Your Speaking Business Is a Journey – #141

Your Speaking Business Is a Journey

Your Speaking Business Is a Journey

Our guest is a thought-provoking speaker and award-winning mindset coach working globally with high achievers and C suite executives. Olga Geidane is an international best-selling author who has co-authored books with Sharon Letcher, Denis Waitley, Eric Swanson, Steve Sims, and my friend Jim Cathcart, just to name a few. She is the youngest foreign female to be the regional president of the PSA. That’s the professional speaking association in the UK. And if you want to take your speaking business to that next level, but are facing some mindset blocks and some barriers, then join us to find out how you can remove these and continue your speaking journey.



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James Taylor 0:00
I’m James Taylor and you’re listening to the SpeakersU podcast a show for aspiring and professional speakers. This episode is with my co-host Maria Franzoni. Enjoy the episode. Our guest is a thought-provoking speaker and award-winning mindset coach working globally with high achievers and C suite executives. All go gay Donna is an international best-selling author who has co-authored books with Sharon Letcher, Denis Waitley, Eric Swanson, Steve Sims, and my friend Jim Cathcart, just to name a few. She is the youngest foreign female to be the regional president of the PSA. That’s the professional speaking association in the UK. And if you want to take your speaking business to that next level, but are facing some mindset blocks and some barriers, then join us to find out how you can remove these and continue your speaking journey. Welcome, Olga. Kidani. Hello, hello. Hello. Good to see you, Olga.

Maria Franzoni 1:00
Let me make you bigger because you beautiful red Look at that. Wonderful to bring you some wonderful color to it to what started out as a very dull day today but the sun is now shining, Olga welcome. And I’m so glad that it was James who had to pronounce your surname.

James Taylor 1:16
I did, I did the short version, Maria. So we should probably ask you to say the full version of your name, because beautiful.

Olga Geidane 1:24
Thank you. Thank you, James will appreciate that well, full version as gay, Donna Sanchez, Garcia. But as you can imagine, it will be quite challenging for several people to say that so I stick to my original all the gay data.

Maria Franzoni 1:37
Data. Wonderful, brilliant. So let’s go straight to it and tell us what is your opinion, stopping many speakers from becoming successful.

Olga Geidane 1:47
themselves. Little themselves and I worked with so many people to learn one thing. It’s only ourselves to stop ourselves from whatever we want to achieve. It’s what we believe, or we don’t believe

Difference male female success

Maria Franzoni 2:04
absolutely profound. And here’s the thing, because we’ve decided that we’re going to also focus on women’s because we were accused not long ago when we change of not having enough female guests. And we’ll go a bit deeper into that later as to what has happened and why. But here’s a question for you than with regards to becoming successful, do you see a difference between male and female speakers becoming successful?

Olga Geidane 2:27
Oh, yeah, totally. Absolutely. Um, as many times as I was speaking to somebody and asked them to name some speakers who you know, they are really, you know, proactive, you notice them, they are very impactful. In 99 cases, they’ll be always male names. Rarely, very rarely, somebody would mention that female name. And why is that? So I was diving into these. But of course, because I’ve worked with so many people who are high achievers, so even celebrities already do not as the dynamics between how women approach success, and how men approach success. So what happens? The majority of women, were raised in a way of being a good girl, not to upset others to make sure everybody’s happy to make sure that you have a good reputation, to make sure that you look good, you behave good, you have good morals, and you know, everything else matters are part of what do you really want. When it comes to men, they are raised usually in a more relaxed way, right? They, go after what they want and do what they want. And that’s exactly how often we approach success and whether it is speaking business or anything else. So we women, we still are careful, we still are slow. We still are caring too much. I would say when managers go they just are blunt. Just go and I love that. But on the other hand, some women become too masculine. And then they behave in a very masculine man. And then people just freak out about them. Because like, Oh, now, who is that? All right. It’s like a woman but in the man’s body and behaving like a man but the same time. Days. There’s big disharmony, of course, because she’s not in her feminine energy. So it’s quite a deep topic. But I would say the bigger issue is that women don’t step up for themselves as much as men do.

James Taylor 4:17
One of the things we often see with a lot of speakers is they have this they’re kind of speaker, coach authors and a classic kind of triple threat, you know, triple triptych thing. So because they can they sit very nicely, and they can they can work very nicely together. So being a mindset Coach, how did that impact your speaking career?

