SL026: Building Your Speaker Brand Using Online Summits

In today’s episode of The Speakers Life I talk with Sha Nacino, author and speaker on gratitude.




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Hey, there is James Taylor and I’m delighted today to welcome onto the show Sha Nacino. You know, Sha is a trusted global speaker on gratitude, happiness and productivity. A Jack Canfield, certified trainer on success principles and a prolific author of 12 books. She was recognized as a distinguished Toastmaster, the highest award given by Toastmasters International to its members worldwide. A student of some of the world’s best teachers Bo Sanchez, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins. She loves to write books and teach people how to write books through her 90 day book writing challenge. Today’s show has addressed thousands of audiences from more than 26 countries globally. She is also the founder of HR summit, global global author, site and world gratitude summit. And this year, we were actually both recipients of an award and she at the same event, and she received female entrepreneur of the year award by the United Nations global entrepreneur Council. So great, great wall to get in show. Welcome to the show.

Happy to be here, James, thank you for inviting me. So I was just saying that you you just pick up that amazing award for United Nations global entrepreneur cancel. What was the event like that? I believe it was in China and India, right. It was a beautiful event. And I didn’t know that it was such a prestigious event. I learned I learned. Well, I learned this and officially that there were about 3700 applications and nominations, and only about 50 were awarded. So it was beautiful. And I met a lot of people from more than 15 countries who are also aware of this. Well, congratulations. Because it’s interesting. through doing speakers, you and obviously your speakers, you student as well. And that there are the speakers you committee is fantastic. But whenever it was it to me, like who who’s doing, who’s doing really interesting stuff in the community just now. And I also mentioned your name, because one of the things I think you’re so good at is actually taking action. You know, a lot of people talk about things, but you you will learn something, learn a concept, learn a strategy, learn a technique. And not only do you take action on it, but usually by the next week, you’ve said, Hey, James, I tried that thing I did this, and I even tried this little extra thing is about what do you think of this? So where do you get your mean? Where did you learn the ability to really be action oriented, because not all people like that, and and we don’t go to those lengths.

So my background was I was an employee for nine years. And you know, as an employee, if you have ideas, you can adjust, incorporate them right away, because there has to be approvals from the higher bosses. And when they become an entrepreneur, I really love the flexibility to be able to execute your abs. And I think one of the things that I really learned early on was not to be afraid to make mistakes. So I like whenever I had a seminar or a gathering or, or an event. I just looked one thing. One key takeaway, I don’t have to look for so many things, one key takeaway. And from that one key takeaway, what action can I do right away. And I just love taking action ever small team. So we’re pretty dynamic. And when I when I have an idea, I communicate with my team, and sometimes within a few hours execute, or sometimes a few days or a few weeks to execute.

Now one of those ideas that you’ve executed very well is you I think you heard me speak at a conference. I’ve talked about online summits and virtual summits. And I remember you coming up to me saying I love I like I wanted I want to do this, I want to do this. And then very quickly, you actually started your very first summit, and we were going to work together on that. And then from there, you’ve gone on to build other summits, where you’re also co hosting with other speakers, for example. So take take me through that. What is it about online summits? Do you enjoy? Because you’ve you’ve done more than one now? And what what have you found have been the benefits of doing online or virtual summits? And where do you see them going terms of how you, you bring into all the other things that you’re doing in your career and in your professional life just now.

Right? So prior to meeting you at the Asia professional speakers convention in 2018, I’ve seen some of your online summits. And I really, really wanted to meet you. Because I wanted to ask for your permission, James, can I also do the same? And so when I met you in Singapore, I asked him James, can you do the same? And then you said, Of course you can. And I’ll be happy to help you. You don’t even have to ask for my permission. So anyway, we did I met in me the the talk on on online summits. And we launched our first ever each our summit global in August. And I really had fun doing it. My main reason for doing the online summit was because as a speaker, I get invited by HR professionals to speak to their companies. So before my speaking engagements, I would talk to these HR professionals, and I see their problems. I know their concerns, when employees have problems have concerns, they go to HR, but what NHRF concerns or problems, their backs are against the wall because they need to learn how to motivate themselves. So I wanted to be the go to person of HR professionals, when they need some motivation. It’s like my way of giving back to them, because they’re the ones giving me business. So when you when you hit that online summit event in a mean, lecture, or a thought in the Asia professional speakers convention, I thought that the first summit they will do is for the HR professionals, it’s really to give value to the HR professionals. And I was also very happy because you and all the other global speakers agreed to speak at the summit and give value to the HR professionals. So I wanted the the online summits to be communities where people can learn can be inspired. And the speakers can also give value. It’s a platform for them for your messages to be heard.

