Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence – #115

How To Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

Joshua Seth is a celebrity voice actor(and world touring magician)turned entertaining keynote speaker. Joshua is known to millions as the voice of over 100 animated TV shows and movies and can be heard in everything from Akira to Sponge Bob Square Pants.

As a headline entertainer, Joshua toured the world for over a decade with his highly successful show “Psychological Illusions”. He performed live on stage in over 40 countries, had 5 TV specials inSouth Korea and Japan, and presented in front of 20,000 people at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas.

He’s also the author of three books, including the bestselling peak performance book “Finding Focus In A Changing World”.

But he’s best known as the star of Digimon, voicing the main character “Tai” for the past 20 years, in the hit tv series as well as all 8 movies, helping it become one of the top 100 highest-grossing media franchises in the world.

These days Joshua shows leaders how to speak with influence and communicate with confidence so they can make a bigger impact on the world. -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence



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Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

James Taylor  0:00  

I’m James Taylor and you’re listening to the SpeakersU Podcast a show for aspiring and professional speakers. This episode is with my co-host Maria Franzoni. Enjoy the episode today. 

Maria Franzoni  1:35  

fantastic job. Absolutely. wonderful to have you here all the way over from the US have a thank you for joining us. So yes, what an intro. And actually, this show is for speakers. So they’re all going to be saying, well

James Taylor  1:48  

hang on a minute,

Maria Franzoni  1:49  

what can I learn from a voice actor? And speakers learn from voice actors?

What can speakers learn from voice actors?

Joshua Seth  1:55  

Yep, that is an excellent question. And if I weren’t the one doing the speaking, I would wonder it myself. So here’s, here’s the big takeaway. Voice acting, is acting, it’s a very rarefied form of acting, where you don’t get the benefit of body language and all the nuances that come along with it, you have to put all of that emotion and communicational connection, just through the instrument that is your voice, right? How is that different from speaking, especially when you’re on camera? In a virtual world, where you’re talking head, and most of your body language is outside of the frame, the primary way that we are connecting with our audiences is through the quality and the connection of our voices. And voice actors are masters of that, that dynamic speaking in other words,

Maria Franzoni  2:54  

it’s fantastic. That’s brilliant. So you’re absolutely true. The voice is so important. Do you think speakers don’t take care of their voices enough?

Joshua Seth  3:03  

I think most people don’t really think in terms of taking care of your voice because it emanates from inside of you. And although it is a muscle that is connected to the rest of your body, we go to the gym to work out, you know those big muscles, your pecs, your deltoids, and other things that I know the words for but don’t know where they are. We don’t think in terms of taking care of this, these little delicate vocal folds on the inside. When I was in high school,, I loved being in the choir. And my choir teacher had vocal nodes taken out and impressed upon me at an early age and how important it is to take care of your voice because that’s your moneymaker as a speaker, but also as a salesperson as a leader. How effective would you be if you lost your voice if you drained your voice? years later, when I was a voice actor, before I learned the sorts of exercises that I show my clients in my keynotes I would strain my voice doing video games. I remember doing the Lord of the Rings, video games where I played the kid’s name was Gimli. Yeah, he’s beer good. curmudgeonly. Dorf. He’s my admirer. He acts like this, you know, to a baton mentioned doing that for our recording sessions, it was ripping up my voice. And I had to learn ways around it to make my voice cut through punch through coming across well without ripping it up. And you know, we’ve all experienced that too, to various degrees. But if you’ve ever gotten to the point where your voice sounds very thin, or horse or you lose it, and especially if you’re a speaker, you’re out of work, essentially. So it is extremely fundamentally important that you learn to take care of it well.

James Taylor  4:50  

So Jennifer, can you maybe share like maybe it’s one of those trips, tips that can help people become more dynamic speakers to help to look after this money machine that we have here. Oh, maybe I mean, I’m actually holding here, but maybe I should be short here. I’m not sure. We’ll show it’s weird.

