SL006: How Do You Know If You’ve Given A Good Speech?

How do you know if you’ve given a good speech or not? Today I’m speaking in Beirut, Lebanon and in this episode of The Speakers Life I reflect on what determines whether or not you have given a good speech.

  • Internal versus External
  • Inspire, Educate and Entertain
  • Why you should film every speech you give
  • Fredrik Haren
  • The two business card rule

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Hi, it’s James Taylor, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation and artificial intelligence and the founder of SpeakersU. You today I’m in Beirut, Lebanon, where I’ve just been speaking at an event and a question was asked me the other day is how do you know if you’re given a good speech or not? I think there’s really two factors that you have to use to analyze whether you’ve given a good speech or not. The first is the internal is that a sense for when you come off stage you’ve saved you can say to yourself, truthfully, I’ve delivered a really good speech I’ve been able to inspire, educate, and entertain that audience I’m able to deliver. But however, there’s one challenge we can often find when you come offstage, you’re in that heightened state you think you’ve done a good job, there’s only when you look back at the recording of your presentation where you really know if you’ve delivered the goods so I encourage you always fill them every speech that you give. Have a camera sitting up there at the back of the room. Ideally, try and fill in the audience so that you can see their reactions as you’re going through your speech and about

week after you give your presentation, sit down, watch the video and analyze. And it’s only after you doing that, where you have a real sense that this was a really good speech. The second is an external factor. Now my friend Frederick car and who’s an incredible keynote speaker once said to me, the secret of knowing if you’ve given a good speech is if you come offstage, at least two people come up to you, and give you their business card and say, we want to book you to come and speak at our event. That’s how, you know if you’ve given a good speech. And so I mean, when I first started speaking, I would come off stage I would give my speech come off stage, people come up to me, very complimentary with their what they were saying have they weren’t saying to me, James, we want to come Have you come and speak at our event. So there was a little bit of a mismatch and technology terms there was a lack of product market fit so it required the Iron Sheik spins the right audiences, right to my message, and also that my message that I was giving in my presentation was really

Really good. And I remember that moment of coming off stage one particular event and two people coming up to me with their business cards and saying, James, you really enjoyed your speech, we’d love for you to come speak at our event. And that was a point I knew, okay, now I feel like I’ve got a really good speech or something I can be building upon. So you have to have that sense of the internal and the external. The other day yesterday when I was speaking here in Beirut, Lebanon, I came off stage and three people came up to me afterwards and said, James, we’d like to book you to come and speak at our event. So I know that that’s a good speech from an external standpoint. Know About a week’s time I look back at the footage and then I’ll be able to see James Did you really deliver what you said you were going to deliver, we really able to inspire, educate and entertain and be a good speaker. So hopefully that’s useful for you. I encourage you always film all of your speeches and also get to that point where people are coming up to you and giving you the business cards and asking to book here.

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