The Six Elements Of A Speaker Website

The Six Elements Of A Speaker Website


In today’s episode of SpeakersU TV we learn about the six elements of a speaker website.

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These are the six elements that every professional speaker website should have.

Some will make a decision about your speaker brand and you as a speaker within seconds of landing on your website.

So this is what you need to focus on. First of all your URL. It should either be your name .com .org .me for example, or it could be around your topic innovationspeaker .com.

Secondly is video video video video, you should have a great video show reel doesn’t have to be long, but it needs to show you speaking on stage inspiring, entertaining, and educating audience.

Next is photography, spend some money on some great photography headshots, you’re speaking on stage.

Next is testimonials. Have testimonials from clients that you’ve worked for before, where they described how you’ve improved their company by coming in to speak.

Next is your keynote itself. What are you speaking about what’s the title of the keynote, the description, the learning outcomes, how people are going to feel after they hear your keynote.

And then finally the inquire now button or book now button so you can start turning those views into sales.



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