Mindset and Fees

Olga Geidane 4:39
That’s a great question, James. Thank you. Well, first of all, doing what I do, I was able sometimes to step out of what I was doing, take off my coaching hat. And I put on my client hat and asked myself the same questions about what I would do with my clients, and that’s what very often those who coach other people don’t do. And I’m sure you heard that expression. walk the talk, right. And that expression is we teach what we have to learn. And a lot of expressions, that’s exactly what I teach in one of my courses for coaches, we teach what we have to learn. So if only sometimes we would take off our hat of coach or mentor, if you wish, and put ahead of a client, I’d take ourselves on the same journey, as we do with our clients, and then do the homework, right of that client. What would be succeeding in no time, but we don’t do it. So how it helped me, I do the homework of my clients, first of all, so whatever homework my clients have, I do it, that’s my role, always have half an hour gap between my coaching clients. That’s for me to do my work. And because I know, obviously, the industries can have a different level of service speaking, I apply their homework to my industry of coaching and speaking business. But also, being a mindset coach, allows me as a speaker, to speak on various topics. Because mindset can be applied to so many things, you know, sustainability mindset, for example, right? It can be applied to actually how to think forward, it can be applied to how to let go believes it can apply to so many areas, and I spoke at events, from concept to sustainability. And I’m not a researcher, I’m not a doctor. But because mindset controls everything. It allows me a huge platform to speak at many conferences, and many events, bringing similar content, but under the hat an umbrella of their theme and their topic.

James Taylor 6:30
When I think there are a lot of speakers when it comes to frictions. And we think now, in terms of some of the female speakers, I coach and I was talking to one this morning, some have that kind of the mindset, challenges tend to kick in sometimes around the sales, like the outreach part reaching out to maybe a larger conference or a bigger client. So that kind of getting over that. That can hurdle, marketing tends not to be I don’t see quite as much as an issue with the mix, you know, pretty balanced there. But the next bit when it comes to fees, I see a real thing there around mindset and a conversation I was having with someone this morning as she was very experienced in her role. And she was being asked to come and speak at this event. And she asked what what what fee should I say? I said a number, a number and she said, Oh, I couldn’t I could never ask for that number. And I said, but that’s what I think you’re worth in the market. But if I look at the competition around you and other things on this topic, and also in terms of the value you can add to this particular type of client. So talk about that, that the fee thing, because that does seem a big component of that is a mindset for speakers.

Olga Geidane 7:41
It is absolutely and here’s the phrase, I want to say which my clients hate me hate hearing this phrase, it is you earn as much as you think you deserve. And they hate hearing that. But hearing that. But it’s true. If you don’t think you deserve that, you’re not going to earn more. And I’m not saying that by now you walk around the house, don’t yourself, I don’t deserve it. And it means you don’t value yourself. You don’t value your wisdom, you don’t value your expertise and value, the success stories you have. That means you simply maybe, perhaps you did not step out of what you do and haven’t looked at that from a different perspective saying like, oh, I’m the only one speaking about this, or I’m on the one doing this. I’m on the one looking and talking about from this perspective. And the truth is because very often, we can’t see or be, of course, we cannot see what we are really good at. Right? So what happens when it comes to a fee? They ask you how much anything well, how much would others charge isn’t about others. So how much would you pay? If somebody would come like yourself and deliver that? And here’s the question, I’m asking those who are watching us right now. If you would work with somebody like yourself, you would want to achieve really good results. How much would you pay? So it’s that stretchy for you? Is that challenging for you that you would not miss a session? Oh, and you would definitely not you would make sure whatever takeaways you take from that speaker, you would apply them how much would you pay? How much would you pay to attend that event? Whatever. How much would you would that be? And charge doubling

Maria Franzoni 9:22
my fees? Actually, when I get off this call is booked to work with me. Yeah, you better do it fast. Yeah, brilliant. Yeah.