Being a dynamic speaker

Joshua Seth  5:07  

You know, because your wife is a singer. So I’m sure that you have, you’ve already had some, some insights into these sorts of things. But yes, you’re right, the diaphragmatic breathing would be part of it. But that’s the little inside the weeds. I’ll give you just, let’s say, two, two tips for the price of one. The first thing you can do is hydrate. That’s the best thing you could do for your voice is cut out. There we go. is cut out every liquid other than water, basically. Which I know people don’t like to hear. What about tea now? is a diuretic, it’s gonna dehydrate you and yeah, you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of a gig water. What about lemon? No, it’s gonna tighten up your throat, just row and room temperature water to not cold, not ice cold water that’s going to constrict your vocal wine, no wine. No, I, I have one cup of coffee black in the morning and water all day, and I hardly drink. And that’s because it since I was eight years old, doing eight shows a week in professional musical theater, which I did for 10 years to then spending a dozen years as a voice actor being in recording studios every day, to then going on tour and being on stage for another 10 years, I guess what like holding a mic in front of an audience to now during these virtual presentations, this, this is my instrument through which everything else emanates. And like, the best thing you can do to take care of it is to hydrate Well, with room temperature water all day long, to the point where it’s annoying if you’re not accustomed to it. Okay,

James Taylor  6:50  

let me feel a bit thirsty just now. So I know whenever I took my where my wife and I, as you mentioned is Jessica and we have this discussion about like how we’re looking after our voice. You know, hydrations once you always mention, like, even in the shower in the morning, it’s great to do like vocal warm-ups in the shower, because it’s like the hydration and then in the air as well. But she said the one that’s often really overlooked she feels is sleep. It just getting enough rest like that thing of like when, you know, Jennifer, you and we usually we’re doing all those kind of flights, usually. And we get somewhere we’ve had that overnight, that red-eye flight, we arrived somewhere. And we’re kind of a little bit you know, tired. So how do you look after yourself, you know, in terms of just kind of staying kind of healthy? And also with now with virtual, obviously most of your presentations, I think just now a virtual has that changed has that improved.

How to look after yourself

Joshua Seth  7:46  

It’s been easier because I don’t have that element of travel. But it’s the same with everything in life. Its sleep, diet, exercise, emotional intelligence, say don’t stress about things that you can’t change, you can let go of anything happening in your personal life, the moment the camera turns on, the curtain opens. And when I’m traveling, I guess the tip that I could share is that I learned early on from doing a lot of international travel. As a headline entertainer, This was before I was a speaker, but I would fly to these other countries to open or close a conference. And the main thing I learned was to this doesn’t specifically relate to the voice, but it does relate to not having jetlag, which is you stay up until the time that it would be appropriate to go to sleep in the new timezone. Hmm. That’s the best tip. Because even though it’s rough initially, when you get there, if you’re flying from, say La to Singapore, which I actually flew from Jamaica to Singapore, I think that was a long couple of flights. You stay up until that time at which it would be appropriate to sleep in the new time zone. And then the next morning, your as you would say bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, right? Absolutely. Yes. You can rest.

James Taylor  9:05  

But you must be because you’re this is the thing I’m speaking to a lot of speakers just now they are experiencing this as well, where we don’t have the jetlag, we have the kind of zoom lag where you’re maybe having to give a present presentation to say 11 am your time. And then you give it maybe another one after you have one at five o’clock. And it’s something like I did last week. It was at 330 in the morning because it’s a client in China. And now you would never do that in the old world when you were traveling because it just you couldn’t get to all those places. So how have you coped because you’re based on the east coast of the US? I know a lot you have clients in Asia, you have clients all over the place. How are you dealing with that kind of late-night gig?

Power nap

Joshua Seth  9:42  

You’re seeing it right now I had to wake up really early to do this because of the time difference and I was doing a virtual keynote just last night. So I enjoy power naps. I have no problem with that. I have programmed into my Alexa On all the lectures are gonna go on from last night. I have programmed in sleep sounds that trigger me to go to sleep like in three seconds when I hear them and I have something similar on my phone as well. And I just take those 20-minute power naps pretty much every day when necessary. That definitely helps and having a trigger like a because I’m so auditory for me it’s a sound trigger will help put me to sleep very quickly I used to tour as a hypnotist. So I’m very familiar, with the dynamic that’s created through focused relaxation, which is the technical definition for hypnosis. It’s vocab that

James Taylor  10:46  

you have that I think only I ever only ever did one. hypnotist, I was learning a long long time ago learning some basic kind of like things of NLP which some of it can lead comes from hypnotism and remember how learning how to hypnotize a rabbit? That was the one thing that I managed to do. So Maria, Maria, are you a power nap or Maria?

