How To Choose The Phrase That Pays For Speakers

Choosing The Right Phrase That Pays 

Today, I want to talk to you about the power of having your own phrase that pays.

How To Choose The Phrase That Pays For Speakers



How To Choose The Phrase That Pays For Speakers

Hi there, it’s James Taylor here, keynote speaker and founder of SpeakersU. Start with “why”, the five-minute rule, never flies solo. What are these, these are all examples of a phrase that pays.

The Phrase That Pays

They’re a short, pithy, concise phrase that you will remember. And then we’ll get repeated, you’ll repeat to other people. Now start with Simon Sinek. That’s his phrase, the five-minute rule, Mel Robbins, never fly solo. Rob Waldo Walgren is a great speaker on leadership. 

Phrases Are Important

Now, here’s why these phrases are so important that first, this idea of the phrase that pays is essentially a phrase that you can get known for beyond you beyond your own brand name. So I’m sure many of the leaders of a company said to the person organizing their conference, Hey, get me that start with why guy, that’s what we want to speak at our keynote speaker. Or maybe it’s like, Hey, I saw this woman the other day, you know, five-minute rule. She was fantastic. She was amazing. I saw a video of her. Let’s bring her on. She should be our keynote speaker this year. 

These are phrases that go beyond the speaker that people tattoo on themselves. I remember working when I worked in the music industry, working with music artists who created these lines of their songs. And that was so powerful, so strong, that people would have them tattooed, they would come to the shows with these lines tattooed on their skin. That’s how powerful a phrase that pays is. Now, there’s a couple of reasons a phrase that pays is so important. 

The first is, we live in a world of lots of noise, there’s lots of going on, everything’s trying to grab your attention. So it’s important that you as a speaker, you can graduate it takes time to find that phrase for you, that you can kind of encapsulate what your message is about the core of your message is something you could repeat time and time again, is a couple of rules for it. Usually the short, three or four, four words, the easy to repeat the past a bar test. So if you’re in a noisy bar, if I said it to someone, could they hear it? Could they remember it as well? And it also has to be what you’re about your brand, your message condensed into a phrase. 

Message Discipline

So doing this is hard. finding those phrases is hard. And the reason that we know they work so well is they are used in politics all the time you watch any top successful political campaign, they will have a phrase that pays that phrase of the campaign or that phrase of that politician. Now, something to notice from what politicians do is they will build in message discipline, to the point where they will repeat that phrase so much. They’re like, Oh, yeah, he’s like that person. That’s that term. People kind of get to know this phrase time and time again. So this is an important thing. If you’re going to design a phrase that pays a phrase that encapsulates you encapsulate your message, it’s bigger than you people get put on T-shirts, or merchandise on swag, then you’re going to have to have message discipline, you’re going to have to choose a phrase, find a phrase, it might take a little bit of experimentation. But once you get that phrase that resonates with an audience that people say, Oh, yeah, I really enjoyed that thing. You mentioned that phrase that kind of really stuck with me. Once you start hearing that, then you have to have message discipline, you have to repeat that phrase, time, and time and time again, in your keynotes, in your videos, in your books that you have in your social media. You may even be the tagline on your website, for example. 

So think about your test for yourself, experiment for yourself. Maybe leave in the comments below was your phrase that pays. And if you don’t have one, just now start thinking about what could potentially be so experimenting with it as well. It’s not easy to find one. But once you get a great phrase that pays is going to probably outlive you. My name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.