James Taylor 9:36
got very interested because we’ll be talking about speakers having the mindset and about how there are fees, but you’re watching a lot of speaker bureaus and something I kind of have to find I have to work sometimes with agents and I’m not their boss. I’m just a supplier, I guess, you know, as a speaker, is to get them to kind of I push them a little bit harder in terms of maybe fees. Some of them are thinking that all This person’s over this thing and you can try and work and you can. So where I mean, when you were doing a lot on the bureau side, and you work in managing other agents who are selling speakers, how did you work with them on their mindset, so they were maybe pushing for higher fees for this.

Maria Franzoni 10:16
I see with them she didn’t want, they were very good we had, we had a culture of getting the right fee for the speakers. So it was important for us. And, you know, we understood how important and how valuable so if anything, the mistake we might have made is probably we might have cut our margins in order to give the speakers as much as we could in reality, but actually, you know, the people that I had, we work very closely as well, you know, we had regular meetings, regularly supporting each other. So I didn’t, we didn’t have an issue on that on the mindset of the individual events, probably the bit that I should have all grown for, but it’s too late now was to help them to understand that they could achieve much more in terms of volume. Yeah. Much more in terms of volume than they you know, they were great. They did a great job, but they could have been outstanding. And because the business is there, the business is absolutely there now. And I think sometimes, you see, you’ve got me thinking now, I think maybe I paid them too well. So they didn’t feel the need.

James Taylor 11:24
The other day, you mentioned your target when you first started as an agent. And you mentioned a target number. And I mentioned it if you remember it or I think it was we first shot, you had a target of 460,000 pounds, which was this was

Maria Franzoni 11:41
was yeah, we’ll translate. Yes, it was 270,000. We had to do turnover in eight months when we joined the bureau. This was 25 years ago, which is equivalent now to 460,000. Yes,

James Taylor 11:53
yes. Yeah, that was your target. And it was about then trying to raise that number and seeing other people kind of read. Yeah,

Maria Franzoni 12:00
and that’s, that’s, that’s a very low number for a bureau, a good Bureau agent is a very low number. So that was you had to do that in that period, starting from zero. Bearing in mind, you probably wouldn’t get your first booking for the first two or three months, because the first month you’ve spent in training, and then the second month you’re doing the work and then the third month, you’re likely to close it. So it’s your you know, for that first year, it’s just to say, because where I worked with celebrity speakers, it was the best training, I could have had Alex Krei, Wald, who was the founder, no longer there. And he was you know, he didn’t bring in several people. I think it was about eight of us who came in at once. And I think only two of us made it.

James Taylor 12:37
Did you ring the bell? Did you have a bell? Did you have some little actors who are interested awesome? With Olga, do you give when you’re working with people on mindset and closing deals and closing sales, you have something that you do, she’s

Maria Franzoni 12:47
got something in her drawer she got we have.

Olga Geidane 12:51
So when they have an a-ha moment, or when they’re like really click on something, I do this,

Best way to start a Speaking Business 

Maria Franzoni 12:56
I’m gonna get my bell out. I’ve got one of those bells, we used to use the bell in the bureau. But I didn’t. In my bureau, we didn’t have a bell at celebrity speakers, we had a big whiteboard. And we all had columns. And we were desperate to have the most bookings and the highest, highest value on them. And Dave, Daniel, and I were so competitive, we were always after each other chasing each other’s tails. It was it was good. It was hard. It was hard because it was a big learning curve. But what’s great, and I don’t know, if it’s going to lead in to my next question to your auger. What was great then for me at that time is I was just focused on one thing, and therefore that was easy to be successful. And you know, the more you learn them, when I started running a bureau, I’m no longer focused on that one thing, so you’re doing other things and learning other stuff. So let’s talk about the best way to start a speaking business. Do you focus on one thing? What’s your advice?

