifetime. And share with us, Frank, how you got started as an international speaker? How did you get started to establish yourself internationally?

Starting As A Speaker

Frank Furness  1:15 

So I used to be good at sales, I moved over to England in 1993. in financial services, within four years, I was amongst the top five people. So big companies started saying, Can you come and tell our salespeople how to do it. And I started speaking at these conferences, and somebody offered to pay me. And one of these conferences was a company called Royal scandia. And I thought the conference went well. Let me go in and, and see the CEO went in and said, Hey, Mike, I know you’ve got offices all over the world. What about putting me in front of all of your people. And he said I’ve never thought of that? Sure. And they started sponsoring me to go to brokerages all over the world. And that was the first taste of it. So sponsorship is a big thing if you can get big companies to sponsor you. I’ve had companies like HSBC that have sponsored me to go and speak to their teams all over the world. Whenever I go and speak to an international company, I also asked them what other offices they have, can they introduce me to those offices, and of course, it’s a warm introduction, I’ve just done a conference or work with a team. So that works pretty easily. And the fourth thing I do is whenever I’m in a new country, before I go and make contact with all the speaker bureaus, or agents, meet up with them, have a cup of coffee. And once you got that bond gang, a lot of the times they’ll come in and watch your once I’ve watched you and seeing you on stage, that’s where it all starts to happen. So that was my start just by approaching one guy and saying, sponsor me to go around the world. You make it sound so easy, Frank, You make it sound. And the steps are very easy. But I suppose really, the secret is to be brilliant on stage first, right? That’s always got to be the thing. I mean, if you shine on stage, you’re going to get referrals, you’re going to get all kinds of stuff up 90% of my work. Now as people that have seen me or repeat work, you know, as much marketing as I do, that still your best advert ever is being just great on stage.

James Taylor  3:11 

So tell us a little bit of like Frank furnace, Inc, you know, what, what is your speaking business consists of what are the services and the products that you offer to your clients.

Frank Furness  3:19 

So it’s quite interesting. Before with my wife, we used to run a big speaker business. And since I’ve been on my own, I’ve decided I want to stay silent because I travel all the time I live between Spain, America, and England. So I tried to not work more than eight or nine months a year because I like to have fun. I play tennis twice a week I play paddle. So in amongst that I’ll try and do maybe three or four keynotes a month that that’s fine. And now it’s all zoom. As you know, I try not to do training, because that’s really hard work. But I’m doing a lot of coaching and consultancy. So I’ve got a couple of big companies that have got me on a retainer. And maybe twice a month, I’ll do an hour with a team. And that works brilliantly. And lightly what’s happening is, I’m well known in one niche, which is the offshore financial services. So I’ve got big fund management companies coming to me when they have launched and said, Please train our people to go out and launch this new product. So I’m working one on one with the people getting the launches there. And from that other financial services companies have seen me so last week, I just did a thing with a big Trust Company in Mauritius where they want all of their people to upsell all the products and services they had. So it’s a sort of mixture of all of that. But on top of that, I mean, we all know when COVID hit us books when boom, there was nothing I have to pay back some people which hurt and I had to reinvent myself. So I got kajabi and I put my online courses together and while I was sort of reestablishing again, and getting the Right, I sold hundreds of courses. So that sort of kept the income cycle gain for me. And the new thing I’m going to be doing is starting a few membership sites, hopefully towards the end of this year.

James Taylor  5:12 

So I was talking to my wife earlier today, we were talking about, what have we learned from this experience of COVID of the pandemic? How are we going to do things differently? As things start to open up? Again? You mentioned there, you’re launching an online course, you’ve been launching online courses, online memberships, coaching, what do you have a sense, like, what do you think your business? Or where do you want to design your business? So it’s looking like in let’s say, two to three years, what is the structure of it, what kind of different revenue streams that may be gonna be different from the ones that you have now you had before,

