SL023: How To Collaborate With Other Professional Speakers

In today’s episode of The Speakers Life, filmed in Stockholm, I show you how to collaborate with other professional speakers to grow your speaking business.



  • Building a bigger pie
  • Fredrik Haren
  • Referrals
  • Recommendations
  • Content collaboration
  • Co-authored books
  • Online Summits
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Hey, there is James Taylor, founder of SpeakersU. Today I’m in Stockholm in Sweden talk to you about the power of collaboration. This week, I’ve been hanging out with my good friend Frederik Haren. And it was a global keynote speaker on creativity. And he also owns his own personal island not far from here. So we’re having a fun few days just hanging out, you know, food together, sharing speakers stories, and also talking about collaboration, different ways to collaborate. Now, where I am just now I’m actually speaking to you from the Grand Hotel. in Stockholm. It’s a really famous hotels where the Nobel Prize winners state when they receive a Nobel Prize, and lots of really famous people, you know, presidents and prime ministers and movie stars have stayed here, over the years wonderful hotel.

But yesterday, I was at the Nobel Prize Museum, as I was walking around, I noticed how many of these Prize winners were winning them, you know, maybe two people were winning them together, they were they were collaboration, they were winning them as collaborators together, I have something that’s an area that we don’t really do enough office speakers how we can collaborate. So we can together we can create something pretty amazing. So have a think about that just now as a speaker, ways you could potentially collaborate with people you may consider just now to be your competitors, who others other speakers are speaking the same topic as you that you could reach out and discuss ideas on how to collaborate. And there are a number of different ways you can collaborate together as speakers. And one of the simplest is, let’s say if you get inquiries that come in, and sometimes you can’t do an inquiry, because you’re not available to do that. What about just referring that to your competitor, the speaker, and they could do the same for you very simple. Another way you could do it is, let’s say you could you work out a deal where maybe the other speaker, two months after they give a speech at a particular conference, they can reach out to that conference organizers and say, Thanks so much, again, for having me speaking your event. up probably already starting to plan your next event, I’d like to suggest a speaker to you let me introduce such and such that that’s because especially if you’re a keynote speaker, it’s very rare that you’re going to get asked to come back to the same conference The next year, or even the year after that. So there’s an opportunity here for you to refer someone actually to help out that conference organizer.

Now, sometimes I know some speakers, what they’ll do is they’ll actually do commissions on that. And they’ll receive a commission for referring someone. In my case, the way I usually think about it is I’m happy to to refer someone and maybe they’ll come back and good karma. And they might refer me for something as well, doesn’t matter. You can have commissions, you don’t have to commissions, there’s no particular way that you have to do it. But nothing is a nice practice to do to be able to refer someone if you really truly believe in them that they would be the best person best speaker for that job. And another area is around content, about critical creating content together. So many of your competitors are speaking the same area, they might speaking the same topic as you but they come at it from a completely different perspective. So what about co authoring a book together? What about co creating an online summit together? What about producing a report of some sort together? What you’re doing there? as Robert Cabot said it from NSA is about you growing the pie? How you let’s see if your if your topic is on self leadership, if you get a number of self leadership leaders and the speakers together, to write and talk together and collaborate together in order to grow the topic of self leadership, it’s not self serving, it’s serving the group is growing that pie. And that’s what I was thinking as I watched, where trend this Nobel Prize museum and so all of these incredible inventions that have come up, these ideas have been generated because of collaboration. My name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.

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