Maria Franzoni  11:12  

Do you know I’m the worst sleeper ever? So I’m interested to hear about these triggers. Yeah, I’m bad. So I’m interested in these triggers and interested to try and find a part of the problem I’ve got at the moment, which James knows, and my personal friends know, I’ve got a dog who’s rather old. And because he’s quiet, he’s got a heart condition, he coughs a lot. And he gets stressed out at night. So he wakes me up when he wants to move about because he can’t breathe or so. So it’s affecting my sleep. So I need to learn to pan out but my probably the parallel, a 20-minute power, it will take me an hour to get to sleep with a 20-minute power nap. So I need to learn about these triggers. So I might have to talk to you offline. But there’s

Joshua Seth  11:48  

all these things are so simple, though. It’s wishing I wish I had great deep insight to share with you that nobody’s ever heard before. Everybody knows what to do. It’s just like with diet, everybody knows what to do. Right? You cut out the dairy, the sugar, the wheat, the red meat and so forth, you lose weight. It’s a formula. It’s math, you burn more, more clean-burning fuel, and, and the and the formula ends up burning more than you’re taking in, you’re losing weight like it’s, there’s nothing complicated. It’s just that people don’t want to do it. So it’s the same thing with sleep, quiet your mind the last three hours of the day, don’t eat anything, don’t look at any blue screens. It read a book. It started just like with my children, when they were like were babies and we were asleep training them. We do the same thing for ourselves. As adults, you create a schedule a routine, you start a process, and then by the time we get to sleep you put on you when they were babies I would put on these certainly as whale sounds like the sounds of the whales in the ocean. It’s an adult version of that, that I’m just doing for myself. All the little children inside. -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

Maria Franzoni  12:59  

I feel I’ve been told off James

James Taylor  13:01  

Murray, I’m gonna schedule now every time at 8pm I’m going to call you and make whale noises over the phone to you. That’s my daily routine.

Maria Franzoni  13:10  

not coming back to the voice I think you were gonna give us

Disciplined enough and loving yourself

Joshua Seth  13:14  

it’s a discipline, right? It’s a discipline. That’s all it is, is this. There’s no magic to it. There’s no big secret or anything. It’s just a matter of being disciplined enough and loving yourself enough to do well. Sorry, I love my phone off your branding. For those of us that are high achievers and think a lot.


James Taylor  13:31  

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Joshua Seth  14:18  

Okay, that is another thing too. When I said I was going to give you a two-for-one tip earlier, I want to keep the open-loop going.

James Taylor  14:24  

I didn’t know what you were doing that you were opening, closing a loop there to keep

Joshua Seth  14:28  

we are interested. That’s Ericksonian hypnosis. So the second one is to learn deep breathing techniques because that will ground your voice appropriately. I talked about that a lot in my keynote because it was the main struggle I had been taken seriously. As an adult in those early years. I found that like one of my cartoon characters, I basically was placing it up here. Oh that’s and and to learn to place my voice correctly required learning to do breathing exercises. Those same breathing exercises can help you get to sleep as well because those slow you down make you more present is changing the energy that you’re putting out by changing your breath. Everything starts and ends in life and in your day with the breath, quality of your breath. -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

Maria Franzoni  15:12  

Wonderful one. We’ve got Tom Morley with us. Thank you for joining us. And he’s saying that during COVID, we redecorated our bedroom like a tour bus consequent. Consequently, whenever we get up, we’re ready to go on stage day or night. I love that. I love that so far. I bet he did as well.