Olga Geidane 13:50
Well, I probably would say something that people will not like is don’t start speaking business, just like don’t. Because why to call there’s a business. What happens very often people think that I will start a business, because perception for many people, especially those who were employees, and they don’t know how the business operates. The expectation is all things will come. Right, because so by inquiries were coming, and things were done and accounting was done. I think we’ll have a little bit of laid back approach in the beginning because like all Yeah, things will be sorted. It’s, it’s subconscious. It’s not like the natural state of themselves. I will just sit back and do nothing, subconsciously that does that. Versus when they are seeking a job. And then I remembered myself when I came to the UK in 2009. And I did not speak any English at all. And I was walking around with my CDs, like handing them out in stores. And I was like I’ll go online well I kind of go online, I don’t have a laptop to go online and apply for something and also don’t even speak the flipping language right now. How can I go online? I won’t understand anything. So I was so proactive. And within a week in Taiwan it was post was was like it was a crisis right? People will tell you there are no jobs, they’re not jobs. One lady was doing what I was doing at the time handing out magazines by the train station. She’s undoing these jobs for three years. Like what would have been for three years, Olga, and no jobs are gonna show you watch me now, I’ll show you how many jobs are that within a week I change to jobs. Right? And sometimes when I look at some speakers or even coaches, and I think, what’s wrong with you guys? Why are you when you become a speaker or a coach? Why are you just sitting on a chair, doing some stuff, but those that are not as proactive as you would be doing? If you’re looking an accountancy job, an IT job, I direct this job, you will be on a spot all the time, you will be on a call or email. So to start speaking business hours, don’t start speaking business, start a speaking career, adventure, an adventure, whatever it is, but don’t start spitting business, okay. And also one of our favorite speakers, Brad Sugars. I love how much he challenges business owners. And he remembered one of his seminars, he asked us all to stand up. And we stood up. And he asked us a question. So you’re in the business, right? Right. So I want you to sit down, if you can go away for six months, not to touch your business at all, not to call not to email, you go away for six months, you do nothing. And you come back and business that’s even better. How many people sit down?

Maria Franzoni 16:31
I’m going I’m leaving.

Olga Geidane 16:35
Right? We all stood there looking at each other thinking, Are we failures? So what? Right? Because the description of a business is it can operate without you. Right? But as a speaker, you cannot operate without you. You still have to even if you create courses, even if you just resell your programs, somebody told me to come and resell it. Okay. And if you look at Tony Robbins, if we look at Jim Rohn if we look at Jack Canfield, guess what they’re still in a speaking career. Okay, so I would say don’t start speaking, be excited speaking, curvier grow, improve yourself, release your mindset blocks or mindset breaks. That’s how we call them handbrakes, like in the car, and then your machine will work?

Speaking Business vs Speaking career

Maria Franzoni 17:20
Would you think about that, James, have you got a speaking business or a speaking career?

James Taylor 17:23
No, actually a bit. It’s interesting, I don’t consider myself to have kind of maybe either of those, like myself have a speaking practice. So I think like, as you were saying, like, for me, like a proper business is something as a business owner, or business creator, you can step away from, it will continue to work, the systems of processes, all that good stuff. It doesn’t have to be but that’s, you know, I think the goal for a lot of entrepreneurs, I consider what I have more like speaking practice, for the speaking part is more of a practice. And in the same way that if you were a doctor or a surgeon, you know that you’re creating may be intellectual property and other things, but you’re not really creating a business that you can then sell you can walk away from, it’s really yours ran your brand. Now, the thing you did mention, which is very, very important if you are going to go that route, and the speaking practice, and it’s all about you and as many books as intellectual as courses, intellectual property, but really you want to be taking you to want to it’s a very high margin type of business. And for me, I take as much money out of that, that practice as possible, and putting it into stocks and shares, or you know, other things property other things, because that’s the stuff that doesn’t relate at all to the speaking side. And if I want to step away from speaking, I can do that. But those other things will go and continue.

Olga Geidane 18:45
But here’s the thing, and it’s interesting, Josue mentioned that people work on systems and things because that’s exactly what many speakers do. Like even within the PSA, our professional speaker organization, how many times we go from one meeting to another with our notebooks and pens, taking notes without taking any action, right? Because we just learned we keep learning Oh, the next best CRM system and that’s that marketing tip the next best is what actual right now what’s a topic we should speak about? Oh, let’s go virtual. Oh, let’s go hybrid. will learn everything else. It’s like sitting in a car. Imagine Actually, yes. Imagine a perfect car, your favorite perfect car, whichever is your dream car. Imagine sitting in that car, right? You’re sitting in a car. You have a full tank, okay? You have no issue with petrol. You have the key you put the key all you press the button, whichever right? And you of course are the seatbelt, whatever. Are you ready to go, Okay, you start the engine. You have the perfect setup. Perfect. It’s perfect. It will take you from where you are now to where you want to be because goal setting is very important. And you start the car for the engine and you change the gear and you press the pedal Appcelerator you press your push doesn’t go why? flipping handbrake is on whether a button or a physical handbrake, but it’s still on. And how many times we’ve done it maybe once or twice in the real car. But how many times we’ll do it in business, we’ll learn everything perfect. I will forget one important thing to release that handbrake, which is in our lives, which doesn’t let us to be proactive as a speaker to get speaking chops. Because without getting speaking jobs, which will pay you money, your business is laughing, simple as that.

