SL001: What Every Speaker Can Learn From JFK’s “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” Speech

This week I’m in Berlin, Germany at the site of President John F. Kennedy’s famous “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” speech. In this episode of The Speakers Life I share the lessons that every speaker can learn from JFK’s speech.

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In this episode of The Speakers Life I’m going to be traveling to Berlin, Germany and sharing with you some insights I found from visiting a site of a very, very famous speech. Enjoy this episode. Hey there, James Daly, a keynote speaker on creativity, innovation and artificial intelligence and the founder of speakers. You today I’m in Berlin, Germany. And I’m on the side of a very famous speech that happened here on the 26th of June 1964. It was by the president john F. Kennedy of the United States. He gave a speech here the famous been eyeing Berliner speech Now, here’s the interesting thing about that speech actually is a number of interesting points. The first one was the if being in Berliner has a funny connotation here as well because there’s also a donut a jam do not to court a Berliner so initially when some of the audience heard him then they said he said he been in Berlin I am a Berliner, so

So I am a donut. So that’s the first kind of slightly unusual one. But the main thing I wanted to get across to you was that the speech that he gave that he’d been I Berliner, he actually had a germination, about a year earlier. I’m a speech that he gave in New Orleans, in Louisiana, and the United States on that speech, he actually said a phrase which he said, the greatest thing someone could say, 2000 years ago was, I am a Roman citizen, because it meant that that person could travel around the world. There was a sense of freedom that the Roman citizen had 2000 years ago when he came in, delivered the speech here. A year later, he starts office speech by saying no, 2000 years ago, the greatest thing that someone could say was it I am a Roman citizen and actually said in Latin as well and then they use that to link onto what he really wanted to say was the greatest thing that someone can say today is to have a sense of freedom to have to live a life of freedom is being in Berlin I am

I’m a Berliner, which basically related to I think it was going on here during the Cold War were on one side and east side they had less democratic didn’t haven’t seen the freedoms as a people on the west side now is another interesting thing about the speech he gave and I’ll put a link here so you can actually watch the speech itself they gave here on these steps in Berlin was if you watch that speech It was not the speech that he wrote the ended up giving because when he came here there was 350,000 people standing here waiting to hear him speak so he quickly figured out the speech that he’d actually written wasn’t quite appropriate also had a translator the mayor there’s going to be translating for him so he was going to be speaking a little bit and then to translate to translate so you something figured out this is not gonna work so he improvised like any good speaker would do when you come in and as the audience is slightly different from what you’re thinking that they’re going to be he would improvise later that day he actually gave the speech it’d be written

Inside in another building not far from here as well. So being able to improvise is a great skill to any speaker should have. Also having saying that free something in the local language always India’s you to an audience and the final third point there’s really cool about that speech wash speech watch how he uses timing watch how he uses pauses both before he says an important line and then after he delivers an important line he was one of the great speakers for using timing had a very distinctive Bostonian accent as well. So here from Berlin in Germany, check out the speech I wish you everyone that’s watching this just now if you’re a speaker, or aspiring Speaker I wish you all the the greatest success with your speaking definitely watch JFK video on the XP nine belly speech and from here in Berlin. My name is James Taylor, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation and artificial intelligence. I look forward to catching up with you soon. This episode of the speakers Life is sponsored by Espeakers, the innovative platform that connects speakers with event organizers and associations. Each speakers provides cutting edge tools that will elevate your online presence. streamline your speaking business and maximize your exposure in the speaking industry. With over 15 years in the business 10,000 speakers in their community and over 20,000 events managed annually each speakers is the preferred choice for top speakers you can create your own profile on a speakers today by going to