SL043: Why International Speakers Should Tell International Stories

Today I’m in Orlando, Florida and reminded why international speakers should tell international stories.


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Hey there, it’s James Taylor, keynote speaker and founder of SpeakersU. I’ve just come off stage speaking to about 2000 IT professionals, the closing keynote speaker at a conference. And I’m on my way now to go and speak in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. But I wanted to film this quick video just to remind you why it’s so important to use international examples and stories and case studies and also case studies from different industries in your speech, if you can, so the speech I just gave 2000 IT professionals that always keen to use different stories, different industries in different countries. I use a number of different ones there. And as I came offstage at 30 minutes after I’m offstage, I’m still meeting and talking with different attendees are coming up to me. One group of attendees came up to me, and they said, Hey, we’re from a company in the Netherlands. We’re headquartered in the Netherlands, a global company. And you mentioned a particular story there from the Netherlands. And so we’ve got us thinking, would you be interested in coming and keynoting conference next October. And then about 15 minutes after that. Another lady came up to me and she said, one of the examples that you use for us from our industry from the banking and finance industry, and it kind of got me thinking, your message and your your, your background, your experience ties really well into what we do. And this is our industry as well. Would you be interested in coming and speaking to an event we have for some of our senior leadership that we’re running in a few months time. So always try and use different countries and different industry examples in your presentations. And the only caveat I would say to this is that it has to serve the audience. So for today, I wouldn’t use those examples if it didn’t serve the audience and didn’t serve the story that I’m trying to tell. But if you are going to be telling stories, you have diversity in them have diversity in the countries and the industries and it will really serve you well. It’s about planting seeds all along the way. So when people hear you up on stage and say ah, he or she is They’ve mentioned my industry, they’re talking about my country. Maybe the speaker would be a great choice to come and speak our next event. My name is James Taylor. Thanks for watching.