SL017: How Speakers Can Increase Profits Using Location Optimisation

Getting the most business from speaking in a country.



  • Manoj Vasudevan
  • Location Maximization
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Hi, it’s James Taylor here, founder of SpeakersU and keynote speaker on creativity, innovation and artificial intelligence. Today I am in Dubai. And I want to talk to you about the power of location optimization. You know, on this tour that I’m currently on, which is about a two month tour of part of my super creativity speaking tour. I’ve just come from speaking in Brazil and in Ecuador. And then before that, I was back here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And then before that, I was in Toronto and Zurich. So traveling to a lot of different places, but something that was told to me by two people, one was Brenda Benz, great speaker and another one Minaj for Superman, one for both and wonderful speakers. They told me about this idea of location maximisation. You see as international keynote speakers, were traveling all around the world. We’re going from one country to another, sharing our message inspiring audiences. So something that’s gonna be a really powerful tool.

technique to be able to use is when you get booked to go in and give a speech somewhere, start to build relationships with other companies, and maybe even other bureaus, for example, to be able to book you in other places while you’re in that city. So a friend of mine, Josh Linkner, it is not uncommon uncommon for him to give three speeches in one day if he’s speaking in somewhere like Las Vegas where they have lots of events. So for example, last week, I was in South America, and I was in Ecuador, country of Ecuador for about five days. And over the course of those five days, I think I may begin, actually seven different presentations, seven different speeches. So we really were able to kind of crowd thing and we got one core date initially, and then we put lots of other things around it. Another example is after today, I’m going on to speak in Istanbul and Turkey. And for that event, I was already booked to give the closing keynote at a big conference.

Big HR and digital Leadership Conference, I had conversations with with the client that was brought me and said that this is great. I’m really glad to be able to do this. I’d like to see how much more value I can add. Do you have any other clients that you work with? that it might be a good opportunity for while I’m here to be able to go in and speak for that audience. And so what they were able to do is I’m going to spend about thousand or 1500 people in Istanbul. And on the same day, a few hours earlier, I’ll be going in and giving a speech pretty much is it a similar speech to around hundreds, senior leaders, one of the leading banks in that country. So for me, this is fantastic because I get to spread my message to new audiences. Obviously, there’s a financial benefit to this as well if you’re going and giving multiple speeches in the same day or in the same city, when you will there. So it’s really optimizing the place optimizing the location when you’re in.

Now another thing you can sometimes do is even if you’re doing multiple speeches in one city, let’s say if you’ve been booked to go and speak in a city, why would be doing is I’d be looking in your LinkedIn account and seeing who do I know in that city, or who is maybe a second connection is someone I could connect with via someone else. To build a new relationship with the inner city, it could be an event organizer, it could be the CEO of an organization or the head of HR of an organization, just go say this, I’m going to be speaking in your, in your city. It’s a public event you’re speaking at, you can even offer to relate to come along and see me speak at this particular event. If not, just go meet them for a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, sit down with them learn about the challenges in their businesses, and then hopefully, there’s some value that you can add there to come back again, maybe a few months later, and go and speak for their organization. So that is location optimization. Really, a lot of the hard work is getting booked initially to go and speak in that city or that country. Once you’re in there. That you should be looking to see how many other speaking opportunities that you can get and how you can really optimize your time in that country. My name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.

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