Speaker Bureau Fees

Maria Franzoni 20:33
But you know, that proactive point is so important. You’re so right. And I think this be pre-COVID. You probably were busy enough, and you could sit back. And if you had a good website, and you had good LinkedIn, and you had good referrals, and you were working, you were fine with some people I know have been disrupted and haven’t moved to virtual and therefore they have to now resurrect and you can’t rely I don’t think you should ever rely on somebody else to bring in your business. Yes, it’s great to have speaker bureaus, for sure. But I mean, James, you work with several speaker bureaus, but I bet you also do your own prospecting of it, Mark. I love it. I love it, too.

James Taylor 21:12
I love it. I love that the chase I but that’s just me, I don’t know, every speaker is weird like me. But I love that thing. Because I consider it almost like I’ve been married for a long, long time. But when my memories of dating, you’re kind of dating, you’re checking each other out, you’re kind of like, you’re trying to kind of fall in love with each other. And sometimes you have relationships is they can actually I think it’s best we don’t take it to the next level. This maybe not go for coffee. But I love that the chase. I love doing that. And so for me, I actually stopped doing it for probably about a year.

Maria Franzoni 21:45
And I know

James Taylor 21:48
I heard I heard Yeah, I was really, why am I so bored. I’m like, just right. And, and, and also there’s that thing that and it’s a feedback loop. Because if you’re just letting bureaus do those calls or members of your team, you miss all those things that clients are saying about the objections or about there, what they’re interested in, what their hot buttons are just now what they’re thinking what the trend, you just kind of miss all that. And so I would say if anyone’s listening just and you, you’ve maybe put it to the side or you haven’t got out, get back in the speaking dating game, and just kind of get out there. Start making those calls. Don’t you


Maria Franzoni 22:31
know, it’s just knowing what to do, isn’t it and when you know what to do is easy. And I think a lot of the time the problem is people don’t know what to do. And when you do it’s, it’s actually fun. It’s really fun. Do you enjoy prospecting and going after business Agha?

Olga Geidane 22:46
Oh, absolutely. Because of this reaching out what my favorite thing to do is to reach out to events that just happened. And so hey, I know your event is already obviously finished. It’s gone. It’s too late to apply. But next year when you’re going to have an event obviously gonna look for speakers. You already know the data already know who spoke you already know what their fees raft All right. So it’s quite easy to assume and to predict what they’re going to plan for next year. So I love doing that. But actually, I would like to start with Jason they’re honest. I love it. And you literally took away my words dating see. And you see that’s why men are a lot more proactive than the women that’s what we have more men speakers because men unnaturally that we just accepted offers so swiping left or right whatever. But we are choosing but they are chasing it. So when it comes to speaking business, look, managers doing the natural thing to keep chasing and we are waiting for to be chased.

James Taylor 23:46
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Maria Franzoni 24:33
Oh, there’s so much I’m gonna have to go back and re-listen to this. There are so many notes really fascinating. James, have you got a difficult question for Olga because she’s doing very well here.

Money vs Pleasure.

James Taylor 24:45
We were kind of I guess all that conversation we just had there maybe these two things together but money or pleasure in the speaking business. What should we prioritize first What do you prioritize first?

Olga Geidane 24:59
Well, I would say never be desperate. Oh, that’s like, like in the dating scene never be desperate. If you go on a date, and I’ve been there myself, and I’m sure you’re so big, and you meet somebody, and they are like, uh, you know, I’m looking actually to build a family and, and I would like to actually get married and have babies, oh, my god, out. So when you are chasing money, you sound desperate, you seem desperate. So for me, it’s important to have pleasure. If I’m offered to do something that I know I will not enjoy doing, I will just not do it. Because pleasure for me is important, right? So I would suggest you’re only Chase’s pleasure. Because when you’re really good at what you do, and you were productive enough, I’m not people to know what you do, right. And you keep delivering, and you keep getting better and better. Money will come, it comes naturally. And money is a core product of what you do is not the main goal. Class. That will save you lots of money later on. Because otherwise, if you will chase money, you’ll become financially successful. And they’ll be giving me a call saying, Olga, I achieved my financial success, but I’m not fulfilled. My relationship is not sorted. You know what I don’t even feel connected to myself, I don’t think I even do what I am passionate about. So save yourself money long-term, Chase, your pleasure, and money will come.

