Top Futurist Keynote Speakers


Top Futurist Keynote Speakers

Futurist Keynote Speakers
Top Futurist Keynote Speakers ‘The Ethical Futurists’

Business is changing fast. Cutting edge technologies including AI, machine learning, IoT, and robotics are disrupting industries at an incredible pace. Disruptive and innovative organizations are looking to spot the trends and identify the big opportunities. One way of doing this is by inviting one of the world’s top futurist keynote speakers to speak at your next conference, meeting or event. 



The Ethical Futurists is a unique pairing of two of today’s leading futurist keynote speakers; Alison Burns and James Taylor. Together, they have spoken on thousands of stages from London to Dubai, delivering tailored, insightful, entertaining, and highly visual keynote presentations to clients including IBM, Cisco, GSK, Visa, EY, Apple, Intuit, and various Governments. In their inspiring, entertaining and highly visual co-keynote they will take you on a journey to discover how the world’s most ethical and innovative companies are transforming their industries and achieving sustainable growth.

Alison Burns is an award-winning performer, keynote speaker and expert in business ethics, sustainability and ethical leadership. For over 30 years, she has been a trailblazer in the fields of engineering, entertainment, technology and the law. Today as an Ethical Futurist she helps organisations and individuals think and act more ethically through her entertaining and inspiring keynote speeches on sustainability, environment, future trends, diversity, inclusion and the ethical implications of technology. James Taylor – who started his career managing high profile rock stars – is now an in-demand keynote speaker and internationally recognized leader in business creativity, innovation and artificial intelligence. For over 20 years, he has been advising CEO’s, entrepreneurs, educators, governments, leaders, writers and rockstars on how to build innovative organizations, unlock creative potential, and increase productivity.



Jeremy Gutsche has been called “an intellectual can of Red Bull” (Association Week) and this New York Times bestselling writer gives innovation keynote speeches showing us all how to use methodical innovation to generate ideas and kickstart creativity in times of rapid change. One of the most popular business speakers on the scene his clients have included Kraft Foods, Volvo, Nestle, Panasonic, Huawei and Pepsico.



Peter Diamandis is a top innovation keynote speaker, futurist, Chairman/CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation, and the New York Times bestselling author of Abundance and BOLD. Diamandis is also the Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of Human Longevity Inc. (HLI), a genomics and cell therapy-based diagnostic and therapeutic company focused on extending the healthy human lifespan. His clients include Coca Cola, Cisco, Deloitte, Microsoft, DELL and State Farm.



Over the past two decades Gerd Leonhard has risen to one of the top innovation keynote speakers worldwide by sharing future trends with audiences. He has performed at over 1500 engagements in 50+ countries, and boasts a global audience of over 2.5 million people. Gerd’s client list includes most Fortune 500 companies including Royal Bank of Canada, Prudential, Charles Schwaab, PwC, Bosch, SAP, Audi, KPMG and SwissRe.



Having delivered over 500 keynote presentations on sales transformation and business model innovation to over 400,000 people on six continents, Bova is a leading innovation keynote speaker on business strategy and disruptive technologies. She is the growth and innovation evangelist at Salesforce and the author of the Wall Street Journal and 800-CEO-READ bestselling book GROWTH IQ. Her clients include 



Mike Walsh is a top innovation keynote speaker, bestselling author, and creator of the “Disruptive Future” blog. He was recognized as one of Australia’s “Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30.” Rather than focusing on the distant future, Mike focuses on the next five years – scanning the near horizon for disruptive technologies and consumer innovations on the verge of hitting critical mass – then translating these into usable business strategies.



Long before he became one of the most in-demand futurist speakers in the world, Nick Webb was a successful entrepreneur and inventor, working on the front lines and competing against many of the biggest companies – and winning! His clients have included DHL, Verizon, 3M and Intel.

Other Popular Futurist Keynote Speakers

This list of the top futurist keynote speakers provides just a small selection of popular futurist keynote speakers working with companies, industry associations and governments today. Other notable mentions include:

Steve Wozniak

Nancy Giordano

Steve Blank

Brett King

Daniel Burrus

So what is the definition of a futurist anyway?

You often hear the word futurist and innovation used interchangeably. A futurist, like a futurist keynote speaker, is one who studies and predicts the future especially on the basis of current trends.

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