What will your business look like in 2-3 years 

Frank Furness  5:43 

six months a year working not more than that, from the membership sites and the online, I wanted to be bringing in just about all of the income. Apart from that, I want to do maybe two or three nice international gigs, because sometimes we do the gigs online courses. After all, the pay is good, but it’s not really that great, you know, so I want to do just a really good one where we’re going to hopefully be flying out again and doing those. And for me, it’s always been a lifestyle business, you know, so many speakers aren’t going to go and change lives, I’m going to change people. But for me, it’s a lifestyle. somebody pays me money to go and stay in a nice hotel, speak to their people, or make a few changes. They, they it’s a win for them. It’s a win for me. And what I’ll never do is fly in and out of a great country. So if I go in and always take an extra week, and guess another thing I do, I also bought a because often speakers say to me, you know, they don’t want to pay my full fee, well, then barter. So a lot of the time I’ll just say to them, you can’t pay the full fee. I’m in Kuala Lumpur, I’m staying at the Shangri La hotel. How about giving me an extra week they all expenses paid in a suite. And that’s it? Well, that’s pretty cool, because normally they’ve got corporate rights to come out of a different budget. So there are so many things that we can do as speakers, which is not the norm, we can be a little bit of a maverick and do things differently.

Maria Franzoni  7:05 

And love that. I love that extra week at the Shangri La our expenses paid. That’s very cool. Frank, I also love the fact that you have such a variety of services and products in your business and that you were saying that you evolved. So you got yourself kajabi over during COVID. And obviously, you must be quite a techie. If you use kajabi did you teach yourself is did you did you have to learn new skills as well in COVID.

New Skills And Tech Did You Learn In Lockdown 

Frank Furness  7:29 

So I’ve always been a bit of a techie kind of person. But kajabi is like the biggest learning curve I’ve ever gone to. I mean, for two months, I was just on the line to them all the time phoning watching videos. But once it sort of clicks in and you learn the basics, that works well. I also love video marketing. So I’ve got 1000 videos on YouTube. And that’s also great for me. So I’ve learned to work with Camtasia and a few other programs. So in my spare time almost as a hobby, I’m creating content and I’m doing things I don’t see as work. I see it as a hobby because I’m having fun.

Maria Franzoni  8:04 

And one of the reasons that I’m I’m I’ve heard you speak I know you I’ve known you front foot for years I’ve known of you, Frank. But one of the reasons I brought your hood is that you write one of the best newsletters, and it’s not a weekly newsletter or days that it is a bit more ad hoc, but it’s packed, packed solid, with amazing advice. It’s one of the few that I keep and keep referring back to. And that’s another piece of content that you’re creating.


Frank Furness  8:29 

Yes, I have my newsletter going out. And I have another one called Frank social media, which is just all of the latest social media, it comes out every Monday. And that’s brilliant, it’s a piece of software that goes out. And based on the keywords I’ve put in, it will collect the information and all I do is on a Sunday, just quickly look, I want that information, I want data and a few things in the boom, it goes up to all of the subscribers and I don’t have to do much. So I try and automate as much as I can. But the one newsletter you say, I mean that does take a bit of time and I put in a huge amount of effort to give people some great tips that they can use in a business.

Maria Franzoni  9:09 

I’ve made a note because I want that one as well now on a Monday I didn’t know about that one I feel I’ve got FOMO FOMO

James Taylor  9:17 

so afraid your real kind of specialist marketing yourself you’ve Mark yourself you’re speaking your keynotes and things. And now you’re in a process of marketing these online courses these memberships so I’m interested to know maybe what was the differences you found in terms of marketing these different types of products because they are quite different. That client the books used to go and give a keynote somewhere is different from selling someone an online course maybe it’s a direct to consumer as well. So what are some of the secrets Do you have learned about marketing to into these different types of programs?

Marketing Yourself As A Professional Keynote Speaker

Frank Furness  9:52 

So I think the thing is, you’ve got to know who your target market is and my best form of marketing at the moment is LinkedIn. And of course, my subscribe That’s my subscriber list is 10,000 people that have seen me. So that one’s easy. But on LinkedIn, I’m trying to get strangers and close up to the 30,000. Mark. So I have a couple of markets, they, I do a lot of keynotes in the health and fitness industry, I’m doing one with the biggest group in Finland, tomorrow health and fitness group, I do a lot in financial services. So those are two big groups that have gone on to LinkedIn and are built up big followers over there. And I put out specific information to go out to them. So again, getting the right kind of keywords in, but also in my posting every post as a strategy that leads him either to a free webinar to sign up for a newsletter. So everything as a strategy to say, Come to me, I want to try and I want to try and get you to do something sometime in the future. So