James Taylor 26:26
Maria, your pleasure. Cuz you’re

Maria Franzoni 26:30
brilliant. You know what’s interesting, I made that choice. Last year, I needed to make that choice. I decided to close my speaker’s bureau, which makes a lot of money, made a lot of money, and follow working with speakers. And I’m not complaining because the money is coming. So it’s all good. But if I wanted to stay if it was about the money, I would have kept going with my bureau. This work I do now is such a pleasure because I get to spend my time with people like you guys. I mean, how wonderful is that? That’s what I do all day long. Now I spend time with fabulous speakers and see them, you know, see them grow and, and prosper. I also think I think of money as energy. I don’t see money as a sort of, you know, a thing I see it as energy. And so it’s important to pass it and not to hold not to stifle it and keep it. So. Yeah. So you’ve got to keep moving around, right.

Olga Geidane 27:24
100% you get when you give. And I love what Mel Robbins does. I’m not sure if you follow Mel Robbins. She’s great. Love. But have you seen the video which talks about her story when she just became a speaker? And apparently, she was paid less. But she was told by the organizer she was the most powerful one out of three and other two were men. And she was like what? So she called the agent. She was like double defeat. Okay, we’re gonna now depth charge double of what she passed, if somebody calls her, and they have a conversation about the fees eventually. And she asks, what’s your budget, and they said, whatever the budget is, so what she says, I pull back away from the phone. Keep the polls because I don’t want to say something stupid. Cut back and I say, Well, normally I charge double. When I heard that, I was like, Wow, this woman is a genius. Right? So when you and I are not saying right now we all have to apply the system. We have to lie about how much we charge or whatever. But what I’m saying is when we chat, when we challenge ourselves, we aim to charge more right? Providing you will deliver because I don’t believe in charging stupid when you can’t deliver, okay, it’s provided you can deliver on a value promise, okay? Because it’s really, really important, then obviously, you will attract even more opportunities. It’s like if you want to buy something, and let’s say you go to Ferrari store, and they give you a Ferrari, the total this Ferrari cost, let’s say Ford price, you’re like, why so cheap? Like what’s wrong with this Ferrari, right? You expect Ferrari to cause like a Ferrari, and you don’t expect it to cause like a Ferrari. Right? It’s, it’s just, it’s just the value perception as well. So it’s really important to remember Yes, money is energy, but also you get as much as you think you deserve.

James Taylor 29:11
Yeah. And I think that there’s value there and like yourself, like having a bit having a coach or as a mindset coach or, or a business coach. I guess Maria, this is one of the things that good bureaus can be good at as well if they really understand you, and you really understand your positioning and in the market because one of the things I found is I am not particularly driven by money. Money is not the thing. I’m quite driven by how many dates I see on the calendar and the kind of aware they are so for me, the point is definitely a pleasure. And if I see I get an inquiry to go and go I got one the other day beautiful tropical island to go and do a speech on your own. And I mentioned it to my wife and it’s the key thing having for me having someone there, especially if you’re someone like me, who is maybe going to push pledge a little bit moreover money having someone that’s in the back of the head that said, yes, but you’re worth more than that. You need to take that up, you can’t accept that you need to be worth more. So that can sometimes be a partner can sometimes be a coach, it can sometimes be a bureau agent, to be able to kind of push you up like that, because, because I think this is quite common amongst coming from the entertainment industry, a lot of music artists I work with, they would just take anything, because you just love that pleasure of being on stages, inspiring people having that connection with an audience, going to amazing places, that we have to sometimes have a creative peer, someone that’s sitting on our side to say, you’re worth more than that.