So you did that the very first one and I was so impressed. And you mentioned it. Obviously we met in May. And then you launched it in August with three, three months or so getting up and running. What What were the what were the key? I mean, the good thing that you identified very early on, was we spoke a lot about your customer avatar, and you had a really good sense of your customer avatar that HR professional is struggling is needing motivated meeting there’s idea. So so that was great, you really identified that very early on, what were the key challenges that you find in creating your your first online or virtual summit?

key challenge at that time was the internet connection in the Philippines. So at that time, the internet connection in the Philippines is in our office was very slow. So what I did was I had to rent a private room in a co working space. And of course, the rent is not that cheap. And so I had to maximize doing interviews on a daily basis. So sometimes I would do nine to 10 interviews in a given day. And I realized, wow, this can be so tiring mentally and also, physically, as you guys my voice. So I think that was one of the biggest challenges that we had. But we had a lot of fun as well, my team and I had a lot of fun. And also since it was the first time that we did the online summit, we had to really, you know, I had to review your slides during the the WBN in Singapore, and had the philosophy What’s next? What’s next, what’s next. So that really helped me your thought really helped me and your slides really helped me.

So you have that first one. And I always say when creating any type of online or virtual summit, the first was always the most difficult because you haven’t you’re having to deal with the technological side, you’re thinking about that you’re thinking about the content and everything, but the marketing and all and how to get out into the world, the next summit that you decided to do, what was the next one after that?

Okay, the next one was the overseas Filipino summit. So the reason why we did that is because I send out inspirational emails every Monday. And I will usually receive lengthy emails from all races Filipinos really resist Filipino workers, and they they share with me their problems, their concerns, etc. And some of the emails were so lengthy, they really divulge their concerns, and sometimes I would be able to answer all of them, but sometimes because I receive hundreds of emails, we don’t get to answer to each and every one. But But I read everything that the they’ve written me. And so I have a good idea, good sense on what their problems were. And it just sparked that in my mind, okay, somebody, I’d like to do something for you. And so when the idea of online summits came to mind, through your talk, I decided that the next set of people would like to serve it overseas Filipinos, because, you know, as Filipinos, they have a lot of concerns, one of them is really missing their families a lot. And I also know a lot of speakers, starting speakers in the fitness space in the Philippines, who also wants who also want to have a platform where they can share the message. So it’s like a melting pot of speakers wanting to be heard. And these people who want some guidance and inspiration as well.

So you don’t really know you knew the kind of the technology side of running a virtual summit by this point. You said you knew how the kind of formats and things what what were the key learnings from that summit that you took away?

I think the key learnings there is to have to have fun. I try to because because in the beginning, in my first summit, of course, there were you know, I was trying to really follow the procedure etc. In the offices Filipino assignment, I really tried to have fun, because now I know I know how to do it. And also because the language that we used was, you know, mixed of our our first language and also English. So it was it was more cash flow, it was more relaxed. It was more of family family oriented. Yeah. So So I think the key learning very, I was intentional that, okay, I want to have fun when I do the overseas Filipino summit. And I want the audience as well to feel the fun that even if they’re abroad, or they’re, they’re far from their families, they have a community online community, who can who they can share fun or happiness with. But once again, you’ve identified identified your avatar, you knew who your avatar was, what the other key challenges were, so you could provide some of that content. And then what was one of the did after that was that the authors some of the moved into next?

Yes, we so we have the global authors summit. But this is a lives live in person event. So the reason why we did that was because I have this 90 day book writing challenge. And after the challenge, there is a book launch. And we’ve always had the introduction to book writing, plus book launch, 1.0, and 2.0 3.0, etc. In 2018, I noticed that so many authors are going to launch their books, so many graduates of the online course, we’re going to launch their books, and they couldn’t fit in one event. And so I decided, Okay, and since some of these authors would fly in from so many other countries, although most of them are Filipinos, I decided, why not elevate this to another level. So instead of the International book launch that we’re having, which which we usually have about 100 150 people during the book launch. So how about creating a global event for authors? And so we launched the global authors summit. And I think we had around 350 to 400 people who attended the event, and we had about 22 authors who launched their books.

