How To Find Speaking Opportunities

How To Find Speaking Opportunities


In today’s episode of SpeakersU TV we learn about how to find speaking opportunities.

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How do you find new speaking opportunities?
One of the questions I’m asked most by new speakers new members is where do you go to find a speaking opportunity.

So I’m just gonna share with you four of the most common places that you can find speaking opportunities today.

Number one is just going on to Google typing into Google conferences. And then a year or a city or even industry or type topic you speak on is going to come up with that list of conferences.

Secondly, go on to LinkedIn massively underused resources going into LinkedIn using the search bar, again, just typing conferences, some different search phrases, then it’s going to bring up a big list of events where they booked speakers.

The next one is actually going on to speaker’s websites, having conversations with other speakers and finding out where they’ve been speaking over the past few years. They’re more likely to book other speakers as well. So that allows you to get in there.

And the final one is to go and use directories there are lots different directories, just type in event directories, conference directories, and you’re gonna find some of those



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