SL013: Working With A Top Corporate Event MC – Interview with Rob Salisbury


One of the joys of being a global keynote speaker is getting to work alongside top corporate MC’s around the world. After giving the keynote speech at a senior leadership meeting in Singapore recently I sat down with professional MC Rob Salisbury CSP to learn how speakers and emcee’s can collaborate.


  • The role of the professional MC
  • Introducing a speaker on stage
  • Researching the speaker and client
  • Keeping things on track
  • Improvising

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Hey there is James Taylor and I’m here in Singapore in the suit Sentosa the W. Sentosa cool W Hotel. I’m here with my good friend, Rob. So, Rob is a professional MC, you know, for CSP, certified speaking professional. And Rob is been an amazing job a job at emceeing this event. I just did the opening keynote at it by one while I’ve got Rob, I wanted to ask you two questions. First of all, why shouldn’t even bring in a professional MC was the purpose of having a professional MC? Well, let’s get the first question on the way first of all, Jane is always a pleasure, great people to work with. And so today the keynote he cracked it wide open at 930 and killed it to the first break. And we had the chairman of the company and dignitaries with 13 countries and at business leaders, country managers for this particular conference at the mo the western or the W here. Sentosa been a lot of fun

I think first and foremost, it’s been insurance. When you ever were working with professional event planners or conference organizers like this particular event, it’s always a pleasure to get behind the scenes information to help them know how to do things in a great way. Last year, this event did not have a conference MC and a host. I was fortunate two months ago, one of the senior managers here saw me doing a two day program with hundred 30 Hr leaders in Singapore at one of the hotels and he was in that event and just saw how smooth it went. So it was an easy transition. As you and I know Frederick talks about if you want to get more bookings speak more often but as an MC host, a panel moderator facilitator, I’ve always found it to be a lot of fun to be able to work with the key people on the ground in advance their group, there’s more time up front, but on the day, you really do save time, and we’ve got 10s of millions of salaries and compensation a room like this today. You can’t afford to burn off time so work with a professional MC helps move things from

Quickly, make sure that brakes on time work behind the scene with the hotel, specifically on breaks when things may not go accordingly. But we’ve had an event situation earlier with a manager who couldn’t get through customs due to a technical issue on his visa. So we had to do some flipping around on the run sheet to get that done. These types of things that can happen on the day and you got to be really smart, sharp, and make sure that you’re really flexible. And you know how to keep your agenda off the agenda. It’s all about the client and their event. And it makes from the speakers perspective, it makes a huge difference having a professional MC. So question it’s useful to do when you’re doing your even pre event call with a client asked them Do you have a professional MC? Are you considering bringing in a professional MC and then if not, if you think about you could always recommend an MC because believe me, it will make your life better as a speaker but more important, emit the clients life better because it’s going to create a better event.

So my second question here as speakers Yes, what can we do to be working better. With MCs, what you need from us, how can we make your job easier and better? Well, you did a great job your prime example, before James got here I’ve done on his website and looked at information above and beyond what the event organizer had sent me. They sent me maybe a paragraph or two, that wasn’t enough to give James to lift he needed. I know we’d work together in the past here in Singapore at HR conference. So I already had some comfortability with him. I know he’s a precision speaker. He’s a full on information speaker. So we want to have a very airtight introduction that makes sense, but it’s also a customize, and tailor made presentation for today’s event, and it was so it was a very, very smart In addition, what speakers can do is they can have introductions that are ready to send to the MC ahead of time. You can bring a hard sheet that day if you want to. But it’s always important to have two or three versions of what you’re going to be presenting on maybe your keynote presentation, maybe a breakout session, introductions are going to make you sound not a professional but are also true.

No need to be able to put bombastic stuff in there and overstate the occasion. We’re going to cut it out for you trust me. We don’t have two minutes introduce you as much as you’d like us to. We only have 30, maybe 40 seconds do an airtight job. Now we can always do stuff during the break or afterwards to come back and give you a little complimentary buzzword or two, or maybe some three things. But I think also having stuff that can support your introduction like books, like you sent me great stuff. I had your online courses and information I actually got your MBA and stuff like that. So History Background, the audience wants to know a little bit more about the speaker terms of customization. So MCs hosts, panel moderators, your responsibility is to get to know your speaker better and make your audience feel not only that they’re getting a great speaker but also a speaker that has a heartbeat,right brain power, which this guy has, especially when they add a q amp a which you weren’t expecting at the average goes all the way along which I love.

I love doing Q and A’s personally speakers that freaks them out we got caught out Didn’t we did that was great. And we sure did they were really enjoying the session I was about ready to thank James with the most amazing gift from one of the country managers here and our his my thank you and his Thank you was hijacked by the vice chairman. And you’re not going to say Oh, excuse me just a minute stop. Yeah, but the Vice Chair out a few things that say the National Sales Manager, the country manager at a few things and that’s, that’s a testament to your presentation, which kind of went into q amp a which was unrehearsed Yeah. And you’ve got to be very good. Excellent. Anyway, it’s been a joy to talk to you brother. Awesome, great, fantastic and if you all looking for professional MC if you want to recommend a professional MC, Rob Salisbury CSP, certified speaking professional, check Rob’s work out fantastic working with you again.

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