SL046: How To Make Your Speeches More Relatable


In today’s episode of The Speakers Life I’m in Singapore where I learned how to make your speeches more relatable to an audience using a powerful phrase.


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Have you ever gone to see a speaker and at the end of that event, you’re left asking yourself so what I had lots of things. I saw lots of different stories, lots of examples, but it didn’t really feel like it connected with me and my challenges. So I’m here today in Singapore. And the other night I was a talk by Jim Cathcart. Jim Cathcart legendary speaker, I interviewed him recently for international speakers site. And he said something very important that you have to do as a speaker, if you’re giving lots of stories and examples and your speeches is important. Every so often you take a pause, and you go, and here’s what this means for you. And here’s what this means for you. Because sometimes, as speakers, we can get overly kind of caught up in the story. So we get so excited about the story of the example the case study, that we forget to come back to the audience and say, Well, this is what this means to you. This is how this can help us solve your problem or your challenge or help you do something in a better way. So it’s a really important thing, just if you’re giving lots of examples in a speech in a presentation, always just take a little bit of a Every stop and say, and this is what this means for you. And in describe that, my name is James Taylor.