James Taylor  10:48 

so on LinkedIn, I need your advice then for LinkedIn, because I’m kind of like, on LinkedIn, never been particularly I mean, this is probably good. This is going out on LinkedIn, but seven and a half 8000 you know, connections there, but never really kind of focused quickly. So what if you just advised me? What are the three things that you would suggest that I should be doing consistently to get to that kind of 30,000? Don’t get the kind of impact you want to have?

LinkedIn – 3 things you should be doing

Frank Furness  11:15 

Okay, so number one, James, you’re an innovation speaker, aren’t you? Yes. Okay. So if I was you, I would go international innovation speaker, take those three keywords, put it into every bit of social media that you’ve got, so that when somebody types it in, you own the first page, if any of you go and take a look at sales technology speaker, I own that first page, it’s just me, everywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter what country you’ve gone to. And I’ve done that for 10 years. So for two reasons. One is now LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft. So if you go and you optimize your LinkedIn, that’s number one, go and optimize it, you’re going to be found on the first page of Google without paying for it. The second thing is, you’ve got to understand the algorithm. So you’ve got to post regularly. So I spend an hour every morning between 730 and 830, the golden hour, a post, and I got not comment on other people’s posts, the people that I want to be following me and I want to take some specific action, you have different kinds of posts. So you have your normal kind of post, but LinkedIn, like all of the other channels, wants you to stay there. So they love PDFs. So Maria, if you have a PDF on how to be a great speaker, 10 pages, they love that because people page through it, and they watched it, of course, have videos now that you don’t get as many video views, but it still works well. You’ve got your normal posts. But the number one post for me is putting in a poll. LinkedIn loves polls. So once a week, I post a poll. And I, on average, get about 50,000 views. But even better than this, James, once you get this Yeah, if you’re going for innovation, so you might have directors of companies, or whatever it is. Once you put out that poll over there, it gives you the names and the links of all of the people that have been in the poll. So now you can go and approach them and say, Hey, I’m James. I’m an innovation speaker so that you like my poll on whatever it is the future trends in business. Can we set up a zoom call? And from that, that’s where it all starts to happen to this is

James Taylor  13:20 

why I love you, Frank, because you put everything out there I knew are so open, you’re so giving in terms of your knowledge as well. So there’s just everything you said there. Fantastic. I love it. Love it. We’re gonna start doing that now.

Maria Franzoni  13:35 

Why we’ll be watching you. I’ll be watching you, James.

James Taylor  13:37 

Good. Keep me honest. Keep me honest Maria.

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YouTube Optimisation 

Frank Furness  14:28 

And the other thing James is YouTube, for I’m really big on search engine optimization. And I teach a lot of companies to get onto the first page. They spend 10s of 1000s on videos but just because I don’t put the right keywords in the title description, and the tags. They never get found. So just tiny little things that make huge differences in business. And this is what I speak to businesses about. Fantastic well

James Taylor  14:51 

if anyone’s watching this just now and they’re looking for that great speaker on advice on social media marketing. Now you know who the person is you need to be bringing in for your event.

Maria Franzoni  15:00 

Any sales all things sales, actually, Frank, really He is the man and talking about YouTube, you are generously sharing an Ebook on creating the perfect YouTube marketing video, Kenny, we’re gonna put a link on the notes on the speaking business tv website. But please give us a little bit of a couple of tips on that too. Because I’ve my YouTube is not, you know, I have a YouTube channel, I’m sure I’m doing lots wrong.

Creating the perfect YouTube marketing video

Frank Furness  15:26 

So it’s a 55-page book and covers as much as I could give, I should be selling the book, but there’s just tons of information there. How to create the videos, the big thing going into the YouTube channel, the things you’ve got to do, right to get seen, because so many people have great videos. And they have like five views, which is just useless, you know? So how do you generate all of those views? Plus, there are lots of extra little secret tips in there. So things like how you can research other people’s keywords. So I use one or two pieces of software on Chrome. And let’s say I wanted to see somebody that’s got 100,000 views on how to play great drums, I can go in and the software will give me all of the keywords and why YouTube loves him. And I can copy those and just put them into mine as well. As long as they were pretty general, I can do the same kind of thing. So there’s so much in that book that people can get please download it today. I’m going to I’m going to What about you, James?

