SL042: Why You Should Mind Your Speaking Business

Today I’m in Dubai, UAE and while here I was reminded why you should ‘mind your speaking business’.


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Hey is James Taylor, a keynote speaker and founder of SpeakersU. This morning I’m in Dubai. I was here speaking yesterday for a global tax conference. And there was a phrase someone said to me yesterday, which was a great phrase in our in Arabic phrase, and it’s really this idea of always keep focused on your numbers and your business. You know, mind your businesses is a phrase we sometimes hear. So the phrase was about restaurants. The best restaurant owner or manager is one with a broken leg. Because with a restaurant manager with a broken leg, yes, he she or she has to sit there, and they watch and they talk to their customers. And they observe and they give feedback. And and so many times, you know, in restaurants, people start really well. And then they can get bored and they go and focus on other things and maybe don’t turn up quite as much. And you start to see the restaurant business go down. So it just kind of reminded me for myself. I’ve been on the road here for a couple of weeks. The week I was in Amman, Jordan here in Dubai. And it just reminded me to always just keep focused on the numbers be continued talking to clients talking to my team, really minding my business, and keeping an eye on the business and helping it grow. So my name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.