The Indian Keynote Speaker Market

The Indian Keynote Speaker Market

Today I’m in Chennai, India to give the opening keynote at the Professional Speakers Association of India annual Summit and in this episode I what I learned about the Indian keynote speaker market.

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The Indian Keynote Speaker Market

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Hi, it’s James Taylor. He a keynote speaker on creativity innovation at artificial intelligence and the founder of speakers you This episode is being filmed today in Chennai, India. And in here because I’m was the opening keynote speaker at the Professional Speakers Association of India, their annual summit an incredible event speakers from all over India and all across the world were attending this event to learn from some of the best speakers in the business. And what really blew me away about this event. And the speakers I heard from it’s just how fast the Indian market is growing for speakers growing a phenomenal rates. I’ll give you some examples. You know, this is a country over over 1 billion people, 1 billion people so it’s growing very, very fast. Anyway, the speaking industry in the events industry specifically is going over 16%, a year’s estimated by the end of next year there’ll be valued at over 130 billion dollars. So huge opportunity here. I also was having conversations with folks from audible.

And big podcast, as you were saying that the audible This is the fastest growing markets for podcast. This is now the fastest growing markets in the podcast industry as well. So if you have a podcast or you like enjoying being on podcast as a speaker, this is the place for you. But if you’re going to take advantage of this opportunity here to grow your speaking business in India requires that you do three things. The first thing is to have a 10 year plan to think about this as a long term plan about building a territory. You know, there’s some crops in farming that your quick crops to grow and your other ones that take a little bit longer this one will take a little bit longer I believe this market will be probably the biggest speaking markets by by the end of next 10 years. But it requires that you get in now you start developing you start working in this market start really understanding the specifics of the Indian speaking market which means my my second point so the second point is you have to start to develop

What we call product market fit this was speaking Michael Vick as Jane we were talking about this product market fit understanding how your product fits into the Indian market specifically because there’s lots of sub markets within the Indian speaking market is obviously the corporate is association that public events market is growing hugely fast just now and is also the education market now here in July where I’m speaking from today they have over two and a half thousand schools had a conversation yesterday with a speaker Bureau and that speak of your was saying that the education market they just can’t handle the amount of inquiries are getting in from schools all across the country to bring in speakers, international speakers as well thought leaders to inspire, educate and entertain the students. And the third way to really take advantage of this growing Indian market for speakers is really something I picked up from another speaker that was speaking I give the opening keynote the closing keynote was given by Fredrik Haren and incredible Fredrik Haren and great keynote speaker and Frederick really talks about this idea of rather than thinking of ourselves as a British speaker, or an American speaker, or an Indian speaker, to think of ourselves as a global speaker. Now, when you start to do that, you have to change your content as well. And he spoke about this idea of creating a human speech, a speech that will connect with audiences in Delhi as much as it will in Detroit. It’s creating those speeches at work on a cross cultural basis. And this takes time to develop those those things as well. But if you can develop a speech, you’re in your signature keynote speech, it works across different countries and really works here as well and the Indian market there’s massive opportunity for you. So in terms of next steps, I highly encourage you check out the professional Speakers Association of India. The website is and they also have a summit coming up.

Next year it’s going to be in Delhi, the capital. And that was going to be an incredible event. I hope to be at the event as well. And I wish you great success in growing your speaking business worldwide. And also, I really encourage you come here to India learn about this market start speaking in India. Thanks for watching this episode of the Speaker’s Life is sponsored by eSpeakers. The innovative platform that connects speakers with event organizers and associations in speakers provides cutting edge tools that will elevate your online presence. streamline your speaking business and maximize your exposure in the speaking industry. With over 15 years in the business 10,000 speakers in their community and over 20,000 events, managed annually eSpeakers is the preferred choice for top speakers. You can create your own profile on eSpeakers today by going to