SL019: How To Achieve Mastery In Your Professional Speaking

In today’s episode of The Speakers Life I talk about how to achieve mastery in your professional speaking by using the ancient Japanese concept of Takumi.



  • How to go from good to great as a professional speaker
  • The concept of Takumi (60,000hrs)
  • Learning your craft
  • Finding your purpose
  • Leaving your mark
  • In harmony with the future
  • Why you should get a coach or mentor
  • SpeakersU membership

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This is James Taylor here keynote speaker and founder of SpeakersU. How do you go from good to great as a professional speaker? How do you achieve mastery in your professional speaking, there’s a wonderful phrase that they have in Japan is called tech Kumi. Now you’ve probably already heard of Malcolm Gladwell, his concept of the 10,000 hour rule to become skilled and expert in something you need to do 10,000 hours. Well, in Japan, they go a step further, they have this concept of tech who me people who achieved 60,000 hours in their chosen profession, or their craft 10,000 to 60,000.

Once you get the 60,000 you have achieved real mastery, whether that’s as a chef or as a professional speaker. So let’s talk about what happened has to happen. Each of those big milestones within that 60,000 the first 10,000 hours in what you do, is about learning your craft. So in the case of professional speaking, is about developing your stage skills is about how to use your voice how to use your body on stage is about how to create that almost perfect speech is about learning your craft. You know, sometimes people come to me on my own coaching when I coach with them and they asked James What should I be should be trying to find my my big idea first or should I be just going to get out the starting to develop my skills I always say start with the craft first. As you go through developing your craft the ideas about what you really want to speak about what your core topic what your niches your USP will start to develop because that’s the next 20,000 hours or 20,000 hours you find your purpose. So craft and then discovering your purpose at 20,000 hours.

A 20,000 hours you’ll have done enough speaking to have you know the basics have been very good on the stage. And also to find what you like and what you don’t like what topics you enjoy speaking about what reverberates with you and also an audience, what kind of audience sizes you like speaking to what type of audiences he likes been wearing the world you like speaking all this helps you discover your purpose, so 10,000 hours learning your craft 20,000 hours is finding your purpose than a 40,000 hours, it’s really about leaving your mark. So really, you’ve learned your craft, you found the purpose, what you want to speak about. But then you need to leave your mark.

It’s about creating something which is uniquely you, you’re going to lead to the world you could argue is your legacy. For example, you know, I think about some of the great speakers in the world, people that have left their mark, people like Ziegler, for example, or who like Sally hawks are talking about fascination. They’ve done all those thousands 10s of thousands of hours, and then now left their mark on the world of professional speaking, but other people to learn from them and leaving their mark on the world. So you got 10,000 20,000 40,000 and then we go to our 60,000 hours, 60,000 hours in speaking imagine how long how many hours and the level of commitment and mastery you have a 65 Average, when you get the 60,000 hours, but academies is all about having harmony with the future is about really understanding what your place is being in the world. So you’ve left your legacy. And it’s about being open. It’s almost like having that beginner’s mind be open to new ways, new ideas, new ways of taking things. In my case, I speak about creativity and artificial intelligence, very ancient concept of creativity and a very new concept of artificial intelligence, I look to bring those things together and an idea I called Super creativity. So for me, I’m always thinking of how to get harmony with the future, how my ideas can work 50 years ahead, hundred years ahead. So that’s the concept of being at the Academy. Now, the other thing that’s very important without the roomies is having this master and apprentice type of relationship, someone that you can look to a mentor that you can look to that can help take you through

These different thousands of hours as you develop your craft and your your skills as a speaker and find your purpose, you know, there was a great movie I remember watching as a kid, The Karate Kid, with Mr. Miyagi, you know, wash on, wash off a year, watch that movie. And I often think about that. And I think how important is to have a mentor someone who is not just saying, this is the way to go, you know, this is how to do it. There’s also someone that can say, actually, don’t go down this path just now. Someone who has the scars of having done it themselves. And this is what I do in my speakers. You program. I work with speakers all around the world, who are different levels of their speaking someone just getting started. They haven’t done their first thousand hours and speaking others who are really developing the craft, the 10,000 others who announced are finding their purpose what they want to speak about the USP there. Then there’s a mother who and now they’ve got very experienced speakers, it’s about leaving their mark. Maybe they’re transitioning the changing what they think speak about. And then there’s a few number of speakers I work with, who are at that 60,000 hours they are the keys of the professional speaking world. And for them, it’s about this idea of bringing harmony with the future. So I hope you find that useful. This idea of mastery going from good to excellent. My name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.

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