SL039: How To Prepare Your Speech And Reduce Stage Nerves

In today’s episode, filmed at the RSA in London, I share a simple tip on how to prepare your speech and reduce stage nerves.


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Hey, this is James Taylor. And today I’m in London. And I’m actually preparing for some speeches I’m going to be giving next week in the Middle East. But I want to share with you a little technique that the speaker Hall of Fame speaker Sally Hogshead shared with me, in order to help you feel really comfortable and confident before you go on stage. So you know, that moment just before you go on stage, you thinking through your lines and thinking that first few moments on stage you’re going to be, you kind of sometimes would like a little prompt, but in that, Heather, the first part of the speech is going to work. So what Sally suggests and what I do, every time before I give a speech, is on the morning of speech, I’ll go and take a little photograph, or my PowerPoint slides all together. And on that power, that little photograph, it just has an overview of the flow of my slides. And just before I go up on stage, I’m standing at the side of the stage, often just looking down on my phone, looking at that photograph, and just I don’t need to ask you remember was in each of them, but it just gives me a sense of the flow and the transitions and where I want that. BI it just gives me that little bit extra confidence that I know what I need to do when I get onto the stage. So quick tip for you always make sure you take a little photograph of your slides and have them they are on your phone as a quick reminder before you go on stage.