Joshua Seth  15:28  

I really bet he did. It’s I do something similar, even prior to COVID. I like to decorate my home like I’m in a resort. So like, I mean, like I’m in a nice hotel. In other words, as I want I did this very purposefully, years ago, so that when I was on tour in a hotel, I’d feel like I was home. Ah,

Maria Franzoni  15:49  

oh, that’s wonderful. Actually, our bedroom is so beautiful. It’s like a luxury hotel bedroom. So when people say just why don’t you go away for a weekend? I said, Why would I do that? I’ve got the best house best bedroom. Anyway, we digress. So I want to know about magic as well. You’ve actually inserted magic into your keynotes. And you use them virtually. Listen, eventually. Surely you can cheat. cheat on stage, I got news for you. I was at she said not really much it, can you? There’s no Santa Claus. Oh, my gosh, we’re gonna put a spoiler alert out for this show. Talk to talk to you about how you’ve managed to make the magic work virtually? -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

Magic and Engagement

Joshua Seth  16:28  

Sure. Well, everybody wants more engagement and interaction online. Right? That’s the main thing that meeting planners say that they are missing from the zoom or the online presentation experience, relative to in person. I’ve seen the statistics for meeting planners International. And it’s far and away. The main concern is engagement. So the more we can stack skills to create engagement, the better. So one such skill would be the ability to do q&a, for instance, which I love doing at the end of my keynotes. I know some people don’t like them, because of the lack of control. But I like it for the same reason I like jazz, you know, you don’t know you got a theme and you’re going to move around and you don’t know exactly where things are going to land. It’ll all work out in the end. So that there are polls that you can put in there asking questions I have I have people put things into the chat to respond at one particular point, instead of a poll just to mix things up. And then on my stream deck, here, I have a button where suddenly it splits the screen, and you can see this chat. And then they know it’s life and not pre-recorded, right. And there are other things exercises, different things that I do like that, to help them to know that I can see them just like if they were a real audience, we can interact with one another. And magic is just another way a more unique way, perhaps, in which we can do that. So the point is not to blow them away with the magic, although hopefully, it will have that effect. The point is really to illustrate visually, the point that the point is the point. The point is to illustrate visually the concept that I just explained verbally so that it will really make an impression and take hold of their memories by creating a unique experience and an emotionally charged experience. And it has the additional benefit of being interactive because I can pull people on screen to do that with me. And I created all new routines as to most of my magician friends that we’re able to pivot and make it through this pandemic, some of whom have done far better virtually than they ever did in person. Most of us just came up with new material that worked very well, for the camera, sort of like TV magic. One of the points is to use it in a capacity that makes sense for the keynote, you know, not break out of the keynote and say, and now we’re going to do is show Yeah, no, it’s to weave it’s just to connect it together. So if I’m talking about the purpose of communication is to make a connection is one of my points, right? Like, why are you saying that things that you’re saying are to get buy-in from the other person or is to create an empathetic response, whatever, whatever that emotional connection is? That’s, that’s the underlying purpose underneath the words that you’re saying. And then I’ll do a trick or magic routine, about the connection that creates a connection. And that changes the way the audience will remember the message because it won’t just be another lecture being talked to being spoken at, but something in which they participated and had an experience with, it’s just so much more powerful onstage and virtual, it’s just, it requires different routining to make it work. -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

Maria Franzoni  19:47  

Brilliant, well done. And you’re absolutely right. Everybody wants much more engagement. And it’s so so important. So if you’ve achieved that by using magic, which makes it fun too, and the point about making it very much related to the topic and not making it sort of like jar, because I hate it when people want magic or do things or activities. And you think Well, what’s this got to do with what the topic is? so well done for that, too. -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