Okay, so you see, you kind of took a slightly different direction with that one as well. And a question I’m sometimes asked is about virtual summits, online summits is, well, what is the that are Why? What’s the return on that time that money it costs, you know, to put these together? So what was the ROI was similar things that you were looking to get from each summit or was a slightly different, you will, you’re measuring success in slightly different ways with a different summit. So I think the ROI for the two online summits that I did was, number one is trust, you’re building trust and relationship with your audience. And I know that trust the basis of any business, any business transaction is trust. So if you if you build trust with the with the audience, I was hoping that you can get also speaking engagements from there. But But the main, the main reason really, for me doing the HR summit global was number one to give value. Number two, I wanted to build relationship with all the other speakers and varied from them as well. And for them to have a platform the share their message. And number three, this is the this is the effect now. So these are the causes, why why I put up the online summit, the effect that I want, the effect would be if I get speaking engagements from from from that summit, then that will be a big bonus. And I think it’s it’s being because I have an invitation to speak in mail deems next know, two months from now, next month in August. And yeah, and I know that we were speaking on stage together in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia recently. I see you’ve been in Paris, I think you in the other day, and then California, I think as well. So you’re certainly certainly helping also build your brand, internationally.

Right, right. Yes, definitely. So it builds your brand internationally, you’re right leaves, I forget about that. So James, and I shared the stage in India. And then I also spoke in Malaysia with James. And then I was the host for the post convention in Singapore in May as well. And I also had a speaking engagement in New York, this March 2018 2019.
Wonderful. So you’re, you’re you’re spreading your wings, you’re going you’re going global now as well. And this this new summit that you’re working on at the moment, you decided to something which I which I always actually encouraged a lot of speakers to do because I often think a lot of speakers we’re we can, we can get very in our own thing. And we can get very, it’s sometimes course a lot of speakers, lone Wolf’s there, they just focus on their own thing, don’t think, you know, the bigger the more the community side of it. And and I don’t think there’s a lot of speakers, if you’re doing a summit, whether your first or subsequent summits, to co host one, because it can add a lot of fun. And it takes some of the pressure off as well. And you can go into areas that maybe you’re even not as you’re not known as the expert in at the moment, but allows you to move sideways a little bit as well. Tell us about this, this new one you’ve got going on with you, you’re actually doing them with another speakers, you remember, right, I’m doing this with the Jonathan low also speakers, Hugh member, he was the former president of the global speakers Federation as well. And he actually invited me shot, can we do a project together an online summit together. And so we decided to put up the global success summit. And so both of us are members of speakers, you have James Taylor. And also, both of us are jack Canfield, certified trainers on success principles. So that’s where the word success came from. And then we decided to focus on five pillars. So sales, service, leadership, communication, and digital marketing. So obviously, my expertise there is only on communication, one pillar. And this is good, cuz, cuz Jonathan Lau is really known for sales and service. And so he gets to interview a lot of people from from those feelers and I get to interview some people from communication, and we both get to interview some people from the leadership and in the digital digital marketing sphere.

And in terms of how, how you’re dividing up the workload, so are you doing kind of 5050 interviews? Or is he gonna do more than two years, then you’re going to, you know, you’ve got a team that work for you, as well, you is your team going to help on doing all the infrastructure in the launch and in the marketing? To solo john will do most of the interviews, because he knew more of the people who will be who will be guessing in the summit. And they’ll do more of the back end. So editing of the videos, setting up the systems, etc. And also the marketing plan. Now, I first heard of it heard of your work more through your writing than I did anything else more for the speaking side. So you’re known as a, as an author and author coach in a writing coach as well? And how have these online summits, how they they worked alongside your writing and your author coaching? Because I would imagine, as we have other speakers, you remember, like Shelley Taylor, for example, who have used a lot of their content from their summit in order to put them into book because that’s something that you’ve done, or do you see them as quite separate types of products?

It’s a bit separate, but I think the way to to marry the two was that now I’m a speaker on gratitude. And one of the one of the questions I asked during the HR summit global, one of the ultra questions I asked was, how important is gratitude in, in life and in business, and that is something that I can also incorporate, because I’m writing a book on gratitude. And so now I can say that I have, I have done some interviews with more than 3040 people, global speakers to also share their inputs on what gratitude is. So yeah, so they can available to us some inputs from the interview. I look, I’m writing, was there any in doing all? I mean, you have you worked out how many interviews you’ve done. Now, you must have been a lot of interviews as part of all these virtual sites. Right. So I’m guessing that I’m getting I’m guessing you up into the hundreds now?

