Your Best Friend As A Professional Speaker

Your Best Friend As A Professional Speaker


In today’s episode of SpeakersU TV we learn about your best friend as a professional speaker.

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I want to talk to you about your best friend at speaking engagement.

One of the strange things about going and speaking on stage is the time could just really fly past that 60 minutes can go away that you know goes really really quickly.

So I want to introduce you to my best friend at speaking engagements as this little thing he has a camera and this is I just use an Osmo pocket, you can use any camera, I highly encourage you to film your speeches.

When you speak on stage the camera is your best friend is going to tell you when you watch that footage afterwards.

which parts of your speech work well, how you’re using your voice, how you’re using your body, how you’re using blocking which parts the audience’s love which parts you can maybe pause a little bit on before or after you land important line. So sports stars use cameras all the time to film the practice and film their plays.

I think every speaker should film every single speech they give



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