James Taylor  16:29 

Fantastic. Yeah, so we’re going to have a link if you go to speaking business. tv and just enter your details there, you get to the resources page, where some of the links that Frank’s talking about just now if you want to get straight to it, like just like don’t want to sign up, just go to productivity forward slash YouTube, that is his Frank website, you’re gonna get access to that as well. And what about you so you’re like always up on like tips, you’re kind of using different tools, social media, you mentioned one there for finding great keywords on, on YouTube. What is your kind of favorite tool right now?


Frank Furness  17:02 

Still, Camtasia is my favorite for video editing. That I mean, it’s quite funny. I’ve got a little list Yeah, that as soon as I find a new tool, I just put it onto my list so that I remember it. And there’s a couple of is a couple of great ones that have just come up here. Coach takes a look at that the coach snap headliner dot app. People are always old when you’ve got the videos and you want all of the words to come in there.

Maria Franzoni  17:37 

What’s so does coach snap do? Gosh, I have to go into it. And just

James Taylor  17:43 

business cards if it’s the same one I’m thinking of Yeah,

Maria Franzoni  17:45 

know exactly what headline I bought Rev. And yeah, so that’s a new one on the coaching. Does Meeting know who’s listening? Yes, no,

James Taylor  17:52 

maybe what we need to do Frank, you need to go take a photo of that, post that on LinkedIn. And we can all start your Frank’s top list of tools or something like that.

Frank Furness  18:04 

One of the things I’m going to start doing is a series of videos just 32nd productivity videos just on every tool because I’ve got so many different tools they another one that somebody just told me about I haven’t looked at it is called office hours dot global. So soon as somebody mentions, I just go into all of these tools there. But I love them. Great. And of course the best tools. My two favorites that you were asking about Maria are add ons to Chrome for if you want to do a little video email, which is loom? Yeah, yeah. It’s a great tool. Everyone knows about the loom. Yeah,

Maria Franzoni  18:40 

yeah, no, it’s good. It’s good. I mean, there’s so much more video now isn’t there yet, obviously use video a lot. But there’s a lot more video going on. Although you interestingly said that the video on LinkedIn doesn’t get as many views as perhaps it should. Hopefully, we’re gonna get loads of views here. And but that’s fascinating, isn’t it that they’ve been encouraging you to do LinkedIn lives and do videos, but yet videos aren’t getting as much as polls.

Frank Furness  19:04 

No, I mean, polls are doing incredibly well. The business pages on LinkedIn are the very big dogs. Nothing’s happened there. They tried another little thing where they add a video into your profile letter dead dog as well. So just go with the things that work like the polls are brilliant. I’m hoping the video is going to catch up, but they just, you know, if you compare that to Facebook Live, you’re gonna have way more interaction on Facebook Live.

Maria Franzoni  19:32 

Yeah. Okay. And actually, one of the other tools you mentioned to us was something called Plexi cam. Are you using that now?

Frank Furness  19:37 

Oh, yeah, this is fantastic. Because, you know, a lot of the time when you’re speaking you’re all over the screen, you’re not making eye contact. The moment I’m looking into the camera, and this is what it looks like. So it hooks straight onto your screen over there. You can position your little camera wherever you want it. And you both know I’m in sales. Guess what, I’m an affiliate for this. Already,

Maria Franzoni  20:04 

I’ve got one.

James Taylor  20:08 

So we’re gonna, we’re gonna have the link there as well. And you also give, give Frank a bit of credit, if you buy from that link, just go to speaking business. tv. And in the resources there, you’re going to get that link to, frankly, near the Plexi cam.

 Maria Franzoni  20:22 

He needs the money. Don’t be frank. Why not?

Frank Furness  20:25 

I’ve got to buy more ice creams down on the beach. And then I’ve got to pay for the junk to work it off for a day.