Virtual Set up

Joshua Seth  20:11  

May I show you something here? Yes, I was hoping you might, because it relates to how I’m doing this. So here, this is my, this is from my second screen here. So that’s a reverse angle on what you’re seeing right now. But that was my gig last night. And what I what I’m able to do is, I have this standing desk here. And that desk would normally be the table upstage, in a live event. So I have my props on there, or I have a little stand that I can bring in behind me, as well. So I’ve got props, I’ve got the stream deck, I got the slides on my phone, which is what you see the sort of right next to my hand, I’m just tapping that move slides around. I’ve got a camera running on Normally, I wouldn’t show this. But you said this is all for speakers, right? So now I’m doing all these things I just talked about bringing in slides and doing polls and, and responding to people in real-time. See the big that’s a big TV on the right there that I’ll have the gallery view there. So that I I can literally see it just simply by glancing to the right of the teleprompter, I can see them I can read their names clearly. And I’ll break in and out of the script, I have a foot pedal, the air turn right here. So I could just stop the script for a moment. And I’ll say, Jessica, yeah, I see you nodding on that last point there. What do you guys just raise your hand? If you agree with Jessica, that that’s a good idea. And, and it’s suddenly this is suddenly really live? Because otherwise, I always wonder for the speakers that are just delivering a canned presentation, a scripted presentation? Why aren’t they just watching it on YouTube, where they can speed it up? What is this, what is even the purpose of doing this if you’re not going to have that kind of engagement. So that’s why I have the gallery view on the big screen to the right, I’ve got my teleprompter that I go in and out of use, I don’t use it straight through like that I get to keep it more improvisational. But it’s there. So I have a framework to go by. Then I’ve got e cam on my main computer, which is the production software. And, and then to the left, it had that hadn’t started yet. So you’re not seeing it. But I actually have the image that they are seeing this, the speaker, the pin speaker view over there, just so I can glance over and make sure that what I think they’re seeing, they’re actually seeing, then I’ve got a backup mic, which is this mic, which you see to the right of the frame, in case my lapel goes out, I also bring it in to tell jokes. So whenever I tell a joke, here, I’ll switch to this. I switched to this background, I put this is not functional right now. But I bring it in to give that sort of comedy club idea. And then I can pull in, you know, a rim shot. Applause. Like carts in a radio station, I’m pulling in the sound effects and things. And so I’m bringing all the technology together in support of the dynamic, engaging, entertaining qualities that I want to be a part of my presentation to elevate it above just the mere transmission of information. Because if all we’re doing as speakers is transmitting information, the value is negligible, because the information is ubiquitous and free now, why are they hearing it from us, hopefully, we’re a good messenger for that message? And we will create an emotional connection through engagement with the audience so that there was a reason for us to be doing this life, even if it’s virtual. -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

James Taylor  23:48  

So I’m hearing the I’m hearing that what you’re kind of built with your, especially your keynote speaking, you kind of got the message there, you’ve got the kind of technology side, you’ve got the storytelling side, and you kind of got this entertainment side that you’ve you’ve had is a core part of who you are as well. I’ve noticed as you’ve also taken that that bundle that collection of talents and capabilities that you’ve developed over the years, and you can move into also as well as using it for the virtual keynote, you actually been doing a lot of virtual MC work this past year. Now now that works on the see things really start to open up again. Where do you see the virtual MC thing going? I’d love to know just talk about your journey of that world from virtual MC. I know it’s a big trend we’re seeing just now. -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

Virtual MC

Joshua Seth  24:33  

Yes. So I am blown away by virtual MC work because it’s become a very big component of my business. That wasn’t even on my radar until you brought it to my attention. So thank you last year, and the first MC gig that I did this year was hybrid. So I actually went to a TV production studio in Los Angeles. That day turned into all three days of the conference because the first day went so well the clients decided well He should be the face of the conference. And what is a virtual emcee for those that don’t know, it’s, it’s the the piece that interconnects all the elements of their online event. So if there are different speakers, sometimes these speakers aren’t professionals, sometimes they’re part of management are the C suite in the company, I can interview them, I can facilitate a q&a, I can curate questions coming in from people, I can also smooth things out when there are technical difficulties, there was another gig that I did where the whole thing went down. And I was in a studio, again, where I had a connection to the people that were running the event. And I said, just tell me when I’m back, even though it was going to take the time to get the speakers back into the waiting room, and, and so forth. The audience was still there, it was that the speakers were all gone, you understand, I’m saying they all had to dial in and make that connection. Again, make sure that the mics work, they had to do this whole behind-the-scenes process that took five or 10 minutes. So just tell me when they know when I’m back, and then tell me in my ear again, when they are ready. We had a great time. I know, I believe in transparency. I talked to the audience about emotional intelligence, right? How do we keep our cool and remain unflappable when things that are outside of our control, conspire to destroy everything we have worked so hard to create, which is what just occurred. And then and then we have a conversation, people are texting me with experiences they have had, we’re creating empathy, it’s, it’s a gift, it can be a gift, and I had some magic in my back pocket to do something fun. Anyway, I felt like that was the moment where I earned my check for that gig. Because they told me afterward, they didn’t have a single person leave, everybody stayed. And I’ll bet that’s the piece that they remembered the most honest, and it represented the brand Well, the brand that I was representing. In other words, because every company wants to have great customer service, every company wants to be your trusted source for such and such, what better way to demonstrate that than to go under pressure. And so that’s what a virtual MC can do. And now that what I’m doing this not virtually from my home studio, there’s a green screen behind me. And I know that because I got the little fuzzy when -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

