SL037: What Frank Sinatra Can Teach Speakers About Storytelling


Today’s episode of The Speakers Life, filmed in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, is about what Frank Sinatra can teach speakers about storytelling.

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Hey James Taylor here and today I’m in Abu Dhabi in the UAE grab just be speaking.
I want to share with you a technique that I learned from the singer Frank Sinatra on how to give a better speech. So there’s a technique in speaking is called an apology tour and apology is essentially a grace note you that you place this kind of sounds a little bit of key over out of place before the main chord, or the main notes that you looked into place. And the way that we use this in speaking is we can often open a speech or presentation by telling a story of night will record a cold open story that puts the audience a little bit of balance. It creates tension in the presentation that you’re looking to do, but like an apology tour, then you relieve that tension. case with a chord. But in the case of speaking, you then relieve that tension by telling the final part of the story of how that story comes back around. Again, if you watch lots of TV shows, they use a version like this all the time and storytelling, we call it opening and closing loops. So character, something may happen to a character in one episode, but only that’s part of the story only gets resolved a few episodes later. So I would encourage you to try and add some tension into your presentations by doing that kind of apology, a tour. But then what you want to do is you want to then release that tension and relieve that tension and for the audience. We actually like a little bit of tension is quite good to do that. It keeps us on the edge of our seats and makes the audience want to lean in to your presentation. My name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.