How To Batch Create Content

How To Batch Create Content


In today’s episode of SpeakersU TV we learn about how to batch create content.

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Today I want to talk to you about the value of batch creation.

So as a speaker, we are always having to create content could be marketing content, social media marketing content like this, for example, but what often happens is we fall behind in the creation of that content, especially if you have a daily or a weekly show.

So I encourage you to do what we call batch creation.

So for example, these videos, these are my short little one minute videos and I batch create them, I create a whole week’s worth of them in an hour on a Monday morning.

The reason I do that it allows me to be much more productive with my time, it was actually something that the speaker Jeffrey Hayslett taught me.

So if you’re gonna do this is very important that you are always collecting ideas, whether that’s in a journal or something in Evernote, you’re always going to capture those ideas as you think of them.

That way when you sit down on that Monday morning, or whenever you schedule it, you already have that list of ideas so you can simply just get started. Get creative.



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