SL040: How Other Speakers Can Help You Prepare Your Speeches

Today’s episode of The Speakers Life, filmed in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, shares with you a powerful tip on how other speakers can help you prepare your speeches.


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Hey there, James Taylor here Today I’m in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. And I’m here speaking for one of the world’s largest technology companies, I want to share with you a powerful technique you can use in order to prepare for your next speech. So when this client booked me, I had spoken to them before. And I asked them, which speakers have you hired in the past you thought were really good. And he mentioned a couple of speakers, one of whom I knew, so I reached out to her speak, and I said, Hey, I’m going to be speak that same client a couple of weeks time, can you tell me a few things you thought were really powerful that you understood about that client you didn’t know before, before you spoke to them. That client recommended to me a book that was written by the CEO of this technology company, I’m going to be speaking for tomorrow. And I was then able to embed some of the ideas from that book into my keynote, so always make use of other speakers who have spoken for companies before to help you prepare for your next speech. My name is James Taylor.