How To Create A Speaker One Sheet

How To Create A Speaker One Sheet


In today’s episode of SpeakersU TV we learn about how to create a speaker one sheet.

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So if you haven’t heard of a speaker one sheet, this is a single or double sided document.

Usually a PDF document that you will often email to clients or prospective clients basically encompasses everything about you in those single or double sided piece of paper.

Now, here’s what you need to have in there as a speaker. First of all, great photography, you want a really good LIVE SHOT of you speaking on stage, you just want a good headshot or a still shot well before studio shot, which looks very kind of professional.

Next you want to have your bio a little bit about you don’t have to be particularly long, but just something that’s really punchy.

Then you want to have your title and your subtitle and your description, learning outcomes of your presentation or your keynote or your workshop or what is best for then you want to have some testimonials a nice selection of different testimonials ideally from different industries that really talked about the impact you make on the audience.

And finally, you would have contact details your your email address, your telephone number, or the email address and telephone number of the speaker’s bureau you work with



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