SL027: How To Stand Out As A Speaker

In today’s episode of The Speakers Life I share a powerful tip on how to stand out as a speaker.




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Is James Taylor he a keynote speaker and founder of SpeakersU. Today I want to give you a little tip on how to stand out in a crowded marketplace of other speakers. So something I learned from Josh Linkner and Phil M. Jones was this idea of being hyper responsive and changing modalities. So let me explain what I mean by that. You’d be amazed a number of speakers that lose speaking gigs, because they’re not quick enough to respond to that inquiry that comes in. So last night, for example, I had an inquiry that came in via email into my inbox about an inquiry about speaking somewhere in South America, I immediately jumped on a call, I call the number that was on there that they’d left and starts having a conversation with that client about their event, a client was blown away by how hyper responsive I was. And also, it just should, I was respectful and valued their time and their inquiry.

So here’s how to ensure that you’re always hyper responsive, and you can stand out because you’d be amazed at number of speakers, it might take a day, two days or a week to respond to that inquiry. The first thing is, if you have some type of alert that maybe has on your phone and SMS, or some type of ping, that kind of goes on your phone, every time you get an inquiry, and I would immediately try and jump on a phone call with that client. If you can do that, let’s imagine this the middle of night for you. And if you have a team, create a standard operating procedure, an ESOP, a checklist and some standard email responses that your team can then send to that client so they can get back straightaway. And sometimes while even do is if I’m about to jump on a long haul flight, I’ll respond immediately to the to the client to the inquiry. And in that, I’ll say, Hey, thank you so much for inquiring me about speaking at your event. I am available for this that date, but what I’d like to do is introduce you to x from this speaker Bureau, who can discuss fees, etc, and move things forward. So what you’re doing there is you’re helping to move the conversation forward. And even while you’re on that flight a while you’re speaking someone could be booking that speaking gig for you. So that’s my tip for today. Hello, stand out is to be hyper responsive.

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