Maria Franzoni  20:31 

And actually, I’d like to come back to something you mentioned earlier, because you say you work eight months, and then you have four months off, and you plan to work six months and to have six months off. How does that work? Does that work that you say that I’m working? You know, I’m taking off these specific months in? Or do you work two months and have a month off? Or how do you plan it? How do you make it Have I need to work out how to do this. Normally,

Frank Furness  20:53 

I would take off August and December, those would be definite months. And then other months, I’d maybe work a week in a month or two weeks in a month. Or the other weeks would be where I’m speaking at a beautiful place. And the extra week is just where I’m lying on the beach doing nothing. So it’s sort of pretty ad hoc. Also, I like to take a lot of time off for sports over Yeah, I’m playing tennis twice a week. I’m playing pedal twice a week. So a lot of the weeks Yeah, for mornings, I’ll be out playing tennis and I’m just working in the afternoons. So that’s how it sort of balances out. I don’t do any sort of real structured kind of thing. I just like to have lots of time off.

Maria Franzoni  21:31 

Excellent. James, do you manage to scheduled lots of time off.

James Taylor  21:34 

It never works. It never. I’m not disciplined enough. My wife lost laughs at me when I say okay, we’re gonna take the whole of August off, we’re gonna just do nothing. And then inquiries come in, and I’ve still had that mindset. Okay, I want to do that one. That’s an interesting gig. I want to do that one. By and that’s

Maria Franzoni  21:53 

funny, because you’ve had the busiest August you’ve ever had. Oh, yeah.

James Taylor  21:57 

August a busy August. That’s how bizarre is that. But what I love what you’re saying also there, Frank, is it you also give me a sense of the breadth of different speakers out there, I had a conversation with a speaker the other day, who doesn’t want to travel doesn’t like me traveling that much, is moved to Florida lives in a part of Florida. And frankly, between his virtual things, and he’s not far from you know, in Orlando. That’s it, he can just he doesn’t, he doesn’t want to do the traveling. And then there are other people yourself who I’ve probably I’ve kept myself to that we love seeing the world we love that opportunity, his lifestyle in that sense, as well. So the thing I love about speaking, is that regardless of where you’re at, and where you’re you fits into it, there’s opportunity there, there are ways to make it fit for the way that you want to have your lifestyle.

How To Market Yourself

Frank Furness  22:51 

And it’s I’ve spoken in 69 countries, and it’s funny how the mind works when you sort of got an idea of I to want to speak in that country. It’s just sort of comes up. And it happens because I just before locked down, I wanted to go to South America, and I got a gig to speak on a cruise. So a friend and I went, we did the cruise and went to Argentina, went to Chile, we went to Brazil, went to Panama and thinking about it. Now I don’t know if I’ll ever have that opportunity again with COVID coming in and how the world has changed. So I’m fortunate, like you James to the places we’ve gone and we’ve seen you know,

James Taylor  23:26 

I think great music there as well being harshness.

Frank Furness  23:29 

There’s some great music in Latin America, there are in Brazil, just a little off-side over there. In Brazil, we stayed at this fantastic hotel. And right next door is a place called a little club. And it only holds 25 people and Sergio Mendez, and a lot of other people that they start they went over there were two musicians, a singer and a guitarist, that just blew my socks off, never seen anything like it. So those are the great parts of being an international speaker is going exploring seeing things, doing things, and seeing the world. It’s, it’s great just to be on stage. But think about all the other things. We can do offstage,

James Taylor  24:03 

maybe what you need to be doing Frank, there’s a thing that the Rolling Stones do when they’re on tour. So they have their main show. There’s big stadiums as big kind of big events. But others they always are nearly always they’ll book a little small club, little gig little bar kind of thing, and where they go and just hang out and play. So maybe when you do those big stages that you do as a speaker, you need to book like there’s 1 am gigs. And however, I finally have a rock out a little bit.

Frank Furness  24:30 

We do that when I go to my place in Spain, we have a thing called a big jam three times a week. And some incredible musicians have retired. They know, some of them are still on the road touring and that kind of thing. But we get together and we all do it for free. But we have like 300 people that come to watch us and we just have a great bowl.