Maria Franzoni  27:20  

we went there was no fuzziness, there’s no fuzziness at all,

Joshua Seth  27:24  

no, I do I do it on purpose, you know where we’ve got the the the depth of field, the shallow depth of fieldwork, because I can make that look sharper, but we want to look deep. So I changed that for the virtual MC work, I bring in a little desk behind me, I sit down at it. And then I have a different mic set up on the desk. So it looks like tonight’s show or something. And I got the stream deck on that desk in a different camera. So I’m at really at a distance from the camera, I’m like, I’m way back, I’m way back like this in a position where I can interview people because that’s what we’re used to seeing our whole lives is somebody sitting at a desk with a microphone on the desk, and a mug and a hope from the client and interviewing people. So I felt like as a virtual emcee from my home studio from my spare bedroom essentially here, I would approximate that and it works out really well. Plus, it’s just fun, it’s just more fun that way, then everybody being right up in front of the camera all the time in this little box. -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

James Taylor  28:28  

It’ll be interesting as we started to obviously see events live in-person events happening again. And we’re taking a lot of those learnings from virtual moving them into live. And basically every client I’m speaking to whether it’s as a keynote or have voted to emcee like yourself, for these live events, they’re basically hybrid, the hybrid now, so I feel as related, because someone like you that has this skill of being able to do you’ve done in person, you’ve made that pivot really well that horrible will pivot to, to virtual. But now you’re starting to do this work with the hybrid where you have the live audience in front of you Plus, you have those people that are joining from around the world. Anything you’ve noticed about how you’re using, how you’re communicating, or how you’re using your body or any kind of craft things, specifically as it relates to hybrid because this is quite a new thing for many speakers now. -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

Hybrid Events

Joshua Seth  29:19  

I guess for me, it’s not new, because even when I was voicing a movie, let’s say out in Hollywood, there’d be a camera crew, for the attendant documentary or the bonus interviews on the DVD. There always be cameras stuck in my face. I do a different version of my keynote. That’s just on virtual communication skills. It’s just how to show up well in this environment, the kind of stuff that we’re talking about, honestly, but for professional people who don’t do this for a living, and I say, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. For me, this is very normal. What wouldn’t be normal would be going to a gay Talking at an audience and then leaving and having nothing to show for it, but a check-in some nice comments? Of course, you should create some assets that can live on after the experience. So sometimes even prior to the pandemic, I would add a conference, for instance. And just because of my personality, let’s say I’m the keynoter, that’s going to open the conference, I go talk to the camera crew that’s going to document the event, I’d say let’s go do some man on the street interviews. And, and just go around it, I would just do that I would just add it on because I’m there anyway. And I want to interact and have some fun, but it’s also creating something that will live on after the event. And we’ll help them to get more attendees to come to next year’s conference because they’ll see what they missed. And, and you’re right, I believe that everything is going to be hybrid, like this in the future. And it’s great for us because we’re creating more value for the clients. If we could do training prior to the keynote ahead of time, like this, and then follow it up with the q&a, like I’ve been doing, I’ve been offering to do q&a is sometimes a month later, after people have had a chance to digest the information or potentially go through the idea originally was I have a 30 day follow up training. So they don’t necessarily have to get the training. But for those that choose to do, so I’ll do that live q&a A month later, maybe I won’t always do that because it creates an additional time commitment. But right now anyway, it’s okay. It we have so much flexibility. It’s right here, you don’t have you’re up on a plane and take days in order to travel. So why not, why not continue to elevate the value of what it is that we are giving our clients, whether we’re in person, or virtual, we could still create digital assets. And that I think that’s the main change. It’s a mindset shift. those opportunities were always there. But maybe speakers didn’t think to take advantage of them because we conceived of our role as simply that we on the stage, as opposed to everything else that we can create with a microphone and a camera, which we all have now, even in the form of our phones, that to me are adding value and digital assets, you’ve kindly agreed to give everyone a free copy of our best selling book called finding focus. In a changing world. If people want -Speak With Influence And Communicate with confidence

