SL035: Sales Keynote Speaker in Dubai

In today’s episode of The Speakers Life I’m in Dubai where I’m the sales keynote speaker for one of the world’s largest technology companies.


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So I’m here on… I’ve spoken this morning for one of the largest kind of technology companies in the world. It was their sales strategy kickoff event. They’re planning on their planning for the next few years. And it was great event we were getting everyone inspired sparking their creative juices today to help them go into their their strategy meetings this afternoon. And and now, I am moving from where I spoke this morning, which is the four seasons in Dubai, on to another hotel because I have a very early flight tomorrow morning. And for the rest of the afternoon, my next speech is going to be in Barcelona, which I fly it directly. So what I’m going to do this afternoon and this evening is just going to make some final tweaks and changes to that speech. Go over it rehearse it requires come in overnight. Some speaking inquiries deal with those today. I don’t know how Please find a pool and enjoy some of the side is hot weather.