Okay, maybe, maybe around 7080? Yeah, almost almost 100? And were there any any interviews that you did, as part of that? where someone, a guest said something or did something? It really can it made you maybe rethink what you’re doing in your own business and in your own life? Yes. In fact, one of them is your dreams, because I can see how how strategic you were, especially in using automation and technology. And that is something that my team and I still have to work on, because some of the process that will be redoing, are very manual. And so I’m still saying how can I, how can I put more automation in what we’re doing? Fantastic. So it’s been it’s great. I mean, I think you’ve done such a good job on doing these virtual summits. The when it comes when you start really moving into the marketing automation is gonna be a piece of cake for you and your team. I know you’ll be you’ll be very good at executing on that as well. So where do we go and and where do you go now? What’s your next? What is it the rest of this year look like for you?

Okay, so the rest of the year, we’ll do more online summits, we will relaunch the HI summit, global, Filipino summit. And we’re cooking up to two new online summits. One is the global success summit with Jonathan Lau. And the other one is the world gratitude summit. So the road gadget summit is a bit different from the other assignments I’ve done, because it’s a noble movement. We want to encourage people to adopt the attitude of gratitude. And we’re planning to launch this on September 21, during the world that it should be. And also, one of the things that we’re really looking at is, is to have more speaking engagements, globally, overseas. So this, this August, I was invited to speak in Melbourne. And then a speaker’s bureau invited me to speak in Dubai. Fantastic you so you’re definitely expanding globally now. Which which is amazing. And what so you know, you you’re going on to these gigs in Maldives, and Dubai, and New York as well. What is in your speaker bag, what you would you carry with you to all these various speaking engagements and do the keys, I have my laptop, and then I have my clicker and some extra batteries. And then I have a USB as well. So I think those are just my speakers. But I also have this small my tiny Mike that I use, because I love the villain on the road. And I just use my iPhone, and then a little modified. Yeah, gimbal but haven’t been using it. And I know I’ve seen you do a lot of things in terms of social media, which is really all about building your brand overall and brought into the sense of gratitude. What was working for you when it comes to social media at the moment?

Okay, I think for social media, it’s just a way to build awareness and to square conversations. But what really is what’s really working for me right now is email marketing. So in terms of converting customers, email marketing really works. But I would say that social media is also very effective because I remember I asked the organizers of the United Nations global entrepreneurs Council, I asked them how did they How did you get to know me because I didn’t apply for the award. And they said Oh, we’ve been following you on social media for the past six months. So in a way that was also actually building my brand and I’m very grateful for that. So you’re going to be hitting the road next you’ve got all these summits are going to be coming up as well if if people want to learn a bit more about you and everything you’re doing and following you online where’s the best place to go that central point them to go and find out more about you? Alright, so you mean go to my website shut Missy know that calm? Or if you would like some some of my you know, fun side? You mean go to my Instagram account at SHOT underscore casino.

And for anyone that’s been moved to be hearing by speakers, you we talked about speakers you at the start? What have you found to be the benefit. So being speakers, you remember,
the key. So number one is the community. Number two is the one on one coaching with James Taylor, and nothing surprised, and James is praising the speakers you very, very low, because that includes already the one in one coaching. And number three, I really like all the contents in all the training videos. You know, James, when I attend conventions, or learning events, it’s not really for the learning. I mean, the live events, it’s not really for the learning. It’s more of you know, to meet people and observe how speakers do their job. Because I know that the information I need when it comes to building my career as a global speaker, is all inside the speakers you Yes, funny that is that I mean, I think that’s been a big, big change in recent years about events, not just speakers, events, but events more generally, I was an event the other day attending, I wasn’t speaking at it. And I left it thinking, I could have watched all of that as videos that were YouTube videos, because some of the speakers already had YouTube videos, I didn’t really physically go there. And unfortunately, the event wasn’t didn’t do a particularly good job in, in organizing the community and the connecting piece. And I just what a huge waste. Because the people that yourself, you’re putting out so much great in terms online summits for the content, side. So when you come together for a live event, the contents out there already, what you want for those live events is a community that you were talking about. And we just sometimes it was little conversation.

I know you and I think in India, we have breakfast One morning, and we’re just sharing ideas and sharing strategies on how to build our speaking businesses. So I absolutely agree with you. I think that’s where we, that’s where live events can really do to do well as the focus on that community piece. Right, exactly. So thank you so much for coming on today. show it’s always a pleasure speaking to you. I’m always deeply impressed by how quickly you’re able to execute on your ideas. And if people haven’t checked that shall go and check out showers work. She’s really doing a phenomenal job of building her brand internationally using virtual summits. But also combine that with her speaking and obviously with the with the writing side that she’s known for primarily. So thank you so much for coming on today’s show all about your speakers life and I look forward to us sharing a stage together very soon. My pleasure, James and yes, I look forward to to bonding with you again and Allison and sharing ideas as well.

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