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Welcome to SpeakersU TV. 

Before I tell you all about what you’re gonna find on this channel, let me first explain how it all came about.

In 2017 2018, I decided I want to become a professional keynote speaker and travel around the world speaking inspiring people as a speaker. Now, at that point, I didn’t really know the first thing about speaking professionally. But what I decided to do was to document my journey as I started learning about this craft of professional speaking. And you’ll notice that those early videos were me just kind of trying things out and going and traveling to various places in the world by 2019. I spoke in 25 countries and delivered 50 paid keynotes. So we got success relatively quickly. And I kind of documented that process. So there’s probably lots of videos of me on planes backstage, at airports, on stages. And that was great. And I really enjoyed doing that for you. And we got some great feedback. We had lots of views from those videos. 

SpeakersU Program

But then what we started to do was to start to change a little bit and create more little bite sized lessons or things that you could take away to really start applying in your own speaking business. Now that started to develop. And what we ended up doing was creating something called SpeakersU membership, because a lot of people started contacting me and asking, could I coach them, and could I coach them either on becoming a professional speaker, or if they already professional speak, how they could take their speaking business to the next level. 

In fact, some people just wanted me to help them with their presentation skills, they had no intention of becoming a professional speaker, but they want to develop their craft their presentation skills.

Virtual Keynote Speaker

So we were going up, we were 2019 speaking in 25 countries, 50 plus keynotes, 2020 happened, I think I did my last imperson keynote that year in the Middle East in March, and then we all went virtual. And so then what I started to do was to actually film a whole series of videos really about becoming a virtual keynote speaker and being able to speak virtually on virtual stages. And now what’s so exciting is as we start to unlock as a world, we’re gonna have this combination now being able to speak in person live on stages, and also virtually and this kind of hybrid model and part of this journey so many speakers were reaching out to me because they were they were really struggling and making that transition of speaking in person speaking virtually their business model just wasn’t what we call an all weather speaking book business model as we call it here at SpeakersU so I decided to create the SpeakersU membership program to help speakers so some of these programs they allow me to work one on one coaching individual speakers, others just I’m creating content online courses all the time on different areas of building your speaking business and your speaking craft. Now having said that’s the journey, that’s kind of where we’re going. 

So these videos that we’re gonna be filming each week here at SpeakersUTV, they, they’re going to just give bite sized lessons and bite sized information on how to develop your own speaking and your speaking career if that’s something you want to do. 

Now, we cover four areas at SpeakersU in our membership program, and also here on the videos. 


So the first is really around how to market your speaking, how to position yourself to get booked to speak on stages, that’s really about branding, positioning marketing, 


then we look at selling how to sell your speaking programs. And when I say speaking programs, I don’t just mean keynote speaking programs, it could be training programs could be other things related to you communicating on stages virtually or in person. 


And then we had the craft element. So this is about becoming just a better presenter, a better speaker, that’s whether that’s in virtual or in person once again. And that’s really all the stagecraft that we show the virtual stage craft and on the in person on stage stage craft. 


And then finally, we have profitability. And this is really about building what we call an all weather speaking business, how to develop multiple streams of revenue for your speaking business. So you can build a profitable type of business. 

So those are the four aspects and areas that we we teach and train on the SpeakersU know, 

Who Is This Channel For? 

If you’re just joining us for the first time, we’re going to have a mixture here, maybe this is one of you watching this just now we’re going to have those aspiring speakers, people like me in 2017, I wish that this training had been available when I just got started. So if you’re just thinking about becoming a speaker speaking on stages, then this is the place for you, you’re going to find some great training here. 

Perhaps though, you’re already a professional speaker, you’re doing five figures a year, six figures a year, seven figures a year, maybe even more, in which case here you’re going to find a lot of value, I think in the selling and in the profitability side that we cover here to create many different revenue streams, how to really leverage your message and also how to add virtual as well as in person speaking to your programs. 

And then we have what I call the entrepreneurs. So these are people who are looking To speak on stages, not because they necessarily want a fee to speak on stage. But it allows them to tell their story to promote their brand, their products and their services is sometimes called platform speakers or sold from the stage of speakers. 

Now, I don’t really make a moral distinction between those two things, I think speaking is about sharing your message, your passion for your topic, on stages. So whether you’re getting paid to go up and and speak on stage, or whether this you’re being recompense in some other way, and you’re getting value in some other way, great. You’re sharing your message on stages. 

And then the final one is perhaps you work for an organization, you work for a company and you just want to improve your presentation skills. You want to ensure that when you get that sales presentation at sales pitch, it really lands or maybe you have to go and give a industry conference, you have to give a virtual presentation in person, we want to make sure you give the best presentation possible. So you’re going to find that all here at SpeakersU TV. 

Thank you so much for joining us here. I really hope you enjoy the videos. Please make sure that you clicked subscribe, leave a comments and if you see a video here that you think maybe a friend or a colleague would find a value, please make sure that you forward that on to them. Thanks for watching.