SL018: One Powerful Reason To Become A Professional Speaker

In today’s episode, filmed on my way to speak in Singapore, I talk about just one powerful reason to become a professional speaker.



  • The privilege of speaking
  • Inside track
  • Multiple industries, multiple perspectives

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Hey there James Taylor here keynote speaker and founder of SpeakersU. Today I’m on my way to Singapore to Asia professional speakers convention. Before I go, I thought I would share with you something I’ve found really impactful for myself as a speaker, my learning and growth. And I think it’s, we don’t talk enough about this, this is as a privilege that we get to do as a speakers. And that’s the ability when we go and speak in organizations, we kind of get a bit of an inside track on how that organization works, we also get to learn a lot about an industry in a pretty short period of time. So for example, I do about 50 keynotes a year to all different types of conferences, all types of different organizations. And and so normally what happens is I arrive in the before. And I’ll be sitting in the room for a lot of internal meetings, that organizations having maps, listening to some of the other speakers or the guest speakers that they bring in talk about the specific topics of that conference, not always related to what I speak on innovation and creativity and AI, but they may be speaking about political changes are going on how that affects finance.

And we’ll be talking about technological things, big geopolitical, economic changes are going on. So imagine that every year, if you speak 50 times a year, you get to go in and, and learn from 50 completely different types of organizations and associations and conferences. So you know, this week alone, I’ve just been in Bogota, Colombia. And I had a fantastic time with the team there from invest in Bogota, learning all about BP, oh, outsourcing and Nia sourcing, and how that’s all developing in Latin America, just before that I was in Beirut, Lebanon, speaking there. After that I was learning all around the challenges that Chief Information Officers have talked about some of the political things that are going on in that part of the region as well. And then before that, I was in Istanbul, talking with HR professionals and sitting in sessions, learning from some of the best HR people in the world. And then before that I was in Dubai, with some incredible lawyers learning about some big economic changes are going and going on technological changes how that’s affecting the law. And then before I was in Brazil, and Ecuador, was because metrics companies and banks, I got a chance to sit down with the chairman of Qatar National Bank, finance bank in Istanbul. And we talk about 30 minutes. And we talk about some really big things I can have going on in the world of big trends.

So I think this is a hugely undervalued part of what we get to do as speakers and also the insights that we get to bring in to organizations because we’re having all these conversations all the time, we’re learning across multiple industries, usually from very senior people in those organizations. So we’re always at the front of what’s going on. So I think this is hugely valuable in terms of your own learning and personal development and growth, as a speaker, as a person as a human. But it also, it gives you this great thing to be able to go into when you work with organizers, you have this ability to see things from multiple perspectives to see how the work you do making speaking creativity, innovation, how it’s affecting multiple different industries. So you can speak to multiple industries about it. And you can also see what some of the connections are, and the patterns are. So I thought I’d just kind of film this little quick video today. Just to say, this is one of the benefits of speaking if you’re thinking about becoming a professional speaker, is one of the fantastic things you get to do as a speaker, you get to learn every single week from some of the best people in the businesses at events that you’re very privileged to be able to kind of sit in the room and hear some of these top experts. So from me James Taylor Have a wonderful week and all the best we’re speaking.

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