SL036: Finding Local Stories To Share In Your Speeches

In today’s episode of The Speakers Life I’m in Barcelona and wanted to share how to find local stories to share in your speeches.

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Hey, there it’s James Taylor. And today I’m in Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain. So I want to share with you this idea of how to route your speech. So today I’m in Catalonia and Spain. And I’m talking to a group of accountants. I’m always on the lookout for local stories that relate to a place. So last night, I speak I speak about creativity, I went to a cafe called the four cats cafe here in Barcelona. And it’s where the castle used to, used to go when he was young, hang out, talk with his other kind of artists, friends, and brainstorm ideas, essentially. And so I took a photo of myself with some of the staff learned about the place and stuff told me some inside stories, and I’m going to use those stories in my speech today, including some of the photography from it, and and then help kind of bring it together because talking about this as I give the third place about this idea of how places themselves can be creative, so I can link the story of the castle or the four cats cafe with the kind of what these accountants are doing today in what we call their innovation labs. So always be on the lookout for little short, short stories or vignettes that you can embed into your story to help route your speech, your keynote in the physical place and what you’re getting in. My name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.