SL038: The One Request That Every Speaker Should Make To The AV Team

In today’s episode of The Speakers Life, filmed in Brussels, I share the one request that every speaker should make to the AV team.


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So here I am today in just arrived in Brussels, in Belgium and I’m here to speakat a conference called The future is now let’s go for it.

So I mean here back in Brussels station on my way ticket train back over the channel again to London. And I want to share with you a little tip from really from today. So we had an AV check, which all went fine. We did our sound check. And then some of the speakers spoke before me I was a closing keynote speaker, we’re having some technical issues with their Av. So it’s always a good idea even though you do AV checks. Still, just to clarify with the AV engineers that they put fresh batteries charged fully charged batteries into ad packs if you’re using a lovely a mic or a headset mic, but also always ensure that you have a handheld mic sitting at the side of the stage just in case your your headset or your lovely a mic fails. Just a little quick tip for the day to ensure that you can give a great performance on stage