Maria Franzoni  24:49 

Wonderful. So a lot of speakers listening to this will be thinking, wow, I want to be in Frank’s world and they’re going to have an opportunity to do that because you have just started a new Facebook group for speakers. Can you tell us a little bit about us, James, James and I are in that group too. So we will be participating. Tell us a bit more about it.

Seek, Speak & Reap

Frank Furness  25:09 

Yes, I just thought there’s a lot of groups out there on all the remote stuff we use. But I just thought there are so many great speakers out there with great strategies. I have so many great speaker friends that I speak to. I was just speaking to Alan Pease this morning, who, you know, he just made 100 grand in a week, two weeks ago by the euro. And a good man. You know, and, and he’s just sharing on what he does and how he does it. And I just thought, what, what a great platform for people to come in and say yes, an idea. This is how I do swap-outs at hotels for speaking. One of my great friends, Scott Friedman, he does that.

James Taylor  25:47 

Or that he’s fantastic at that.

Frank Furness  25:49 

I mean, if he wants to go to Koh Samui, he goes to the top hotel and says, I’ll do a one-hour session for your staff. Give me a week free. Yeah, you know, so that these are the kinds of things I want people to come on. It’s all about sales and marketing and sharing ideas that will benefit everybody else. So please, if you’re a speaker, come and join, but more than that, please contribute to it as well.

Maria Franzoni  26:13 

Lovely, love that you’re so generous.

Frank Furness  26:17 

And also put your show on every week so everyone can see the great things you’re doing, you know?

James Taylor  26:22 

Yeah, yeah. I was called to speak for profits. We’ll go to The UK and the group speak for profits. We’re also going to have a link to that. As I mentioned earlier if you go to speaking business. tv. And all the show notes we’ll be speaking about today. They’re all going to be in there as well. Maria did. We didn’t have any tools for this week’s top tools we normally have. I

Maria Franzoni  26:44 

think it was your turn actually, James. But I think that Frank has shed so many. I think that’s more than enough for people to go. We don’t want to bust the bank. Also, Frank, I don’t if you’ve listened to any of the shows, but often James’s tools are expensive. He has expensive tastes. He doesn’t look like an expensive tastes person, doesn’t he?

Frank Furness  27:05 

I mean, just look at that jacket. He’s wearing the hankie over there next week. Well,

James Taylor  27:10 

next week, this is going to be my tour. I’ll tell you more about it. It goes part of its part of a more expensive tool, but that’s another thing

Maria Franzoni  27:16 

you go see it next week. Goodness, gracious. I don’t know what his bank balance is, but he’s doing well. And how should we leave people what we’re going to leave them with what thoughts Frank and we leave speakers with,

Reinvent Yourself 

Frank Furness  27:28 

again, is just reinvent yourself, because a lot of the speakers are phoning me saying juice we starving some really good speakers. You know, we’ve just done keynotes, we don’t know what to do. We don’t know where to go. reinvent yourself, do anything you can just to keep the balance until we get out of it because we will get out of it. But you know, if you’ve got to do training if you’ve got to do a bit of coaching, whatever you’ve got to do. The big one is to start doing online courses because there is a huge market out there for online courses, lots and lots of people, lots of big companies are looking for it. So please get involved. Again, my favorite tool is kajabi. It’s pretty expensive. James, you probably use it. But it’s a great tool. And my third one is just you know with all of the stress going on, just start enjoying life. Again. Just look at the good things that are happening. So many people are getting COVID so many people are suffering. Just be grateful for what you’ve got. Go out and enjoy every day and any gigs you get just give 100% as Maria said, if you’re great at giving your gig, you’re going to get tons coming back to you again.

Maria Franzoni  28:35 

Lovely TAs. Wonderful. Fantastic. Frank, thank you so much.

Frank Furness  28:40 

Thanks, James. Thanks for being with you. And looking forward to catching up and having a cup of coffee or as few single mouths.

Maria Franzoni  28:48 

Champagne champagne.

James Taylor  28:50 

Alright, thanks, everybody. Have a great week. You can subscribe to the SpeakersU podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts while you’re there. leave us a review. I am soIt does appreciate it. I’m James Taylor, and you’ve been listening to the SpeakersU podcast.