SL014: The 3 T’s To Grow your Speaking Business In 2019

There are three things required to grow your speaking business in 2019. In this episode, filmed on the road in Toronto, I share Lillian Gish’s three T’s formula for success.



  • Speaking in Toronto
  • Lillian Gish
  • Taste
  • Talent
  • Tenacity

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Hi, it’s James Taylor keynote speaker and the founder of SpeakersU. Today I’m in Toronto, Canada. I’m here at speaking for an event for institutional investors. And I heard a quote while I was here as 100 year old quote, and I just thought was absolutely fantastic. It applies just as well to speakers around the world. And it comes from an actress about 100 years ago, there’s an actress called Lillian Gish and Lillian Gish had this quote, she said, that order to become successful, you need taste, talent, and tenacity, taste, talent and tenacity. I was reflecting on this thinking about what requires for speakers to be successful and those three really apply. So the first one is taste. And when we say taste is this idea of, of knowing where you want to get to, you have a certain quality that you want to be able to get to as a speaker, you have a certain taste about where you want to get to where you are just now maybe significantly below that, but you know that you are below that and you know,

Know that you have a way to go into something to work with something to aim for. So you have taste There is something about aiming as a forward looking vision about how you need to improve. The second one is talent. Now when I say talent here, sometimes people say well does that mean I just be a really talented on stage as a speaker doesn’t always mean that initially when you get started, no one is perfect when they start speaking. But when I will sit down sometimes I’ve seen speakers who are really talented of being able to sell themselves so that’s that’s almost like this secret skill. The Super, they’re super skill that they have is the greatest selling what they do. Other times, I’ve seen speakers who are fantastic at creating amazing stories. Other ones I’ve seen her a great building out conceptual models mean James speak is very, very good at this. So they have a talent in one area could be on stage could be the actual speaking skills, but sometimes it may be related to that which help to support them speaking on that

Stage and help create an overall speaker and thought leader. And the final one is tenacity. Just doing the work, being relentless, being resilient, and going out there every day trying to improve your skills, your talent as a speaker, but also trying and trying to find the stages that you want to speak on and continually pushing yourself forward. No one is going to hand things to you on a plate, you have to grab them and really work on them. So those three things key those three things in your mind as you’re you’re building your speaking business, taste, talent, and tenacity. My name is James Taylor, and from here in Toronto, thanks for watching.

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