SL033: How To Stay Healthy As A Travelling Speaker


In today’s episode of The Speakers Life I share a simple tip on how to stay healthy as a travelling speaker.

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Hi there, James Taylor, keynote speaker and founder of the SpeakersU. Today I want to talk to you about how to stay healthy on the road. As a professional speaker, your professional speaking one of the things that we have to do with professional speaking is we’re doing a lot of long haul flights. That’s resulting sometimes in jet lag. And often the food options that we have on planes and at hotels and venues is not that good for a lot of fried food. So how do we ensure that we stay healthy, and we can have a very long term sustainable career as a speaker, I asked this question the other day to Dr. Joyce Carols. She is a speaker who works with a lot of high performance athletes, for example, and she shared with me her triple seven rule. And it stands for this first of all, try and get seven glasses of water per day into your system. When you’re traveling, especially long haul flights, it can be very dehydrating on your system. And as a result, when you get there up on stage, you find yourself a bit dry a little bit croaky also is not good for your skin and your general health. So if you do have enough walk in the system. So try and hydrate all the time we would travel around with a bottle that you’re filling up all the time and try and get the seven glasses of water per day. Secondly, you want to try and ensure you get seven hours of sleep per day. This can be challenging when you’re doing maybe multiple flights and stopovers and you’re there’s danger of getting jet lag as part of that as well. So something you can do here is when you get on a plane if you especially if you’re going for a long haul flight, you might decide to maybe Miss meals on and just tell the stewardess stewardess, hey, I’m a good I want to sleep on this flight. Just please don’t interrupt me on this flight. And that allows you to get some better sleep over the course of the flight. Obviously, don’t drink caffeine, alcohol on flights as well that will help you often sleep at the same time. There’s other tools we can use things like smart watches, which tell us how many hours of sleep but the quality of our sleep that we’re getting. And there’s there’s apps for our phone we can get like time shifter, which allow us to get ready especially for the long haul flights, but always be very good at being able to steal sleep. So if you’ve got an opportunity there for to get 30 minutes sleep or an hour sleep, train take especially when you’re on the road. And then the final seven is ensuring that you do seven minutes of intense exercise every day for seven minutes doesn’t sound like a lot. But that’s the intensity that’s really important and is great tools being able to do there’s lots of online apps you for your phone, which do like seven minutes, workout style apps, and they can just take you through some very simple exercise. You don’t need any weights or anything complicated to be able to do even do it in your hotel room. And a useful rule of thumb here is it when you go and check into your hotel. Immediately you drop your bags, put on your workout stuff, go and do that seven minutes either in your hotel room, in the gym at the hotel even go out for a run. That triple seven rule is a really good way of remembering how to keep yourself healthy, and how to build a sustainable career as a speaker. My name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.