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to go to https://joshuaseth.com/Free, you’re also going to get access to a video training designed to help you speak with influence and communicate with confidence when giving your own presentation. So just head over, that’s wonderful, showing your Snagit go to Joshua seth.com forward slash free for that amazing, free tool. So -Speak With Influence And Communicate with confidence

Maria Franzoni  32:45  

I’m gonna grab one of those. I’m gonna grab one of those, Josh, I want the free training too. But I just want to make one of the comments that Tom made earlier when you were showing us behind the scenes. And I think it’s a really valid comment. He said that anyone can buy the tech, the real magic is being able to use it and to use it live. And that’s what you’ve honed. That’s what you do very, very well. Because not everybody can I know, I know I get a right mess. It’s so well done on honing that. Thank you. -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

Being comfortable with yourself

Joshua Seth  33:13  

Thank you for that. And I would agree. And if I can offer one last tip, as we’re winding up here, there’s one other aspect beyond simply learning to use the tech. It’s just being comfortable on camera, being comfortable to let people see who you are, what’s that there was a definition of intimacy I heard once which is into me, you see, oh, that’s intimacy is it? I didn’t make that up into my usage. So that’s what we have to allow our audience to see through the camera. And that’s why I don’t worry so much. If there’s a technical screw up, or I say an aunt or an arm when I’m supposed to be this skillful, Master of communication, and I use it to who cares, right? What is really important is that you allow people to see your essence and who you really are. And when you could do that the camera will become flattering to you, because that’s attractive, right? honesty and authenticity is an attractive quality. And what happens a lot is people get self-conscious, they get stuck in their own heads. They’re not comfortable with it. They worry too much about how they’re going to come across the sound. And look. So it really comes you could have far less equipment than I have, you could simply have. This is a $20 microphone. I have a $400 microphone. I think this sounds just as good as Brill. You can you could have your phone and a $20 microphone, and none of this other tech. But if you just wish, just relax and be comfortable letting people see who you are. You’ll come across great on camera. And that’s really the key even beyond the technical mastery is a comfort level being comfortable with yourself. -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

James Taylor  34:54  

Well, Joshua, it’s wonderful having you join us and it’s been great watching you. I know we first met each other probably before For over a year ago, and he became a speaker, as you remember, and it’s been fantastic. I keep holding you up as a perfect example of a speaker who not just does the training and gets to coaching but actually implements you’re one of the best I’ve seen in terms of actually learning something and implementing it. Like really quickly. I was always amazed, like, you’d watch one of our training. And then like two days later, you say, hey, I’ve just created it. This is the result. I’m getting so great to see you. Why are you doing the concept? -Speak With Influence And Communicate WithConfidence

Joshua Seth  35:26  

Yeah, like that book? One. I mean, I, I wrote a book, I think, I’d say, right, it’s the one thing what’s your one thing if speaking is your one thing then implement? Right? One thing that moves your business forward every day and speakers has been great for me, I know you’re not looking for an endorsement, but it’s great for me, especially during the pandemic because it gave me something actionable to do each day. So even when inquiries weren’t coming in, and there were months there where I wasn’t working a lot in terms of gigs, but I was working a lot in terms of creating intellectual property and implementing the lessons and SpeakersU so I definitely endorsed that.  -Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence

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You can subscribe to the SpeakersU podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts while you’re there. leave us a review. I really appreciate it. I’m James Taylor, and you’ve been listening to the SpeakersU Podcast.

-Speak With Influence And Communicate With Confidence