SL051: 24 Hours In The Life Of A Dubai Expo Keynote Speaker

The Life of A Dubai Expo Keynote Speaker

Ever wondered what the life of a keynote speaker is really like? In today’s episode of The Speakers Life I take you behind the scenes of 24hrs in the life of a Dubai Expo Keynote Speaker.

This week I was booked to give a keynote speech in Dubai for a banking client on the topic of customer experience, innovation and artificial intelligence. An interesting aspect of speaking in the UAE is each year the government announces a new theme for the year. In 2019 the theme was ‘Tolerance’ and this year it is ‘2020: Towards the next 50’.

Also each month has it’s own theme and February’s was ‘Innovation’. As a result many of the companies and government ministries hosted events on the topic of ‘innovation’ and I was approached to speak at a number of these in my role as a creativity and innovation keynote speaker.

Meanwhile myself and lots of international keynote speakers have been receiving enquiries to speak at events during the Dubai Expo. Expo 2020 Dubai runs for 179 days and during that time millions of people will travel to the city to see exhibitions and attend conferences and events around the Expo theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating The Future’.

As a keynote speaker it’s well worth researching speaking opportunities in Dubai during Expo 2020. Many event organisers and conferences will be looking for both local and international speakers. Enjoy the video.

Website: Dubai Expo

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One of the things I was doing yesterday when I was here in Dubai is I’m asked to take some time out to talk with some one of the speaker bureaus I work with here. I think he’s actually one of the benefits of when you travel and speak in different places in the world to try and if you have a bureau that you work within a particular country trying to meet with them, and I can use it for a number of reasons. One is I want to build rapport, especially with the sales agents, not just the owner of the Bureau, but also the people that are on the front line, making those recommendations to their client. I want to really build a good relationship with them so they can understand why speak about what value I add to clients.

But the other good reason to always kind of meet in person with bureaus is to take the temperature of what is hot just now in the market, what their clients are asking for more. So for example, here in the UAE each year has a different theme last year, the world Around tolerance. So if I be a speaker, he is one speaker, he would probably be looking to maybe tweak my speech to think about how that relates to tolerance as a topic. Also here, this particular every in the UAE, every month has its own theme as well something that the government decide. And this month in the month of February is I’m filling in this is innovation. Now, if you’re an innovation speaker, this is fantastic. You surely been speaking lots in Dubai, because February is the month of innovation, all companies will looking to bring in speakers, coaches consultants around and train is around innovation. So this is publicly available, go online, find out what the themes are, over the next few months in maybe a country like the UAE and then think about how you could pitch clients or bureaus related to your top topic and that particular thing.

But one of the things that they were saying yesterday, my conversation with, with the Bureau’s is something that getting asked a lot more for is topics around wellbeing and happiness. This is something that getting asked more and more about. And that’s written for a number of reasons really. One of them is because as a market becomes, this isn’t really a fight to the best people in a company, and they want to make your employees as happy as possible. So, thinking about well being and the quality of well being is very important.

The other reason is, I was having a conversation yesterday, my podcast with a guest who coaches some of the world’s top leaders from the biggest companies in the world. And I was asking what were the differences in the challenges between maybe previous generations and the generations of the new leaders coming through today? I think Bill was and then this person I was speaking to and Bill was telling me that a big change is previous generations. leaders, they kind of segmented up their life and they can made the deal with themselves that they would work really hard. And that might mean not spending as much time with their families. So they will not be relegated their families but they put work very much at the forefront of their lives. Today’s leaders, young leaders coming in, don’t think in quite that same way. They really want that kind of quality of life. They value things like their well being their the ability to spend time with their their families to get that kind of balance in their life as well.

So that Think about that. How does that relate to the topic that you speak on? Is there some way that you can maybe tweak your presentation to be able to pitch with certain types of audiences to go and speak to move this new generation of leaders coming through, talking about how well being how happiness relates to your topic, so these are just a few ideas is one of these. I love to Traveling as you get to pick up new thoughts and I’m on the flight going home will be thinking about that for myself my own speaking career.

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