How To Get Introduced On Stage

How To Get Introduced On Stage


In today’s episode of SpeakersU TV we learn about how to get introduced on stage.

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How To Get Introduced On Stage

Hey there, it’s James Taylor here keynote speaker and founder of SpeakersU.

Today, I’m in a bedouin tent in the middle of the Arabian Desert.

I want to talk to you about having the right intro before you go and speak on stage.

So I’m here just now I’m about to go on stage in a few hours time.

And something I always encourage people to do is actually write out that intro that you want your client to say before you go on stage,

I actually have on my website, they can go and download it.

I also have in my agreements as well, but they can feel free to adapt it.

The other thing that sometimes useful is just to print it out, put it on a laminated piece of paper, as you travel with it as well.

You’d be amazed at times you go and just for you go and speak and they don’t know really what to say before you go on stage,

how to give you the intro, make it super easy for them. So that’s my little tip for the day and hear from Saudi Arabia.

Take care 

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