The Best Way To Market Your Speaking

The Best Way To Market Your Speaking


In today’s episode of SpeakersU TV we learn about the best way to market your speaking.

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What’s the one thing you must do to market your speaking?

I want to give big credit here to Fredrik Haren first telling me about this when I first got into professional speaking, because it can be a little bit overwhelming, you can see all the different opportunities to market yourself as a speaker, to Google ads and fancy websites and show reels and different bureaus.

But really, he said to me, James, there’s one thing you need to focus on. And that’s giving a great speech.

You see, if you give a great speech, how you notice great speech is when you give that speech, at least two people come up to you and say, we thought it was great.

We’d like to book you to come and speak at our event or speak in our company, then, you know, it’s a great speech.

And I remember giving my first few speeches. And it was probably about the seventh speech in I remember giving it to an audience and to people coming up to me and saying to me, James, we want to book you to come and speak at our event and that point, I knew that some of the best marketing you can have



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