SL000: Welcome To The Speakers Life

Welcome to The Speakers Life with James Taylor. This show brings you weekly speaker training, interviews and public speaking tips. You’ll learn strategies on how to launch and grow your professional speaking business. The Speakers Life will also teach you how to become a better public speaker and ways to get booked to travel the world as a highly-paid keynote speaker. You’ll go behind-the-scenes as innovation keynote speaker, creativity expert and speaking business coach James Taylor travels the world speaking at global conferences and interviewing top leadership speakers, business speakers and speaker bureaus. Enjoy the show.

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Welcome to The Speakers Life. This is a show dedicated for you the aspiring or professional speaker. In the show, I’ll be sharing the latest strategies, tactics and techniques to help you launch grow and build your international speaking business. Now, if you don’t know me, my name is James Taylor. I’m an international keynote speaker, the founder of speakers, you and international speakers summit and in the speakers like we’re gonna be looking at four main areas.

First of all, we’re going to look at how to market your speaking how to build your speaking brand, how to get known around the world for the expertise that you have.

Secondly, we’re going to look at how to sell your speaking programs, how to get booked on stages all over the world for high fees.

The third area that will look at something I’m really passionate about, which is the craft of speaking how to develop your voice as a speaker, how to develop the speeches that you’re giving, how to use your body on stages, everything in between. And the fourth and final area that will come is I call it profitability or sometimes called leverage. So this especially if you’re already a professional speaker. In these episodes, I’ll be showing you how to really leverage what you already have, how to develop more profitability in your speaking business. This can be from online sources to help complement offline speaking business that you already have.

Now, the types of episodes that we’re going to have are going to be varied. And in these first few episodes, I want to try a couple of different things and see what you enjoy what you respond to. So I’d love to get feedback on these first few episodes. And the types of episodes that we’re going to be doing is first of all solo episodes like this, where I’ll just be sharing a strategy, technique or tip on how to grow your speaking business. Also have in depth interviews with other professional speakers with Speaker bureaus, Speaker coaches, and kind of people book as as speakers. The third area is behind the scenes I’m going to take you on the road with me as I travel around the world speaking professionally, and you’ll get you know, behind the scenes look what it involves in the life of a professional speaker. And the final types of episodes that will have I just those kind of random we’re going to be throwing in different things. We’re going to get your your taste buds with it. We’re going to excite you with the possibilities that this industry the speaking industry holds for you. So we’re gonna have a lot of fun together. I hope you enjoy the first few episodes of the speakers life I would love to get your feedback, you can just reach out to me if you just go to speak as you’ll be able to contact us to be able to see all the other episodes as well. And also if you have any friends who also fellow speakers or aspiring speakers, please let them know about this show, so they can also subscribe. Enjoy the speaker’s life.