SL004: How To Overcome Price Objections As A Professional Speaker

Today I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area and this episode is about how to overcome price objections as a professional speaker. In this episode I share some simple but powerful tips on ensuring you are paid what you are worth.


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Hi it’s James Taylor here founder of SpeakersU and you’re watching The Speakers Life. In today’s episode I’m going to talk to you about how to deal with price objections how to deal with that situation where you may be considered to speak at an event but the organizer of the event doesn’t quite want to pay your fee, maybe your fee is a little bit higher than they were thinking about. And let’s add another little difficulty to it. Maybe they’re considering you compared to another speaker. So they can you look into have them compare apples with oranges, really. So what you would look to do in this situation is you want to really separate yourself out from your competition. And the way that we do that is by showing how we’re going to provide additional value for their attendees at their event.

So let me give you an example here. And I’m asked to go and speak at a conference, I see an association event and the same that we can’t quite make your fee, there’s this other speaker, we’re considering their fee is a little bit lower than yours. So I would say is what I can do. In addition to me coming, giving the keynote, I’ll give all of the attendees at your event access to my online course which accompanies my keynote. And in my case, I have an online course, which contains my keynote, it’s about, you know, $200 worth of value for each member of each of those courses, there’s like $100,000 worth of additional value that I’m gonna be able to give you if you book me.

It’s about separating yourself from the competition. So they can, you know, comparing apples and oranges, you’re providing that additional value. And that something as simple as that. So you’d have to reduce your fee can just going to get you over there. And that’s it, you know, we’re going to go go ahead with you and book you. If you don’t have an online course, don’t worry, a lot of associations will be doing regular monthly online trainings, online webinars, continual professional development for their members. So what you might say is, okay, in addition to my fee, this is my feet. In addition to giving the keynote, how about, you know, a month after the the the event, I’ll do a online webinar. So all of your your members can attend this webinar. And we’ll go a little bit deeper into something maybe I’m going to be talking about on the on the keynote, or you can even do it beforehand, and you could do it maybe two months before the event and just say is a little bit of a lead in to what you’re going to be talking about the keynotes and another way also promote helping them promote their their event.

So it’s about providing that additional value. I mean, it’s what does it cost you to do is to do webinars and error at your day to to do a webinar, what does it cost you to create an online course at the 10 video or 20 video online course not much time. And it’s zero cost of distribution. But it can often be the reason that someone books you as opposed to another speaker because you’re providing this different value. And so it’s for them as an organizer is like being able to compare apples to oranges, they’re just two different things. You’re providing that additional value there. I wish you all the best with your speaking this week and live here from sunny California where I’m speaking today. Have a wonderful week.