Your Speaking Business Is a Journey

Olga Geidane 30:47
Absolutely, absolutely. Because naturally, as you were raised by your family, as you were going to school, and you had situations in your life, we’ve been dating scenes, and obviously, first work placements, whatever, you learned a little bit of maybe a lack and lack of opportunity, lack of money, maybe you grew up in the board, for family, whatever. So whatever you learned about money, how money should be made hard or easy. There’s a balance of there is luck, it will impact your life, it will impact your speaking career. So you’re right, having somebody that actually will tell you, Hey, hold on, get out of that perception of yourself and the money or whatever else success. And let me tell you, you can do more than that. That is priceless. yourself, you will never see that if you would be able to see yourself you would see by now. You got to have somebody who will be actually that mirror to yourself.

Maria Franzoni 31:38
Love that love. James, would you kindly share all the wonderful things that Olga has provided us for our listeners? And viewers? Please?

James Taylor 31:48
Absolutely. And so we’ve been talking about mindset or has been kind of sharing consorts on mindset. So she has a free success mindset scan for the first three people only normally worth $500 Just in the fire an adult parent story. And this is done directly by the augur. So if you go to and just enter your details, look into the Resources page, which you get to after you enter your email, this is going to bring you to a link for August count and you can schedule that call amazing opportunity for this, this kind of mindset can, I highly encourage this first three people only. So be quick do this do this really quick. And the second thing all about I knows maybe you could just say a bit more about this is that you’re writing a book about personal safety, which is coming around soon. Me Time, I think. And in the meantime, viewers can get one of the seven books, you’ve co-authored seven books you coauthored in the last seven months, which is blowing my mind.

Maria Franzoni 32:51
12 months don’t make it too long, I took 12 months to go live, I’m

James Taylor 32:54
gonna we’re gonna put a link if you go to speaking Just go to the internet resources page there, you’ll also be able to get the link to that. So you can grab that as well. So what do I have to ask? That’s a ridiculous number of books in a short period of time.

Olga Geidane 33:13
Okay, well, first of all, James, I know we all think like seven books, it looks like I’ve written all seven myself know, they’re co-author. And that means we all contribute a part of the book. It’s not like half a book. It’s a chapter, right. But I’ll tell you something, I was always always always dreaming about becoming an author. That was such a big thing. Because you’ve never written a book before. So where do you start and become a part of American mastermind? Well, I’m in a few of them, actually. Which is, by the way, if you’re in a mastermind, get into one like yesterday, okay, you got to be in the mastermind. If you don’t have a mastermind, reach out to my cell phone. I’m sure maybe you too also can help by the via and James, you probably know about it, but I’m sure you know about it. So get into a mastermind, because being a part of this mastermind with Americans, we came across came with the concept to write 13 books based on 13 principles by Napoleon Hill. And some of them already were published. But other books were posed by with other people. So what happened basically, this collaboration led to seven books being coauthored within 12 months. And what I learned there was I love writing chapters is not enough, right? I learned I want to give more I want to put all my knowledge that was making you frustrated. So when I was thinking about okay, what I’ll write a book and we think, what should I write about? Right? So the third thing was really helpful is writing with all the people gives you this ease, right? You don’t have to worry about publishing. You don’t have to worry about what to write about. You have a theme, and you write your perception your knowing about it. So this is how I ended up with seven books. And

James Taylor 35:05
I’m just Maria, I’m very jealous. Yeah, I know you’re working on a book right now and workbook.

Maria Franzoni 35:12
Yes, I Yes. And no, no more not saying anymore. It’s

James Taylor 35:18
amazing. Oh God, we have to kind of finish up here as well we could have gone on and on. And if people want to learn more about you and things that are going on in your work, where’s the best place to go and do that?

Olga Geidane 35:30
I definitely can go to LinkedIn. And I will type my name which I’m sure will post the link below the video. And also I can do that. And also just send me an email, go to my website or send me an email which also is the website so I’ll be looking forward to transforming your mindset so you can succeed to the next level and imaginable for you at the moment.

James Taylor 35:51
Olga, thank you so much for coming on and breaking off our day.

Olga Geidane 35:55
Thank you very much for having me. It’s a pleasure. Thank you.

James Taylor 35:57
Thank you. You can subscribe to the SpeakersU podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts while you’re there. Leave us a review. I really appreciate it. I’m James Taylor and you’ve been listening to the SpeakersU podcast.