The Post Speech Checklist

The Post Speech Checklist


In today’s episode of SpeakersU TV we learn about the post-speech checklist.

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Today I want to talk to you about the five things that you should do every time you come off stage.

So as a speaker we come offstage we often on that high but I want to ensure that you really can capture the winds when you come off
stage so here’s the five things that you
should do.

The first is to the network when you come off stage have your business cards raining you want to network as much as possible meet as many
people as possible at that time then if anyone comes up to you and gives you some kind of praise of some soap ask them what are we possible to bid quickly capture that informative video
testimonial or just capture that little testimonial next is you want to write down what are the three things that you did well you felt very happy within your presentation and then also.

Number four is great and something that you really learned from that presentation

something about you want to work on develops a bit more in your types of presentations and finally thank you for being grateful what an amazing opportunity that you have to be able to go up there   on stage inspire educate and entertain



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